Reviews for Serenity SpiritX's Challange!
Moon Princess18 chapter 1 . 9/30/2001
It's ME! O.K. Actually I just had to write something so I could save you under fave authors list. Hmm...See ya! )
Silver Sunlight chapter 1 . 7/20/2001
(OOC: Okay! I write Fantasy... so I'll finish this with a fantasy bit. I'll call him Zack, I dunno why. And I'll call the story: Pain for the Pleasure)

The man's sleek face contorted in pain as another saddened face passed him, too absorbed in her own pain to even look at the why.

"It'll never stop hurting, Zack..." The man with the black wings told him, "Never..."

"But it will..." Zack practically begged the man to believe him, for his own sake.

"It never stops for people like you. People will always rape. People will always murder. People will always ache at heart, and you will always feel it, no matter what you do."


"But nothing, Zack..." The winged man told him, "You feel all their pain, everyone the world, now. You will never be free of the agony that is your life..."


"No." And the winged man flew off into the sky, his transparent body disappearing into the angry sky.

"Please," Zack whispered, "PLease... just make it stop."