Reviews for Wisp
lovecareandheart chapter 3 . 10/5

Okay, this is a lovely fantasy story about a scarecrow who's name is Wander.

So far the story has elements of fantasy from a storybook.

I like the cast of characters so far and very interested of how things will develop.

After meeting a centaur, and her father, Wander, who is very forgetful, realized his name was in his hat all along.

Soon his hat blows away, and Wander accidentally falls off his island to land below.

There (after a clever scene where he has some trouble lol) he meets a harpy named Niki, and a wisp that they name Merry.

Soon they journey only to learn that Nikki was left behind after she went to get something important to her.

So far it's nicely written, has a certain charm, and I can't wait to read more.

Keep up the good work :3