Reviews for The Organ Surgeon
Mislav chapter 1 . 7/31/2021
Very disturbing and intense horror story. Terrifying visuals and great attention to details. Short, gruesome and to the point. I especially liked the descriptions like: "Its sharp, bloodstained teeth twinkling in from the faint illumination flickering above him as a moth smashed its fragile bodies against the bulb." And "Even through the shady goggles, he could see the malice reeking from his eyes." The part where he cut into Kyle'd gut with a chainsaw was especially gruesome. I'm surprised that Kyle survived for that long. Great touch how the serial killer kept taunting Kyle even after death. I liked how the story even ended with the killer's sick taunt, and the reveal that he has had hundreds of victims. Keep up the great work. I really liked reading this. I will definitely read your other stories.