Reviews for All of Her Life
Celtica chapter 1 . 2/16/2002
Wow! I really enjoyed reading this . You have a really good sense of the rhyme and rythmn in it! I just have one thing...perhaps in "She had ever felt" you shoud add another syllable -it just makes it flow better to perhaps "That she had ever felt" But otherwise you did an awesome job! Keep Writing! -Celtica
SiN chapter 1 . 1/31/2002
I would've made a review earlier, but your update got piled underneath a whole bunch of other emails *smiles crookedly*

*is thankful she decided to clean her inbox out*

Anyways, after reading that lovely yet depressing poem of yours, I could relate to it too.

Sometimes I hide away myself, ya know… just blending in with the background and silently examining everyone who’s near me… Sometimes I’m angry when I do this. Sometimes I’m so content or happy, actually smiling secretively… but nobody notices… or if they do, they stare a little ‘til either I smile at them or just simply stare back and then turn away… looking a little bit bemused...hehe.

To get to the point, I’m thankful that you wrote that poem, cause not only is it wonderfully made, it’s got me thinking a lot… and because of reading your poem at the exact time that I did… I ended up having another “coincidence” (read my LJ…heh… you’ll get it…)…


SiNcerely Yours,

Birdee chapter 1 . 1/16/2002
That was a very lovely poem. But I find it funny how even if you hide, even if you try to blend in with the background, there will always be that one person who will love you for what you are. Coming out of your hiding place may lead to pain, in fact, most of the time it does, but you gotta live for the one time it won't. I have felt that way, hiding, blending in, until I figured, "You know... I'm not that bad a person. I don't have to be one of them to be happy," and I decided to just be me. If that means being quiet and still, that's what I'll be. If it means being loud and obnoxious, y'all are going to have to deal with it. And you know what? I have friends that love me for it. Anyway, it's a wonderful poem. Miss you Kiwi.