Reviews for Don't Mess with the Goat's Green Binder
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 23 . 1/15
I’m glad they’re being punished.
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 22 . 1/13
I thought the lame ice breaker games at my college where everyone had to say the color of their toothbrush or their favorite way to eat potatoes was bad…
icaruswalks chapter 2 . 12/23/2021
hello! i've been meaning to get to this so :D

the last chapter did feel more like a prelude/prologue format since it's just setting up for aurora or aka ari's story huh? those historical lines of international earthly news were cool to set the scene as some of them were easy to understand, and some others i didn't really get that light bulb moment lol. i liked the last line the best with "And finally, the Sun decided it no longer wanted to watch the greatest show on Earth, and it hid its face behind a total solar eclipse."

but next a diary from our main character! wonder why she named her diary "miss catherine" or if there are written like letters to catherine? so from the summary we know she's going to college, at Ivy-league Excelsior, and so she's moving her things to her new college. the turtle bit was hilariously relatable and i'll even add on that my dog tried to eat a turtle once (yes we saved the turtle) so they're impenetrable to birds and dogs lol. sounds like ari is glad to leave her home town and it's weird that you can get rejected from universities for being "too smart" for them but ig that means Excelsior is perf for ari? she doesn't sound as excited to go off to college, which is relatable too tbh, but i also hope that she'll leave her mark in or during her four years as a uni student. we'll see from here huh?
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 8 . 12/7/2021
...Ari is perceptive. I'd probably look down and be like, "Nice, camping, I bet security is gonna yell at them though"
She Who Loves Pineapples II chapter 5 . 12/4/2021
You have a gift for prose. I'm really enjoying the wit, especially from the first chapter.

I'm wondering who Miss Catherine is - at first I kind of was thinking it was just a name for Ari's diary, but the previous chapter got me wondering, with Ari's theorizing about where she might be.
noveltealover chapter 5 . 11/13/2021
I actually skipped out on my freshman orientation as part of frosh week cuz the kit was expensive and I didn't want to mingle with crowds haha. I remember a friend tried to sell me her frosh kit halfway through the week just cuz she wasn't enjoying any of its activities. So at least I knew I really wasn't missing out on any of it. But the orientation sounds about right with their usual welcome.

Hahah, Ari's story while working at the local bakery. The bagel slicer guillotine! The fire! xD I'm glad the fire from the toaster didn't get out of hand and the manager didn't check in while the incident happened. Household appliances can be indeed dangerous. I pictured like a tongue of fire erupting from the toaster aha.

LOL, the 'Three Muscleketeers'. I like Ari's short descriptions of her hallmates. Sounds like an interesting collective bunch. But lol! Her hypothesis on the man-sprawl has been confirmed at lunch. xD But yup, waiting on the confirmation if Charley's into anime or not based on his phone wallpaper? :P

Aww, the 'Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you' and ["A platitude never used before college and now spewing out of our mouths as glibly as if we were career politicians."] is soo true. But, alas, how else could we make ourselves seem friendly and likeable when trying to make friends on campus? :') Neat, Noni's a CS major. So was I. xD

Haha, those superstitions on campus. I like how Ari doesn't believe in it and just passes underneath the arch instead of making a detour. But so far, looks like she has made a new friend if she's taking selfies with Noni, so that's cool! Meeting people who you can click with right away is the best. And when you got classes all over campus, it's an honest workout. You learn how to speedwalk from one end of campus to the other haha. "Calves on fire" indeed lol! And what is it with social science buildings praising like the 'environmentally friendly design'? On my campus, its social science building had like this huge vine wall growing inside with a mini waterfall behind it and I remember on a campus tour once, the guides would showcase this wall off with pride haha.

Ooh, the mention of physics. Lol! Love the ["Then you move into real life, where there's three types of friction and four times as many students all trying to hurry from one place to the next, and maybe rain, sleet, or snow pouring down from the skies. How long will it take the block to move X meters to the right if a force of Y Newtons is applied from the left?"]

