Reviews for The Suicide Forest
Mislav chapter 1 . 10/19/2021
Very creepy and interesting horror story. It pulled me right in and kept me guessing until the end. It took me a while to get back to reading your stories, but I'm glad I did. I especially liked the way you described the town, its misery: "Their town had the highest suicide rates because of the severe conditions of living and general lack of everything. It was a depressing town with even more depressing people. Everyone wanted to leave, but the lack of funds and minimum pay from jobs only offered so many options.

Every year, more and more people were taking their own lives out in the suicide forest nearby. At this point, Midrad had more graveyards than the number of people living there. However, every town had those people who just cared about having fun, despite the decaying environment. Unfortunately, Tyler was not one of them."

This part was especially gruesome and vivid: "When the clouds cleared and the moonlight shone down on the forest, Tyler could see it clearly. The one thing he didn't want to see. The bodies of everyone who had lived in the town, only to succumb to the losing war.

Tyler watched in horror as bodies hung from the tree branches like Christmas decorations, except splattered in blood from the creatures eating their bodies alive. Flies buzzed around their flesh, mating and giving birth to maggots that squirmed around the rawness of their body.

Bodies were scattered along the base of trees with knives sticking out of their torsos while blood tarnished their clothing. From what Tyler could tell, only one of them had their organs spilled out on the ground in a rotten, revolting mess. Bugs crawled over the innards, feasting on the utter hopelessness of the dead person.

Looking around again, Tyler gazed at some of the bodies with their brains blown out with a single bullet, while some had evidently survived for a while longer, crawling the surface of the Earth in agony, waiting for death to kiss them on the lips. Now their lifeless bodies were on horrifying display, with bits of their brain scattered all over the floor of the forest.

The way one of them had shot himself multiple times caused Tyler to snap his head in the other direction. It was terrifying to think most of them once had a will to live, only for it to end by the monstrosity lurking around the corners of their brain.

The direction he faced didn't prevent his eyes from witnessing another gory scene. Lying in front of him was a body crushed with a heavy millstone. The blood still glistening and leaking out from the lacerations of his body was a testament to the recency of his death. It soaked up the debris from the ground, mingling with the redness of the crimson liquid, defiling the source of life from the body."

The snap of a twig made me shudder. I definitely didn't expect that guy to just walk up to them and kill himself. The way Tyler picked up the gun and just killed all of his friends was chilling. An excellent reminder that anyone can snap at any moment. Ironic how, at the beginning, he thought: "They were probably the only reason he was still alive." I was wondering if he would kill himself too, at the end. But that was a very fitting ending: he just posed their bodies, took a photo and walked out of the forest. Keep up the great work. I will definitely continue reading your stories.