Reviews for Night Shadow Classics (Original Series) - Issue 10
CH3AHC4AFT chapter 9 . 4/5/2022
I'm surprised that Saber-Lynx is actually Emilia; Turbine's ally! So it is true that they set this all up to get the Dope Squad over. Chapter 8 brings us another beatdown, but thanks to Gavroche knowing about the different hallways below the mall, they did at least try to shake them off. The superheroes ending up in the train is a shocking and funny thing as you would have several people watching. It is also a good thing that when Pyro Lad takes off his goggles and scarf, the cameras didn't reveal his true identity. And that is really brave of him, especially with using his experience with seeing Valentine in class to convince Billy that she has moved on and not the girl Turbine thinks of her as.

In this chapter, I got the feeling that Aella would eventually abandon Turbine. The Void League seeing the news of what happen let us know about how they feel about Turbine. While they and the few other villains are removed the list of being wanted, they still got others trying to catch up on their tail. And the fact that the Void League are going to continue soon brings up a wonder of what they will do next. I like the reveal of Gavroche showing his true identity and Night Shadow's shock by this is realistic. He is in a mix of emotions that he doesn't know what to say about this. A cliffhanger to finish the more emotional story.

This has been a wild ride and I really enjoy this story that explores more about Billy's and Steven's relationship, and the added fear of people catching up to Valentine's past. I'll look forward to seeing the rewritten series. I love what has happened so far in the classic series.

Keep on rocking!
- Cheah
CH3AHC4AFT chapter 7 . 4/4/2022
An epic beatdown at the start with using the shadows and taking advantage of the lights to blind Saber-Lynx. I like how Night Shadow got onto her with landing all the blows, especially taking the time to make more jokes. Though, everything seems to have come to a pause when Saber suddenly becomes sorrowful for Valentine.

Now, I am willing wondering who Saber is working for since she doesn't go out of her to kill Turbine when he turns onto Valentine.

The entire second half of the chapter is nothing more than a visualization of an emotional, coming at where the Seattle Strikers come back in to aid their friends and stop Turbine. With Turbine suddenly grown with hatred and switching back to his original mentality as the person he had become, everyone is forced to fight against him and a lot of blood is spilled right there. And they have every right to be angry at him as when it comes to lying, there is a line between lying to protect others and lying to deceive people for oneself's own goals and needs. The latter proves to be more extreme, no matter the intention. This is worse for even Pyro Lad; seeing him being forced to take down his own older brother and the latter more then happy to bring him down in a pulp is just heartwrenching. Especially the mention of the flashback Pyro Lad had before; this is how it connects to him in this story and how this also affects the others.

And for there, it seems that even Valentine and the Dope Squad aren't safe since there would be more linking her to Alonzo...
CH3AHC4AFT chapter 6 . 4/2/2022
The starting scene with playing at Street Dawg Munchies where the Dope Squad are at. The highlight is Poncho Mom playing mini golf...with BagByte who is just SITTING right there, not even trying to move his own club at all. Wow. We even get to see that Bertram has a history with Huffleklaw, but there must be something that cost their friendship. Seeing this, I wonder how this will connect with Bertram and Gavroche and if Huffleklaw might play a supporting role in the series.

After all the implications and the flags that something seemed off, it is confirmed that Billy has been just putting a front of wanting to kill criminals. It took enough for Sydney to tell him off - more out that she is upset and not mad - about this belief since Billy might haven't even though about the consequences of killing criminals; he hasn't thought through about who really deserves fatal justice or not. And the conversation between him and Steven is really emotional, but it shows that they still have a bond with each other and they are still brothers.

That said, we're about to go in the dark...well, LITERALLY. The entire mall is painted in black?
CH3AHC4AFT chapter 5 . 3/31/2022
Going over to a cooking HQ. That is actually a good place for all kinds of fights right there like in Ant Man and the Wasp. Well, except you don't occasionally get it to be damaged in a fiery of flames in the kitchen room due to spilling oil and setting it on fire. This is one epic fight against Saber-Lynx and it is good that they pinned her down...for now. Shadow Night deciding to wear an apron and giving an impromptu method of how to make french fries got me laughing since that is even enough to make Saber pause for a while.

