Reviews for The Artist's Tale
Fehu chapter 7 . 3/25/2003
God, I love this story. Art and writing have always been my passions, and here you have combined the two! I love it!
whitebearwrites chapter 18 . 3/9/2003
Oh damn that was a sad story. *balling her eyes out* Poor Raimon and Alesso. Brilliantly written though. I'm going to have to go read you're other stories now.
Rae1 chapter 17 . 11/18/2002
I started reading this when it was still under 10 chapters, then I stopped for several months. It's taken me this long to find it again.

The ending, though sad, was beautiful, I think. I'm at school using their computers and trying very hard not to cry. I really should have waited until I was home.

I adore this story, and I look forward to Fabrizio's tale when it comes out.
Foi-Nefaste chapter 18 . 10/29/2002
I love it. The characters project their own images and feelings, the scene is easily immagined, there are just enough details. I really love it.
Kia1 chapter 18 . 10/11/2002
This is such a bitter sweet story! Your writing is excellent and it touched me deeply. I love this story very much and it made me cry in the end. I guess Raimon did make his lover live forever.
ShadowGal chapter 9 . 9/22/2002
:::smirks::: Oh, I am a very sympathetic reader indeed. Quite so.

:::sighs::: Oi... Poor kids... And, uhhm, Jose? :::thinks::: As in, the Jose that Carlos fell in love with in Fabrizio's story? :::ponders some more::: I suppose the time and setting is right, so...

Ah, nevermind. I'll just keep reading and find out later, I suppose.

And... Poor Alesso. And poor Raímon, for that matter. Poor all of them. :::gets teary eyed:::
ShadowGal chapter 8 . 9/22/2002
I do believe I blushed furiously the whole chapter through, though I've certainly read things much more... graphic. But this was so full of tension, and then so sweet...

:::sighs happily::: Very, very nice chapter.

I adore both characters. :::is pleased:::
ShadowGal chapter 7 . 9/22/2002
Oh, poor Raímon... I don't like what that last line suggests. But, the old man did say the love would be returned, right? So I shouldn't have much to worry about yet...

:::is worried:::
ShadowGal chapter 6 . 9/22/2002
A good point was made in this chapter. What *can* rationalize caring? It's the only emotion I can think of that can't be explained away with excuses. Or rather, not with excuses any more coherent and reasonable than 'just because.'

This has definitely made me think... Thank you!

"Never so much Alesso as he was now."

That line brought me to tears, it was so gorgeous and simple. I'm almost ashamed of that, since I can see no reason for it to be so powerful... But for me, at least, it was.
ShadowGal chapter 5 . 9/22/2002
"As events had turned out, Destiny had made the execution of her will anything but easy..."

I adore that line! Truly, I do! I'm not sure why, exactly, but... :::shrugs:::

I'm a happier *girl* after reading this chapter. Only, there are times, like after the way he blundered through his explanation in this chapter, that I wish I could slap Raímon. Just once or twice...

I am very much enjoying this story.

:::applauds::: It is marvelously written.
ShadowGal chapter 4 . 9/22/2002
:::giggles::: Ah, yes. *Now* he remembers...
ShadowGal chapter 3 . 9/22/2002
Quaint and charming. These are the first two words that come to mind when I try to describe this story, and I think that is a good thing. It's not chalk-full of action, nor seething with sexual tension. It's just... nice.


I truly like this story so far.
ShadowGal chapter 2 . 9/22/2002
How interesting. A fallen angel/street thug... :::smirks:::

Ya know, I wish *I* had a painting/sketch of him... :::pouts:::
ShadowGal chapter 1 . 9/22/2002
Oh, *very* nice beginning.

I'm not really used to reading slash fiction about someone this old on the Internet. I read it in books, though (Mercedes Lackey's books... Vanyel... :::drools:::), so it doesn't bother me or anything.

And I think I'll very much like this story, if it continues on as well-written as this first chapter.
ivy chapter 18 . 8/31/2002 was soo good.i actually criedsoo sad...i love stuff like this..u're an inspiration..
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