Reviews for Mother of Learning: The AU Chapters
Kingslayer1500 chapter 2 . 10/15/2023
It's great I wish we could have more of this one
Knightly Reader chapter 4 . 1/17/2023
Well, it has been literal years and a thousand fanfiction books later but this story is still one of my favorites... guess it is about time to start from the beginning again.
dave chapter 4 . 1/11/2023
Thanks for another sneak peak at what might have been.
AcceleratorStrongestLv5 chapter 3 . 10/24/2022
Nice work
YJ C chapter 1 . 9/15/2022
I am writing a translator and this novel is really interesting. Sometimes I feel sad that I was born in Korea instead of being born in the United States.

Korean fantasy web novels are too unilateral and uninteresting. It loses depth and brings only mild satisfaction. They can't forgive the main character's crisis, and if they do any harm to the main character, they get angry as if they're going to kill the author. Writers have no choice but to create content that only favors the main character without any plot for such people. Most novels are like that. That's why I'm sad.

I've read this novel many times already, but I'm always looking for new fun. Lately, he has been imagining that Damon's efforts (since Zorian can no longer hate his eldest brother Damon) might improve his family relations.

Zorian learned through repetition of several time loops that his second older brother, Fortov, unexpectedly cared about him and depended on him. He always thought he was putting all the troubles on himself, but that was because the only person Fortov, who had only trusted Damon and entered, could count on was Zorian.

Fortov worried Zorian when he appeared as Zach and Zorian joined as Time Travelers in the first episode, punching Zorian in the face and his sister Kirili attacking Zach, asking what was going on and worried about Zorian. Unbelievably (from Zorian's point of view).

His father, the head of the Kaczynski family and one of Zorian's hated parents, was also unexpected. On the course, as Zorian and his mother are having a political conversation about Key Lily's treatment, Zorian gets the impression from his father's reaction that his father might be a little different from who he thought he was.

So is Zorian's mother. Zorian was really terrified of his mother, but in fact everything she did to Zorian. The way the world looks at the Kaczynski family and their neat appearance to avoid gossip are all PTSD due to the contempt and scorn that she received as a witch's daughter, and Kirili's work is to redeem her daughter Kirili. Instead, it was an effort to pass down a happy life from her point of view for Kirili because of her terrible past experiences.

Fortov hates his older brother Damon for not helping him, but that's just a minor problem (compared to the other problems).

Damon has a great ability to deal with people and is clever. He will try to resolve problems between his family members, and if it was Zorian before the time loop, Zorian at the time of the epilogue would not be able to deny Damon's request. He will be invited to an event for the family reconciliation event that Damon wants, and he wonders if he will be able to establish a truly amicable family relationship through dialogue between his family members there.

I have hopes that Zorian's soul and Zach's soul fragment inside will help him.

나는 번역기를 쓰고 있고 이 소설은 정말 재미있다. 가끔은 내가 영미권에서 태어나지 않고 한국에서 태어난 것에 슬플 때가 있다.

한국의 판타지 웹소설들은 너무 일변적이고 재미가 없다. 깊이를 잃고 가벼운 만족감만을 가져다준다. 그들은 주인공의 위기를 용서하지 못하고 조금이라도 주인공에게 위해가 끼쳐진다면 작가를 죽일 듯이 분노한다. 작가들은 그런 이들을 위해 아무런 플롯조차 없이 그저 주인공에게 유리한 일만이 벌어지는 내용들을 작위적으로 작성하는 수밖에 없다. 대부분의 소설들이 그렇다. 그래서 슬프다.

이 소설을 벌써 몇 번이고 읽었지만 나는 항상 새로운 재미를 찾는다. 최근에 와서는 데이먼의 노력으로 인해(조리안은 더 이상 자신의 첫째 형인 데이먼을 증오할 수 없기 때문에) 가족 관계가 개선될 수 있지 않을까 하는 상상에 빠지곤 한다.

조리안은 자신의 둘째 형인 포토브가 의외로 자신을 신경쓰고 자신에게 의지하고 있다는 것을 여러 타임루프의 반복을 통해 배웠다. 항상 모든 문제를 자신에게 떠넘긴다고 생각했었지만, 그것은 데이먼만 믿고 입학했던 포토브가 믿을 수 있는 유일한 사람이 조리안이었기 때문이었다.

포토브는 자크와 조리안이 시간여행자로서 합류한 첫번째 회차에서 자크가 조리안의 얼굴에 펀치를 날리고 그의 여동생인 키릴리가 자크를 공격할 때 나타나 무슨 일이 있는지 물었고 조리안을 걱정했다. 믿을 수 없게도(조리안의 입장에서는) 말이다.