An Instant Pot is such a timesaver! Nice that Ari has one. Ooh, an Of Mice and Men reference here with George and Lennie and the can of beans. Ah, so Ari got some basil from the grocery store to grow. Growing your own herbs is a great idea! I love basil. Her sign off of 'Your budding hydroponic gardener' is too cute hehe. :)
noveltealover chapter 4 . 11/13/2021
Your a/n: ahah, that's so true! except in this case, only like 1-2 IRL friends of mine know I write, but they used to write for fun too so we understood each other. My non-writer friends don't need to know I write. and hahah, oof getting stuck doing the splits. Hope that wasn't too painful. I don't have the flexibility to even attempt, but I know for sure, I'd get stuck too doing the splits. xD

Aww, Ari's a fellow Potterhead fan. Ahaha an elevator creaking like an great-grandaunt with arthritis. That doesn't sound reassuring to operate at all. But taking the stairs is a better option anyway. Getting some exercise in (while saving some electricity)! LOL, Ari describing the buff guys on her floor as 'inverted triangles' made me chuckle out loud. I just thought of Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove with that visual. xD ["...probably man-sprawls when sitting down, though this last point is unconfirmed."] hahahah. And is she also a Doctor Who fan? David Tennant will forever be the best Doctor for me hehe. :3

Ari describing that 'black is the new black' which is so true. I'd wear black a lot on campus. Just mute tones of gray, navy blue, black like that to fade into the background on campus and not draw attention. and everyone be wearing white Adidas shoes with the three stripes too lol. I wasn't any different really. Mostly wore out my Converses over the years till the end of its life. xD

Ari describing Tina as like some Black Swan type magic with her change in wardrobe during the day vs. at night was such a good reference! Love the movie too with Natalie Portman. But the pockets being longer than the short shorts tho. I never understood that trend in fashion and I never wore skirts or shorts soo short like that. You don't wanna have to tug at the hem while sitting down so you don't flash everyone lol. *grimace* That's why wearing leggings/tights underneath shorts/skirts like that are the best thing. :P

Aww, a first reference to the green binder as mentioned in the title. And not a pleasant story either. All Ari wanted was people to keep their hands off her things. :c Her note of "This is my binder. Please do not infiltrate." is too wholesome. And sweet Ari was oblivious to those innuendos those guys in her class made at the time, which I'm glad I guess? Ignorance is indeed bliss in some occasions. But ugh, most guys are literally so immature in high school. I know what that's like being on the receiving end of their immaturity in school lool. *eye roll emoji* And then one day, as a part of growing up, you gradually lose your innocence and learn about the 'adult' things and come to accept it. So, I love Ari's descriptions of 'Stage of Human Development' and its 4 stages (but lol! those guys reaching Stage 2 and "... or the name of some other smart-sounding old dead guy because important theories are always named after some old dead guy.") true.

Cool, so Ari's an Econ major! Hoping she'll like her program. I don't doubt she'll excel! And I wonder what kind of plant she'll get? Succulents are cute and can brighten up a room immediately, and it's low maintenance and easy to keep alive so. xD
Emoddess chapter 5 . 10/24/2021
Ah, those freshmen orientation at college. This threw me back to when I had my orientation and some of its descriptions here are pretty similar hahah. Did you guys had a pamphlet? Haha. And oh no, Ari had a mishap when she worked at the bakery! Sfkljlajlsjdl that was a legit issue when she described it like that. It may be common sense, but people usually wouldn't think much whether the thickness of the bread/bagel (then again this is a bagel and it is thick so it seems possible!) would catch a fire just because the bagel touched the heating element :O But it could happen and did happen which is scary. That aside, I like how she mentioned the "Meds" team informing/warning the students about the fire hazards and then Ari tied that part with her experience. Not that I like the incident, just the statement and supporting evidence it made - which is another layer peeled about her.

