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Ganondorfthefieryred chapter 6 . 11/3/2002
*sniff* I'm starting to get worried at this new twist in chapter 6- I have never been this caught up in suspense at ANY online fiction before! Why dont you publish this? It's incredible!
Ganondorfthefieryred chapter 14 . 11/2/2002
...that is, I can hardly wait to read more (i'm only on the 1st chapter, lol
Ganondorfthefieryred chapter 1 . 11/2/2002

My god, I've never read anything better on this website! I know you dont like to be rushed, but by god, keep writing!

I am- really am- on the edge of my seat. I cant wait!
VyingQuill chapter 14 . 10/20/2002
I must say that this is a FANTASTIC piece of original fiction. Since I had just read another raving review in one of the columns, my expectations of this were pretty darn high. Very interesting plot, nice action, romance, dialogue was very nice (not too cluttered, like some can be). The only protests I had were after the first few chapters. I thought that you had made the characters all abnormally beautiful and handsome and whatever...and you did, but that's not always a bad thing. It kinda actually worked; and, in the end, they all got mangled up anyways. :-)

Bravo on a very nice job. I did see some grammatical errors; phrasing etc.

Keep it up, and write more! Update soon!
Zero's Wings chapter 14 . 10/11/2002
Hey! Sorry I didn't leave you a review for you latest chapter! Anyway, I think you've heard too many times from me about how awesome fic is, but once more could never hurt, right? I'm amazed by how long and how consistently you've kept up this tension, and yet you've added so many plot elements as well! As I said before, if there's anything that breaks the tone of this intensity, its the segments with Odessa, but we all need a break from the angst every now and then. I can't wait for the next part, but take your time, I know school is just crazy this time.
li wei chapter 13 . 8/29/2002
hurry up and update already! u are such a talented writer!
Zapenstap chapter 4 . 8/28/2002
uh-oh... scary voices...but I think I know who it is! I read that chapter a little in advance...

This story has a LOT of action and intensity. It's hard to tell sometimes where everyone's loyalty lies, but I'm not complaining. Zephyr is so cute! *hugs him* Sabriel seems strong, but also very guarded and suspicious. It makes me wonder... hmm... I'm curious about Darius and Kaelra's messed-up relationship too. Just how loyal ARE they?
Zapenstap chapter 3 . 8/28/2002
loyalties changing all around! I forget how OLD these people are, but it's a good story shaping up. And see? This is me reviewing like I promised. I know I don't deserve a treat seeing as I'm a year overdue, but I am TRYING to make amends.

Okay, back to the story. Kaeldra is a very interesting character, vicious, but playfully so. Darius is masculine and seems to overdo it a lot. I still don't feel how ANYBODY is in love right now, but I'm going to accept it and get on with the story. I like Zeph. He seems very sweet and *moral* and brave underneath it all. Strong character. Going to read another one before I go and see what my mother is yelling about.
Zero's Wings chapter 13 . 8/20/2002
Hey, just wanted to drop you another review! You know how much I love this story, right? You've made a world that's so vivid and complex with characters that are equally so. Plus, your writing style is awesome, really descriptive and beautiful. Can't wait for Strife and Odessa to get back in the action. You know I'll be waiting. Ciao!
Xixi chapter 11 . 6/11/2002
Yahhh! I finished reading your fanfic, well, at least until you decide to write more. _~ How long did it take you to write this thing? Maybe I should write one, hmmm…, but it wouldn’t be half as good as this, honestly I can’t write, I just pretend I do. lol This story is very creative, and ORIGINAL! ::pat Cutlass on the back:: You did a very good job with character development and storyline, did I mention I love those cliff-hangers? How does your thinking process work? This story is huge, how did you plan it? Any tips for a wannabe writer? lol
Xixi chapter 10 . 6/4/2002
It’s a very good thing that you decided to develop the minor characters during the course of the story; I feel it’s very successful because it gives the story a wider perspective. Sometimes the main characters in anime are over-developed, and I feel it would only make them annoying than lovable. It’s weird but I rarely like the main character(s), it’s always the supportive characters, like their friends or enemies that get my attention, but that’s just me. Also I feel there are two types of villains: one kind is just pure evil, and the other kind are people who are evil but the audience can’t help feel sorry for them because of the circumstance that made them who they are. Perhaps Asgard is this type of character, and I’m so glad you wrote a chapter on him. They are soooo much more interesting than the pure evil type, and that’s why people love characters like Vegeta and Sephiroth so much.
zapenstap chapter 2 . 5/13/2002
Heya. Um...I have a midterm and an essay and I'm reviewing your story. Uh... It's just gonna be this chapter tonight, but see? I'm thinking about it.

A hem. Time for praising:

Yay Cutlass! You've got an interesting plot going. As a critisim I would say maybe a little too much information too fast to be wholly believable, but I WOULD still like to know what happened to Strife and Odessa and why their kids are in this mess! So everyone's going to fall in love, hmm? Well, THAT could be a problem. As for loving assassins... poor Relena. Lol. Anyway, I AM reading and I will continue to read as I can. Many apologies for being absolutely AWFUL about it. _~ Keep writing! You're skills are still very impressive.

PS: You come up with such lovely names for these people! Maybe as a joke there should be a character named Moot who is insanely jealous over the NAMES of the others (no other hostilities). Wow. Where did THAT come from? I must be SO tired.

Xixi chapter 9 . 5/10/2002
Very sad chapter, but thanks to those handy healing spellings most of the main characters are still alive! I have some general thoughts about Darius’ character development: Sometimes I feel he’s a bit over emotional and whiney for an cold-blooded elite assassin. His deeds should make him who he is, not his words, so his every action should be resolute. Usually these types of character are very stubborn and unyielding, so they never regret anything, even if it is technically their fault. It’s just my opinion of course, he’s your character, so he is what you make him. This is just how I imaged Darius should be.
Xixi chapter 8 . 5/10/2002
Finally, Darius vs. Tolseyvos! I thought the fight is awesome.
Xixi chapter 7 . 4/30/2002
So good! I love cliff-hangers, because you always manage to resolve them in a clever way. In my opinion good stories are unpredictable, and Legacy certainly qualifies. Can a blade soul “die”? And I noticed up until now all of the blade souls are “she”, except Diablo.
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