The police cops arrived, though we got to see that Darla may be relapsing back to her old attitude towards the superheroes. Then again, it is due with Turbine's infamous reputation that could lead to red flags, even though they are just implied.

I am loving Gavroche in this chapter. The mysterious friend right there and he is still polite. And it is a good thing that Turbine tells the group that he is grateful. There is something sad that that both Steven had to tell their parents that Billy is in another country because if they knew the truth, then they would be surely disappointed. A poignant scene right there. It is even a scary thought for their parents to think what happened to them in the present day.
Ways chapter 8 . 3/31/2022
More intense battles that I really enjoyed! Yeah! That was great!
Seeing these ideals come together in the way that they have was cool and I love the Strikers putting Billy in his place for taking on an innocent girl.
And the ending where Steven stood up for Valentine really meant a lot. That identity reveal was powerful and is definitely gonna go down as one of my favorites as it gave such a strong reinforcement of what he was saying in a way that words couldn't. Well done!
Ways chapter 7 . 3/31/2022
Now that was... intense. Hooo boy.
Right off the bat, I should've known that Billy was still up to his tricks, but damn did it sting. I was hoping that he had turned over his new leaf and even if he didn't rejoin the team was going for the better. Guy actually had me fooled so kudos to you for getting me fooled.
The reveal with Valentine was so sick, it just caught me off guard with how sudden things were. I loved it. The terror that she felt was so real and raw and seeing the shift was just a sight to behold. You played that scene so well.
But you know what else was well played? The fight at the end. God, the fight between the others and Billy was so intense that I was on the edge of my seat throughout, I loved it. It was super engaging and again, was just very raw. Fantastic, man!
And now I'm excited to see what Billy will do next. Really looking forward to reading what comes next. Good work!
Ways chapter 6 . 3/30/2022
Nice one.
A little interaction between Turbine and some of the cast goes a long way with his arc. While I wasn't expecting him to talk to Sydney getting that outsider perspective was much appreciated. I feel the conflict in Billy especially well so I'm enjoying that.
And of course Steven and Billy were great together as always.
Another good one, keep it up!
CH3AHC4AFT chapter 4 . 3/29/2022
So Gavroche actually makes a major role in this story! And like how he interacted with Jerry, he is quite affable and even offers support to the team!

The assassin's appearance is both charming and terrifying with how intimidating she is. From Turbine's description at the start, we get to hear that she is a trickster and managed to land a blow on the wind bender. And when we see her in action, she even uses electrical gauntlets to even push her enemies away! Plus, she's Italian. Would that be enough for our heroes to understand what she is intending to do?

There is a lot of tension with the group due to Turbine's arrival. But strangely, it is revealed that there weren't...any huge news of Turbine killing people. Maybe he is staying under the radar but...who knows what he had been doing the whole time. And remember in Ballin' Pranksters - Issue 3?

'Turbine, is bashed all of the time on your shows'.

So either it is confirmed that he did or it is all just part of his bluff.

It seems that Frosty Beetle is the one who holds more resentment towards Turbine than any of the Seattle Strikers. Even with the betrayal, they are just surprised and worried for their former friend. Especially Pyro Lad, even on the news that they might have to send Turbine to prison in the end.

The entire fighting scene right there is filled with a lot of awesome moments and some funny ones as we are dealing with a busy traffic area.
Ways chapter 5 . 3/29/2022
Nicely done as always.
Right off the bat, I loved the battle between the gang and Lynx. It was a ton of fun and I especially got a good laugh out of cooking with Night Shadow.
The appearance of Darla and Atticus was also interesting and I like seeing them being painted as morally gray here. Darla has me curious but I definitely appreciate her being a little more subdued and vulnerable, can't help but wonder what's on her mind.
But the scene that really stuck out to me had to be the ending between the brothers. I loved the complexity you always bring to them, the idea of wanting to reconnect but also knowing deep down how bad things are is shown on full display here and made for a great read. Talking about their mom was a great move and a really good way to tug on the heartstrings, kudos!