"Literally, red and orange flames were shooting out of the toaster's angry mouth." This isn't a toaster, but an open fire which reminded me of Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle :D

Ari must have felt panicked and thrown off too, and thank goodness the manager wasn't there, the bagel burned crisply which I take means just nice, and the other co-worker was quick on their feet to help salvage the accidental mess :O

"After this lecture, they went over tips for having fun SAFELY and let us know that if we have TOO much fun - God forbid - the university offers medical amnesty." They meant having too fun under the sheets, didn't they? OMG hahah I love how they're telling them to be aware and mindful of such activities, but also that they provide their services - in case no one knew a team of medical students would be ready at the beck and call to help. But yes, the reassurance is nice. Do you think this only happens at Ari's university or it's a pretty common thing, expected even to be briefed to the freshmen? And then yup the resident assistants even stash free contraceptive devices for them all! If you can't stop them, help them help themselves to curb it or make safe decisions. It's still a good and wise solution to help keep everyone safe and healthy. And consent is very important, so glad they emphasized that as well.

10 people in Ari's crowd including herself! That's a big group of freshmen during orientation and did they just drifted towards each other just because they live on the same floor, or are neighbour dormmates? I wanna know how they met or go about their first encounter, though maybe that might be for next time? Oh yeah, I am curious, is Ari penning this letter via keyboard or actual pen/pencil? It would be cool if it's the latter because the art of writing letters using pen or pencil is such a precious and romantic notion since we're waaaay past those days and because with the advance technology we have now, it feels like that is quickly being forgotten (like a rare thing to do now) :/ On the other hand, nothing wrong and makes sense to type it anyway since it's convenient and faster w/o wasting all those ink and leads and correction liquid/tapes :O

LOL I love the descriptions of Ari's new group, how you focus on certain things that's different and not always about the physical appearance but their habit, interest, and belief. Caleb having eyes that looks like Jacob from Twilight (Caleb and Jacob - their names could suggest they're siblings and if he actually has a sibling named Jacob, I'm gonna lose it hahaha xD)

"He seems to have a neck problem because he keeps rubbing his shoulders and the base of his neck occasionally." OMGGG hahaha this reminds me of my characters doing exactly this too - well, mostly the neck but still.

I like that Ari mentions how Charley is and what he's into based on his phone wallpaper - anime - though she's not sure whether or not he's into anime or that he just likes a certain 2D character. Also I CAN'T at this:

"My previous hypothesis about the man-sprawl of the muscle dudes has been confirmed at lunch." LOOOL XD So Lawrence, Peter, and Caleb did this at lunch hahah. The image in my mind of these three lol

THE POWER POSE. I know and can imagine it, and it really is a powerful pose. Also, "I tried my best to "participate", in the words of the wallflower's teacher..." I know this is a reference to TPOBAW and also, because of the remark you made on my story about December aww :'(

Ooh an acquaintance! And sdshl those descriptions, I could imagine it well. Also, that "Nice to meet you." thing having not been willingly used in high school because you don't care to, but in college and in new environments, it's like you gotta establish your presence and social standing. I also think it's like Ari was giving out an invisible contact card to people she's meeting - like, "Here's my card. It'll be nice doing business with you. Give me a call sometime." or something hahah. LOL strawberry water... I guess there's just something about store bought/made drinks that somehow tasted differently than homemade ones, and it's likely to do with something like Mr. Krab's secret patty recipe :P

Ari is so matter-of-fact and from what she said about the disbelief on superstitions; also seems logical and practical. Yet there are also people who relies on not offending these superstitions and that's Noni! It's interesting. They say opposite attracts and I think this is one of the foundations that will form their friendship.

I can already imagine how the bridge looked like 'cause you described it well for visualisation, and I could almost feel the sensation of going down the sloping bridge too. Oh, before I forget, what's A Psi X (AΨX)?

Also I love how she's taking me on a journey with writing about her days and what happened during then, that I almost forgot this was a letter sometime. Ari mentioned about brewing coffee beans (I'm assuming, since beans in tiny electric pot), and I'm brought back to the setting that she's at her desk or something writing this away - it was a nice change of setting which took me a bit by surprise. And she got a plant! Basil, which is handy especially if you're going to cook something.