카진스키 가문의 가주이자 조리안이 증오해마지 않던 부모님 중 한 명인 아버지 또한 그의 예상 밖의 인물이었다. 코스에서 조리안과 그의 어머니가 키릴리의 처우에 대한 정치적 대화를 나누고 있을 때 조리안은 아버지의 반응에서 아버지가 자신이 생각하던 사람과는 조금 다를지도 모른다는 인상을 받는다.

또한 조리안의 엄마도 그러하다. 조리안은 자신의 엄마를 정말 끔찍해했지만 사실 그녀가 조리안에게 했던 모든 행위들. 세상 사람들이 카진스키 가문을 바라보는 시선과 구설수에 오르지 않기 위한 깔끔한 모습들이 모두 그녀가 마녀의 딸로서 받았던 경멸과 괄시의 시선들로 인한 PTSD이며, 키릴리의 일도 자신의 딸인 키릴리를 구속하기 위해서가 아니라 자신의 끔찍한 과거 경험으로 인하여, 키릴리를 위해 자신의 입장에서 생각하는 행복한 삶을 물려주기 위한 노력이었다.

포토브는 자신을 도와주지 않은 큰 형 데이먼을 증오하지만 그것은(다른 문제들에 비하면) 사소한 문제일 뿐이다.

데이먼은 사람을 다루는 능력이 뛰어나고 영특하다. 그는 가족간의 문제를 해결하기 위해 노력할 것이고, 타임루프 이전의 조리안이었다면 몰라도 에필로그 시점의 조리안은 데이먼의 요청을 거부할 수 없을 것이다. 그는 데이먼이 원하는 가족화합의 장을 위한 행사에 초대받을 것이고 그곳에서 가족들 간의 대화를 통해 진정으로 원만한 가족관계를 이룰 수 있지 않을까 하는 생각이 든다.

조리안의 영혼과 내면에 있던 자크의 영혼 조각이 그것을 도와주지 않을까 하는 기대를 가져본다.
HorridGuest chapter 3 . 9/2/2022
I've always had that "Fortov is Red Robe" thought in the back of my mind, for weird AUs.

On the topic of Fortov, I always wanted to see at least one loop where Zorian finally looks in and see what causes Fortov to push Ibery in the bush. Maybe even waste a couple loops setting them up like cupid just because Fortov seems to dislike Ibery so much.
ChuLian chapter 3 . 8/11/2022
That was very interesting to read, thank you for your work.
Annoy mouse chapter 3 . 6/29/2022
I really, truly, thought this was something that would happen in the original, but with his human soul coming out more on top because of some clever application of his mind magic.

Then I thought that he was going to do something like this with his actual real self outside the timeloops, merging together so gain his actual body and even more power through not-quite-doubling his soul. But the main benefit would of course have been to keep his actual self alive, and the refresher of his original mindset and memories...

...Which would also have served as an excellent contrast point for how he has grown and changed in the loops and the various things that directly affected him as well.

Thanks for sharing this!

A few typos, the main one where he says he's going to 'start stalling' where it should probably have been 'stop stalling'.

But this is really great, thank you!
Totallynotspider chapter 1 . 6/28/2022
Hey, don't you want to write an AU chapter about Grey Hunter? Maybe story from her pov?
OtakuJunior chapter 3 . 5/29/2022
What a kind brother truly. Others should take him as an example and follow suit.:)
Tura chapter 3 . 5/25/2022
Those really reminded me how much I love this story, I hope some day I can buy the physical books without kickstarter shenanigans.

Anyway, good time for a reread! 3
Hidden50 chapter 3 . 5/19/2022
hey, thanks for posting :)

(also, thanks for the arc 2 reminder as audible didn't notify me )


"Someone is coming," Zorian simply coming.

simply coming simply said

He small part of him wondered for how long that would stay true.

He A

"Not that you could turn back the clock and undue the ritual, even if you wanted to."

undue undo

Really, I just wish my tastes in food are not so out of line with what my body can handle.

wish .. are wish .. were

Strangely, his smile seem to disturb Zach.

seem seemed

They were used to fighting off a aranea assassins

a aranea aranea

He landed feet first on the war trolls head

trolls troll's

The glowing white shield only lasted for two second

two second two seconds

a grey shadow jumped out of dissipating sphere and charged at the main group

out of dissipating out of the dissipating

Zorian's magical senses were even more amplified

even more even further (?)

dizzying display od acrobatics

od of
Guest chapter 3 . 5/19/2022
Yeees! Heh, he's gonna have to work on that, but hes got the skills to do it
thrawnca chapter 3 . 5/18/2022
Heh. I think I could get to like Spider Kazinski :)

The fact that humans don't show up as prey is curious. I guess the fact that the grey hunter went into full berserk murder-mode in canon was because they were threatening it in its home?
ngocnv371 chapter 3 . 5/18/2022
Dude, this is awesome.
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