Reviews for Mother of Learning: The AU Chapters
MonnieBiloney chapter 3 . 5/17/2022
I CAN'T WAIT TO ORDER BOOK 2 (I'm going to wait for the Kickstarter through. I also can't wait to receive Book 1 from it's Kickstarter. My mom got it for my birthday for me)
Patjeeson chapter 3 . 5/17/2022
I really hope you expand on the second chapter ,maybe when Zorian exit the last time loop
Taal chapter 3 . 5/17/2022
That's awesome! I'd really like to see the reactions of the Aranae and other shifters to this Zorian!
mindfulsage chapter 1 . 5/4/2022
the real question is: how many times was Zach wiped, and how many times did Zorian have this conversation?
Guest chapter 2 . 4/22/2022
I hope you're aware of the japanese light-novel series called "So I'm a Spider, So What?" by Okina Baba which focused on the life of a spider born from a super-spider mum and raised by the demon-lord grandma. admittedly it's a different gendre, but still when thinking of a MoL sequel this is exactly what comes to mind. I mean, now we have a powerful breed of spiders, but this on its own is unlikely to cause any trouble as spiders are very seclusive and rarely discovered unless sought after. you'd need godly intervention to make those spiders powerful enough they'd voluntarily leave the deeper levels of their dungeon. otherwise their only path leads deeper where more xp can be earned. becoming half-human-half-spider isn't enough, a fully human simulacrum must be achieved and there's no magical university underground unless a divine being wills it so...
Teli chapter 1 . 3/5/2022
MOL is amazing. AU not so much. A new story or MOL sequel would be preferable to "fanfiction" of the original.
oliverporo chapter 2 . 2/25/2022
Wow, esto es triste y desalentador pero muy interesante.
Especialmente la parte en la que aún no sabe que son las puertas Bakora después de tanto tiempo, quien fue el que los puso por todo el mundo?
oliverporo chapter 1 . 2/25/2022
Sería interesante ver el desarrollo de personaje por el que pasaría Akoja en el Bucle de tiempo, tal vez se vuelva igual de maduro y calmado que Zorian o talvez se vuelva loca.
foxiler chapter 1 . 2/19/2022
When I read the title of this chapter, I thought the fourth looper would be Quatach-Ichl since Jornak carry his 'soul seed'. Depending on how much awarness Quatach-Ichl's soul seed had during the time loops, he may had learn a lot from the experience.
Just immagine what Quatach-Ichl, a very intelligent mellenia-old lich can do with this kind of information. Magical knowledge, location of divine artefacts, rare plants and beasts, people to kill or ally with, etc...
I think it had the potential to be terrible.
ChuLian chapter 2 . 2/15/2022
GreatWyrmGold chapter 1 . 2/9/2022
I love this idea, both of the AU Chapters in general and this specific one in specific. The idea of Akoja being dragged along in the loop with Zorian is interesting; the two of them would have a *very* different dynamic than Zorian and Zach, both because neither of them knows what's going on and because Akoja is very different from Zach (or Zorian). I look forward to seeing what other AUs you come up with.

If you're open to another fourth-looper AU, I think an AU where Kirielle was somehow dragged into the loop (and tries to use it to find the best way to get Zorian to take her to Cyoria) could be...either fun or dramatic, depending on how you played it.
nazgand chapter 1 . 1/21/2022
Perhaps Zorian is glad to be in the [time loop]s. There is always more to be researched.
My current thought is that Zorian could modify Zach's [time loop] to an arbitrary time (maybe 50 years, though maybe Zorian's [time loop] would be triggered before the 50 years on Zach's [time loop] are passed). Such a move might let Zach see Zorian escape Zorian's [time loop] within the 50 year limit of... [just another restart of Zach's [time loop]]. The fact that there are 2 intertwined [time loop]s means more shenanigans can happen. Thus, [Zorian, who escaped [Zorian's [time loop], yet not Zach's [time loop]]], will modify the restart to have no time limit - only ending when [the buttons on their souls] are pressed. This simulates an escape of both [time loop]s for [an arbitrarily long time(?)], though both Zach and Zorian can choose to restart [both of the [time loop]s] at any time, which could be advantageous in research.
A good thing to research would be divine magic, so if the source of Zorian's [time loop] is discovered, then the time limit on a restart (with respect to Zorian's [time loop]) could be raised to infinity, then Zach and Zorian could escape Zach's [time loop] and start trading with the angels. Even if the angels have barely any more divine magic than humans have, the angels (and the demons, now that I think about it) could be traded with for more magical knowledge.

One thing Zorian should research is shape-shifting magic - particularly the kind that allows growing muscles quickly so that Zorian could more quickly upgrade himself each restart.

Possible correction?:
'Zorian detected the last few seconds of memory'-'Zorian deleted the last few seconds of memory'.
Wyrd chapter 2 . 1/10/2022
A question I always had was why didnt Zorian turn himself into the gray walker (the super spider) shifter. I recall in the story it was something about insticts, but hes such a powerful mind mage Im sure he could edit suppress or erase those.
BakaBlue chapter 1 . 1/4/2022
For an idea: How about Zorian marking Quatach-Ichl with a marker, then tells him the next loop over the invasion is effectively stopped, since every time it happens Quatach-Ichl is forced back and making him misunderstand that unless the invasion doesn't happen Quatach-Ichl himself is stuck repeating.

Well, it's more or less an seireis of events of Zorian using the time loop to mess with people for amusement.
Miauzhang chapter 1 . 1/2/2022
Idea for alternate story. Swap Kirielle and Zorian. Make Kirielle the 3rd child, and Zorian the 4th child. Kirielle is attending 3rd year at magic school, trying to escape from marriage arranged by her mother. Zorian is still 9 years old, dealing with troublesome empathy slash budding mind magic, would be travelling to Koth with his parents at the beginning of the story, unless Kirielle agree to take him to Cyoria. Kirielle has mind magic, make it different, for example, reading aura color from people around her.
Instead having Benisek as gossip source, make it that she is friend with gossiping girl, maybe Neolu or someone else. Zach would be one potential love interest, he would try to date her in timeloop, but maybe not because he is fallen noble and Kirielle knew her mother wouldn't agree. She still got stuck with Xvim as mentor. All her interaction and social circles would be different than Zorian, because she is a girl. Would she be in hostile relation with Akoja? Maybe Ilsa tend to believe her more? Then again, Kirielle has Flighty Mind so can she really study magic, etc
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