HER SIGN OFF - "Your budding hydroponic gardener" I LOVE IT.

This was another interesting and fun look to get into Ari's life as a college student navigating college while penning letters to an old friend. I chuckled at some parts hahaha! Looking forward to reading more :D

Speaking of, I know I mentioned I was gonna read a few chapters. However, I underestimated myself about my own schedule this week. So, I'll be back to catch up on the Green Binder when I could! Till next time, FT~
Mercury Angel I chapter 1 . 10/21/2021
Hi, I think you've summed up many interesting events that occurred during this decade and the last two decades. Although I didn't get some of the jokes, I did get some other jokes. Aurora is the same name as Disney's sleeping beauty. I like the connection. Princess Aurora does survive through a catastrophe. I don't think the nightmares of my university days ever went away. I still dream about going to school sometimes. I remember that I used to watch and read a Japanese anime and manga called Vampire Knight. I followed up on that anime and manga for years. I thought that vampires were hot because the main guy characters were attractive. Looking back on that, it was foolish of me to watch Twilight and thought that Edward Cullen was handsome. He looked like an undead. He was a sparkling undead. In real life, I wouldn't even try to date a foul creature like a vampire. Vampires most likely smell like rotting corpses. Anyway, you have a talent for writing. I'm curious to know what direction you'll take with this story. Great job! I hope to keep reading. If you keep reviewing my story, I will try to keep reviewing yours too. LOL!
Emoddess chapter 4 . 10/17/2021
I laughed while also nodded vigorously at your author's note. 100% true, and the fact that you also inserted an example lol. But ouch, that's gotta hurt!

Day 2 of college/dorm life! That Harry Potter reference had me grinning but also I lost it (internally) at these, in no particular order:

1. " creaks so much like an arthritic great-grandaunt that I think someone's bound to get stuck in it one day." OH gosh it was that bad, huh. The maintenance team should really fix that stat! [*cries*]

2. "We're not even superior to the ants; they can easily lift something fifty times their own weight." / "...chiseled biceps quite possibly larger than my thighs..." ABDHFHKFHLS X'D / "...probably man-sprawls when sitting down, though this last point is unconfirmed." Hahaha omg Ari's observational skills and creativity in expressing/describing her surroundings knows no bounds. It gave me a clear picture of these two guys' physiques and how their characters presumably are.

3. An AU similarity of the Harry Potter setting institution with the "They're all rough-hewn gray stone and castle-like turrets..." I like this description somewhat of the outer buildings from Ari's view when inside. BUT THIS: "...a stately manner like a gloomy grandpa who had fatally seen the face of Medusa." Oh myy gosh that certainly paints an image in my mind of the statue!

But ooh was that a Doctor Who reference? Honestly, I haven't been in the KNOW knows about these shows so I'm just out here guessing but it's either that, or an innuendo. Maybe Ari meant both? X'D

But I'm thinking she was just genuinely remarking about the exteriors of the building considering how cramped and narrow the dorm hallways seemed what with the amenities - plus Ari's 100 sq ft space.

I like that she also touches on the culture shock 'cause yeah that is one of the things that warrants freshmen to blink their eyes twice in disbelief. I don't remember if I had some experience like that (maybe briefly) but in Ari's case, it's the outfit. Oh how the turn tables turned. What was considered emo or goth in school is now the expected attire worn by students. But ooh for me, this feels like it has more depth than it seems. Like as a freshman, you're wearing colours cause you're new and hopeful and wanna live your life to the fullest (while also maintaining those results) like...everything, while in adjustment, still feel like you're seeing things in a rose-coloured lens, but halfway through the semester or years, the outfit changes - which marked the changes you went through as a student/person who's had to pull multiple all nighters, swamped with assignments amongst dealing with other things there. So like, one becomes less of that starry-eyed, clueless freshman but a slightly jaded sophomore who just wanna get this over with? I think I digressed there but hope you're not confused with what I said.

