Reviews for Red Sand Dancing
Bloo Heart chapter 1 . 3/27/2002
This is the point where all Squee comes in and kicks butt EXIMIOUSLY because this story is just too damn good to lower itself to such violent standards ~_

We all know that Bloo loved this story to itty bitty molecules of pieces, and that she couldn't write anything this good in a million and two years, but did we know that she also thinks that anyone who doesn't like this should be dragged out into oncoming traffic and shot with a .22 until they're dead? Perhaps. She's easy to read that way.

*coughs* Yeees. . .tea time, tea time, mooove down!
Carbon-Based Biped chapter 1 . 2/20/2002
*reads first paragraph*


*reads second paragraph*


*reads third paragraph*


*reads fourth paragraph*

EEK! *shudders*

*reads fifth paragraph*

EEK! *falls down*

*remains on floor but somehow manages to read sixth paragraph*

. . .*twitch twitch twitch*

There is a thing called...description. You had lots of it. _ You are so good at this game!