Reviews for The Muse--er, Imaginary Friend
Lellida chapter 1 . 5/28/2006
I completely love this! The personification of the muse is amazing, and I love it that you can get inside her mind. The repetition at the end is so striking, and the last paragraph is such a perfect metaphor for getting older. I simply love it.
D.J. Waters chapter 1 . 1/1/2004
This is really a brilliant piece of work. You stayed perfectly with the voice of the Muse, and it all flowed together. I'm kinda glad my muses aren't like that...wait...okay, yeah they are. I have many, many of them though, and they're all different, and they mean the world to me, even if, like this one in the story, they're the most annoying creatures on the face of the earth. Often. As in 24/7.
aj chapter 1 . 2/17/2003
I am glad my Muse is nothing like yours. Is it really like that inside your head? Oh, well, to each her own. Good voice in this story; I can tell a lot about the Muse just by the way she talks/writes. Interesting concept. It might be a good excersize for getting rid of writer's block. I think I'll try it.
Nozomi ga Kanau chapter 1 . 4/20/2002
I tried reveiwing this a llion times and it would never let me. So I'm trying again since I think won't boff up this time and will actually let the 'Submit Reveiw'button go CLICK. Like I've said, J, you have amazing writing skills, and-can't say wonderful imagination, I'd be a hypocrite-a very open mind. Maybe one day you'll actually FINSIH that DBZ fic and do another quirky, honest, adorable ficlet like this?

Either way, my thoughts are with you, and until next spring, remember 'You have always walked in beauty.'

Ja~ Brady. .
Katrina Skyfrost somehow unable to sign in chapter 1 . 8/22/2001
Okay, I've tried to write a review for this story 'bout 7 times now, and I can't get it out! It was was well-written...hmmm, what else? Oh yeah! Very original. I never really thought about muses like that. Always thought they were just crazy (that's prob true, in my case). That's no fair...your muse is complex, and mine is...crazy. Right now, my muse is making me gdkhsDH Stop it! type lot of ...'s. Well, I got to go, before little musie makes me do something really wacky...Bye!