But yeah, back to Ari oh gosh "Jesus shoes" dhdksk I got lost there until I looked up and could see exactly what you mean jdkdkal. LOL those strapping sandals. I get why most people would wanna fit in and that was also Ari's goal! Oh man idk what's with shop attendants having this ability to make window shoppers feel guilty afterwards but yeah, I could relate with Ari especially 'cause I think I felt guilty for taking their time in explaining the items to me, only to decide, "Nah, maybe when I actually need it." As customers we shouldn't be pushed into buying things, yet that doesn't stop the attendants in letting you know some things about yourself that you didn't need to know again :) [*imagine this is an actual slight smile emoji lol*]

"PLANTAR FACE" shdjskaj I looked it up and Ari meant plantar fasciitis! I knew I came across this term in one of my P.E classes back in school lol but it wasn't until that search that I remembered again.

4. "...and it was heart-wrenchingly sad, like Chopin's Cello Ètude." ASDFHDJLA your description and now that tune had its cue in my mind! But that comical (albeit twisted given the circumstances aside), it's really sad how horrible and ruined the other side of the town was, in comparison to the university's blooming town. I guess, seemingly, the grass is greener on the other side. Were there any efforts made by the mayor or council to rebuilt it?

Ari's observation can be humorous, but I appreciate her showing more into the less developed areas - a touch of reality - as it gives these episodes and setting more than just a 2D view. Like her narration, it's sturdy and adds depth to her character's understanding of the surroundings.

And wow, these words:

A. "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

B. "How can a body move forward if it leaves a part behind? You can only keep stretching, stretching, stretching, elongating it like an elastic band, and pray that it doesn't snap while you're standing on it."

C. "If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels governed men, any form of government would function perfectly. Alas, men govern men. Buttoned up in white shirtsleeves, dry cleaned suit, and polished leather shoes: I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU! Looks can be deceiving.

WOW. Not only do they sound profound, but they also make absolute sense. Definitely makes one think. I like that Ari sometimes seemed quite worldly and wise despite being a freshman. It really shows that being younger doesn't always mean one lacks maturity and understanding of the world around you.

Aaaaand I knew Tina will be mentioned! But ahh so Ari probably thought she's just a homebody but turns out she's a very outgoing person. Well people have other opinions of everybody, and being wise doesn't exclude one from it. It's human nature.

I'm kinda confused about the whole log thing (explain it to me please haha) but unless Ari meant that she's ignoring her own faults to focus on others, then I think I got the meaning?

LOL "This is my binder. Please do not infiltrate." sounds both cute yet lowkey threatening because the word OR ELSE still hangs mysteriously in the air but those testosterone-induced males...I'm not surprised at all they were getting in on all those innuendos but oh, innocent Ari. Also oooh I'm getting the impression now that she said, "Once upon a friend" Catherine was a friend of her peerage. But what happened to her? :( A friend or she could be a teacher, or a student-teacher? The respectful way of calling her 'Miss' gave me a hint. But I won't know for sure and I'm also starting to think that maybe through it all, I may never know who she is, since she could just remain purely an arcane being.

OK but I love those whole Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the Human Development bit to the lists of the stages dhdkalladjal. I thought it was a brilliant way of a twist in Ari's understanding and also, LOL at her thinking the guy only made it to Stage 2 of HD. Oh yeah I gotta say that I thought I was familiar with the Stages of Human Development by Rostow, but somehow I couldn't recall that name in class. I looked up and see it's mostly a economic theory which brings me to the next point.

I've got my answer! So Ari is an Econs major. Also before I forget...

5. "...because important theories are always named after some old dead guy." I'm shaking my head but also chuckling at her words because now that I think about it, YOU RIGHT? :o This reminds me of some saying, "You become a legend when you die." Pretty sure that's kinda inaccurate and idr where I know that from, but yeah.

6. "I had to fold over the bottom of the note so that there wouldn't be any more infiltration jokes." This elicited a chuckle from me but also what made Ari store the green binder away for a couple of years? Does this have something to do with Miss Catherine? :O

Okay, so Ari is a couple of years youngster than Catherine, I'm thinking based on what she said. Aww glad to know more about Catherine in these sentences. So she's a talented artist who likely majored in graphics and she's probably doing well out there. I like knowing about the support and belief Ari's had in Catherine but also that comparison of a tote bag. I get a clear idea that Catherine would be much more creative than whoever lazily designed the tote bag.

