Reviews for The Rain, the Umbrella, the Rainbow
Viewer27Man chapter 3 . 2/16
Our hero glances at the girl in class and she notices. Our hero thinks he goofed. The teacher declares order. Our hero looks outside and at the girl as opposed to the lessons. Class ends and it rains again and our hero has a serious dilemma if he should ask for the umbrella back or not. It turns out she forgot the umbrella while the class seems to stare. Our hero says he'll hold out until the rain ends and retreats. At the entrance with nowhere to run between rain and apparently physics the girl comes up from behind, and our hero tries to evade, but she turns towards him anyway. It turns out she brought her umbrella and offers to share it with him. It would be his pleasure and then he says so in a way that's awkward to him and makes the girl laugh and the classmates murmur.

Short chapters are par for the course with this story. The chapter ending points make sense. This is a very relaxing story in these 3 chapters.

This isn't a complex story so far, though I'm not sure what the murmuring is exactly about. That could increase the complexity, but I doubt by much.

Most of the obstacles in this story so far are in Amemiya's head. The guy wants to hang out with Koharu but he's afraid of how he might be perceived from hanging out with her. There don't seem to be any specific reasons for the potential embarrassment he imagines; it seems to be just generic concerns.

Favorite Part: The fact that she forgot his umbrella, but it turns out she brought her own to share. It seems mildly disappointing, but then the twist flips it to wholesome. And means that care isn't one-sided.
Sir Scott chapter 3 . 1/20
Pretty nice that she shared her umbrella with him. II like the line how love is like the wind. That's a good way to describe love. Of course, you can get wind burns too.
~Sir Scott
Viewer27Man chapter 2 . 1/15
Our hero walks with the girl desperate to hold the umbrella right to keep her dry from the rain. He's still kind of shy while the girl seems less so. As he thinks about the size of his umbrella with enough room for both of them part of him is worried about touching her another part of him wants to touch her a bit. After worrying about his reputation of being with her a bit they come to the point where their roads home part. He lives closer so he gives her his umbrella and they go their separate ways.

This is a very short chapter. It basically just concludes the walk together through the rain (or at least Amemiya's part of their walk) they started in the first chapter and is mostly expression of his shy, trying to be modest, and attracted feelings he juggles. I question if this is the best stopping place for this chapter, but that may depend on the next chapter.

Amemiya expresses clearly contradictory feelings in his descriptions from his attracted and shy/modest feelings. Some of his internal wording feels like it might be slightly TMI, but it is internal.

Favorite Part: Giving the girl the umbrella. She has farther to go. In this short chapter it's the only thing he does that isn't just following along, and it is reasonable and sweet.
Sir Scott chapter 2 . 1/5
Great chapter. Poor guy probably got wet after giving her his umbrella.
~Sir Scott
Viewer27Man chapter 1 . 12/20/2023
Our hero thinks about love on a rainy day in school. He spends his school day thinking about the girl he likes. Having to leave later because of his school duties, he finds she's still there. After some shy, modest thinking he shyly asks her to share the umbrella with him in the pouring rain. She says yes.

This is definitely a romance story. This chapter seems very straight forward. I feel like a guy offering girl an umbrella in the rain would be a common romance starting point for a couple and I think is often used for a quick one for side character flash backs in series.

The dialogue seems very normal for a situation like this. I feel like the dialogue during the umbrella meeting is probably what most people would actually think about in the conversation given the context. The modesty and shyness where he is trying hard to avoid weirding her out makes perfect sense.

The chapter is short, but it establishes what it needs to establish and ends at a good scene to end the chapter on.

The romance genre isn't my forte, but what the hey. Variety is the spice of life.

Favorite Part: The dialogue with the conversation about the umbrella that I find realistic.