Great work as always! Can't wait to read more!
Ways chapter 4 . 3/28/2022
Great work with this one! Seeing Billy's mysterious attacker show up made for some excellent combat that I got a good kick out of and I also enjoyed the way you portrayed the strained ties between Billy and the team. Steven's conflict here especially when it came to Alyssa and how she viewed Billy was really nice too. I loved it! Good work!
CH3AHC4AFT chapter 3 . 3/26/2022
A romantic storytelling in class. At least Gabriella and Heather are interested, compared to Garth. Garth is pretty much every student's reaction of being bored from hearing a long story. Well, the use of slight profanity in the novel should interest them! Though, some people have different interests. At the end, it is surprising and heartwarming that the trio greeted a happy birthday to Steven with cupcakes! And Molten even munched on one cupcake.

That would be a cute sight to see!

'Fug-a-what'. That got me laughing right there! The implication!

This moment of Mason and Sydney preparing food to Steven arriving to the surprise birthday party is such a treat. I'm surprised that they made Chinese food; must be something Steven enjoys. For our fiery hot-head, he gets to enjoy a nice birthday dinner with his friends. Even if he said he didn't want one, he is happy when being around his friends and having a good time.

The flashback to him, Alyssa and Billy playing with each other with water balloons and water hose is heartwarming and hilarious. Shows how the three had a strong bond together. Even when working, though they got caught eventually.

The scene of Gavorche surprises me, let alone wondering. Would he be making another appearance in this story or is it a one scene to connect with the previous story?

And hello there, Turbine. I wonder how you came crashing in. Who attacked him?
Ways chapter 3 . 3/25/2022
Oh boy, this one was a ride.
Right off the bat, watching Steven's character through this one. His aversion towards his birthday is a character trait I definitely thinks suits him and I like reading him just kinda deal with all the fun that life has to offer. From classwork to his personal writing it's all a good time.
Additionally, I greatly enjoyed the flashback and definitely got a good laugh out of the water fight Billy and the gang had. It was fun. Oh and I also appreciate the ToW reference! Thanks for that one, man!
And I also loved how the good vibes continued with the birthday party, you really just set a lot of feel good moments with this one that were just heartwarming.
And the ending with Billy's appearance was a very pleasant surprise but I'm looking forward to seeing what more there is with him going forward.
Nice work!
Ways chapter 2 . 3/25/2022
Nice one. The premise of Steven not enjoying his birthday and having memories of his family is nice. I always enjoy seeing more of his relationship with Billy and how things have changed so I'm here for it. Nice work!
CH3AHC4AFT chapter 2 . 3/24/2022
'Mulino a vento': windmill.

Hmm, who could this be? And who is this woman?

I feel that there is something deep with Pyro Lad nervous about his birthday coming up, even though his friends think it is a good thing and even tease him about it. After seeing the flashback of him and his brother having fun together, it gets me wondering. The flashback of Steven having anger issues of his own is relatable at a young age and unsure with what he wants to take. I like that Billy came to his comfort and told him that he doesn't need to push himself. It's bittersweet, thinking of how they drifted apart from there.
CH3AHC4AFT chapter 1 . 3/23/2022
A battle for the ages and it looks like the Titanium Rabbit DID managed to get back on track, though not for long. He gets defeated by the Seattle Strikers and the Dope Squad. The first chapter helps with reintroducing the energy of the series with all the action here. Hits on both sides with extreme choreography and powers especially with the side jokes. One of my favorites is 'Is he sentinient or are you just THAT insane?!' towards Poncho Mom (well, we may never know :3). This is an awesome start to this story and I'm liking how this is going.
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