And oh gosh the fears which grew constantly as a college student. I could relate to Ari when she wondered whether she'd make it, and in what at that. Those are all valid concerns and ones I'm sure plagued most students too. But at least Ari seemed to have an idea of where to start, so that's a good direction. I like after discussing and telling about her day, she brings back to one of her main concerns since coming here:

1. Getting a new plant
2. Get a water filter - which is also a reference to what's happening in real life regarding the severe water situation.

I feel like Ari won't be as easily digressed as I would at times, despite her sign off. To which I say, same Ari. Same :) [*cries*]
Emoddess chapter 3 . 10/17/2021
After being driven miles to her university, she finally arrived! Ooh as always, I love the way your descriptions shaped this episode too. I could imagine the whole setting of the campus with students and their parents/friends bustling around as they start a new chapter there and moving into the dorms, just like Ari. I spotted a mention of an unnamed male lying on a picnic blanket after an exhaustive day, and I wonder if he's just part of the observation or will be a part of Ari's letter narrative? And I know they're just students moving in with their luggages, who like Ari, probably overestimated how much they needed them since they're now realising how tiring and inconvenient it is to move things back and forth. But Ari just coolly went about her way with her boxes without possibly breaking a sweat compared to them xD The way you described it made me think of them like in an austere-white setting in some office or research centre doing their tasks in eerie unison. A better example of what I mean is from the anime Cells at Work :D

Also those creaky elevators "complaining with a rust-laden voice all the way." omgg that's one way to describe them and I could imagine how they sound like in my mind as I typed this hahah. Next, her parent and her got to the dorm (she has the room all to herself? I heard that's rare but good for her, if she prefers to not have any roommates, since some roommates could be a handful and be a mismatch to one's personality) but...oof. I didn't live at the dormitory then so I was curious and did some search engine magic. Yeah, makes total sense if Ari doesn't have a roommate anyway cause that's a small space for an extra inhabitant. Why did it took me another search to realise that lol but I like that she has a view to wake up to! Those ancient stony hills may not sound like something, unless she's interested in studying gemology or be a geologist, but I imagined it's not a barren land without some greenery so she should be getting that view. Plus, when it's near the mountains, the air has got to be fresh too, right? Oh yeah, not sure if I read about her major before or I might have just missed on that, but what's Ari's major? Unless she's mentioned that in the next entries haha.

A hallmate named Tina! I'm guessing Tina will be her new bestie, or at least we'll be knowing more about her in her letters to Miss Catherine as Ari adjust herself to college life? Also those items and things she's been packing are now finally out for organizing and I know it can be both a tedious and tiring task, unless organizing things is one of her favourite pastimes? (I find myself actually enjoying this, when the mood strikes haha. Then again I should also mention it depends on what kind of clutter I'd be dealing and how long it'll take me (from draining my energy :p))

And yes light is necessary but also I couldn't help but do a sort of equation lol when I read about the photosynthesis xD Like, if W is needed for X's survival, and Y is essential for the health, then the solution is applying Z to the problem. Something like that xD

Aaah wooden balancing chair...those rocking chairs are nice to sit on and relax but I always get anxious or like felt the sensation of my stomach dropping (much like a roller coaster, I imagine) when it tips too far back or something lol. One needs to have a strong sense of balance on that and Ari seem to have it. Thank gosh the rod stayed too. I love how the finishing touch that Ari mentioned, instead of other things she could pick on like putting a lamp on the desk or lining some polaroids of memories from high school, it's a rose origami which is so cute and also says another thing about her: that she likes simple things but one which possibly has a lot of sentiment for her (this is a wild guess) cause everyone values things differently. BUT OMG I CAUGHT THIS.

"...window in front of a framed five-by-seven inch PENCIL SKETCH OF A SCORPION dancing with a ballerina." A REFERENCE? WHAT DIS MEAN? :O

It likely doesn't mean anything hahah but I was excited to see some reference from Scorpio hahah.
Emoddess chapter 2 . 10/17/2021
Hailing luggages up two flights of stairs was a strenuous activity, and I'm already feeling exhausted at the thought of that. And Ari had to do that at a hotel with no elevators [*groans*]. Still, would she agree with me that it's still an activity to pass the time? [*laughs*] And oh yes, from her POV, there is something to desire that of a turtle. However, whose to say they don't envy humans too, say maybe to be able to move a little faster? That's a little presumptuous of me to say that 'cause considering the points mentioned (very good point from a person's POV), maybe it's just a one-sided envy from Ari, after all.

By "You stay in a city that's officially been home to the world's largest fountain drink cup since yesterday..." meaning there's a place which is famous over a drink OR that it's overpopulated (I'm thinking the latter?)...? Either way I like the description. Made me think deeper of the interpretation, even though I might be wrong on that. And ooh I wonder who this Miss Catherine is; a friend? Imaginary friend? A famous public figure from the past? Maybe a distant relative? The first episode said, "From a once upon friend" but what does that really mean? I could have many wild guesses that would eventually be, well, wild but I'm hoping to find out this Miss Catherine's identity at the end of the episodes' entry, upon completion

Also "snowstorm" - is that an allusion to something? And though it sucks that it happened to her, description wise, I like how she inserts an excerpt of what a college admission had informed her - it's different from just interpreting it from the paper to actually telling her friend word for word what happened on the paper. AND oh goshhh yeah those sentences about studying hard to get in or to realise that those institutions don't give a hoot about it unless you're loaded. That's pretty much one of the ugly sides of an institution which purpose is supposedly to "educate" and how things are done :/

You know I chuckled at the way Ari was venting and then she italicized "fit." Like, I'm already imagining her emphasizing it to her friend in person (in disbelief too) and be like, "Can you believe THAT?" But also I cracked up at "Fit my goosebottoms." Hahaha it would have driven the effect home had she said this, "Fit my goosebottoms!" I imagined an elegant dèbutante in a coiffed hairstyle sitting in a parlour by the window; those regency heroines (like Anya Taylor Joy in Emma) just furiously scribbling away the day's events. :'D

But OH when she said, "Rip your identity into chunks of carefully worded 250-500 word essays intended to demonstrate your maturity..." whoah I felt that. I mean, not the the college application essays for me, though I couldn't imagine the pressure omgg, but more like having to define one's self worth and intelligence based on a piece of grading paper that's marked by individuals with different point of views and maybe, prejudice - and the marks decide whether you're good enough to enter a certain university or course. It's a subjectively complicated yet mean cycle, but that's a whole other discussion.

And ahh I remember feeling related to these words - "I could still make my mark and change the world in four years." Wow, that felt bittersweet somehow.

Speaking of Ari now, when she said how three long years felt claustrophobic to her gives me the impression that she's someone who couldn't stand stagnancy, and always had the need to do something, to create, or change things. She's someone who needs to be in constant action and I thought that was another telling thing about her character. Also those last sentences about taking her time since she's just a student, and a young one at that gives me another impression that she's eager, yes, but she also has enough restrain in her to not act recklessly which is an admirable trait. I do love how she signed off her letter to Miss Catherine, "Itinerantly". It's unique and is a way of saying these thoughts she's penning could be random and from anywhere she decided to do so. Or that she simply loves to use that word to sign off.
Emoddess chapter 1 . 10/5/2021

I like that you laid it out there for readers on what to expect because ngl, when I first saw the story/summary, I briefly wondered if there's gonna be some romance haha but it's totally cool even if it doesn't. I find it humorous lol how you said them :'D And reflecting accurately on college life? I'm interested to delve into this! From this first episode, I could already guess some references.

OMG that opening sentence though! Ahshdsk I felt absolutely silly now 'cause turns out Aurora (from Scorpio) is the same girl(?) whose nickname is Ari ("It was certain, though, that she, Aurora who was called Ari,") I am mentally screaming cause I would have known THAT if I had read this instead of just a peek. Although their ages seemed to be different, I know you mentioned about almost similarities and "rewriting" characters in your Scorpio A/N so I'm not confused now. Next! I love the approach you took in describing how Aurora came to existence; from her great-grandparents - grandparents - parents - so through these you can guess the sort of DNA or traits in her genealogy. Also I do like how you said she would survive the catastrophes and events that happened from the moment she was born to the current times. This was telling enough about her character while somewhat still remaining anonymous - until we read more about her through her letters.

Ah, I totally face palmed myself in embarrassment here 'cause while I had a hunch Aurora from Scorpio might be talking about Hurricane Katrina (since they were in a setting during the hurricanes and storms) another possibility successfully convinced me that she was just talking about a friend named Katrina smh *sobs* but yeah it is clear to me now haha.

I LOL-ed at this: "Vampires and other supernatural beings became the most sought-after boyfriends in young adult fiction." HAHAHAH yeaaahh those times XD

Also "A modern-day Cinderella married her Prince." omggg that was one of the most epic events to go down in history. Like, it wasn't just a fairytale in a story book, it was a real life fairytale. People, especially women and girls everywhere rejoiced, living vicariously through her - that "Once upon a time" dream finally coming true ;D

As I mentioned in your other story, I adore the way you write, and I'm also interested to see how Ari will pen the letters about her thoughts and such while juggling college, so I'll be back to continue this gradually, but eventually! :D
noveltealover chapter 3 . 10/2/2021
Ooh, so looks like the chapters will be a mix of Ari's letters and narrative told in 3rd person POV? I find it's a unique style for storytelling which is neat!

Excelsior is such a cool name for a uni. My uni just had the city name in it lol. Aww, Ari is a cute nickname for Aurora. Haha, I also like how you referred to 'Aurora and her parent' which reminds me of a friend who'd sometimes just refer to her mom and dad as 'parent/parental unit' xD

I really like your descriptions and prose and it's great that we have the chance to see your writing style in both 1st person (Ari's letters) and 3rd person. And I like how you make an ordinary move-in day and unpacking seem so much more? Dare I say, magical? I dunno how to describe the feeling haha. xD I think my fave line this chapter would have to be: ["Light being necessary for the photosynthesis of plants and metaphorically so for the mind, it was determined that they would need to buy a lamp."]

But the last sentence tho hahah. Does Ari like making origami or drawing? Cuz that framed sketch of a scorpion and ballerina dancing together LOL. Or did she receive the origami rose from someone? Either way, I'm sensing there's sentimental value with some of these personal artifacts she brought with her to decorate her dorm, so I wonder what the story is behind those items.
noveltealover chapter 2 . 10/2/2021
Heyya, I'm back to slowly leave my reviews over time. I dunno when I'll catch up yet to your most recent update, but I'll get there eventually! So let's get started. :)

Okay, so I zoomed in on my browser to try and make out your story cover but I can't guess what it is. The purple thing(?) and bright green slime at the top kinda reminds me of like nickelodeon for some reason and I think back on all those old school shows from my childhood LOL. Anyway, I digress so back to this chapter.

Where some people say it must be nice to be a cat since you get to sleep all day, eat and have no worries, I like the line about being a turtle on Ari's move-in day to her dorm: ["It must be nice to be a turtle, carrying your entire house on your back. Pick up and move whenever you feel like it, none of this whole production. Shrink into your impregnable fortress if some hungry bird decides to pick you out at the buffet."] LOL. It also makes me curious about your pen name and if turtles are one of your fave creatures? :O

So, I alrdy like Ari and you make her personality shine through from the getgo in her letter to Catherine. I know I'm gonna enjoy reading about Ari's life at uni :) And ooh, I like how Ari signs off this letter with a line from one of Robert Frost's poems, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening? I haven't read poetry since high school, but I remember I had a phase for a while where I read a lot of Bukowski xD
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