Reviews for When Spatulas Go Bad
hoowoah chapter 1 . 8/13/2010
weirdass story. Inspired me, though. I fail to see your point, but I have my own point for the story. What a good friendship. I like Charlie cause he's crazy yet so pure. :)
nova2 chapter 1 . 1/5/2003
I was quite excited about finding this story. It was the title that caught me. You see, a friend and I used to share a battle cry of "SPATULA" we ruled the democratic manor of Spatulonia, whose main sport was perfecting "roly-poly dives." While we have since lost touch in the obscuritiy of the years after high school, so it was especially wonderful to read this delightful ditty because it made me trip down the rocky road of memory. Thanks for writing such fun stuff!
ayeka chapter 1 . 8/7/2002
ha ha ha this is funny in a way
Sad Sam chapter 1 . 4/11/2000
This was the saddest story that I have ever read! I absolutely hate Ben and Alutaps for doing that to Charlie! And I hate the author for doing it to him to! But I love the author for letting Charlie send them that package! Goddamn he showed them! When I first saw the title of this story i thought that the author was some freak that liked spatualas, but I now see that it isn't about spatulas. It's about how humans can be money-grubbing foxholes. And goddamnit i wish Fluminum didn't die so that he could kick their asses! The mommyes! What were they thinking?

AM I really human just like them? I hate this story because I'll never be able to think about myself in the same way again! And why did Charlie have to die? Shit! I guess it shows that if you aren't a money grubbing foxhole then no matter how great a heart and how strong and loveable you are, then you won't make it! Why? Why'd the story have to be so depressing? Up until a certain point i was so happy, I cried with joy! But I am crying right now in sadness! Goddamnit! Why must us humans have such a desire for material goods?

THis story was also very funny! even though the fact that it used spatulas to portray the situation wasn't necessary to the story, it was still very funny! And the bit characters that they buy materials from were also simply hilarious! laterial and his big sentences and long words confounded the cupcake out of me, and that cupcake came out in laughs! And Flatula made me scream in delight when he would hit people with the spatulas! Fluminum was also quite funny and interesting.

I see that history repeated itself with Fluminum and his company and their company.

Fluminum is just like Charlie... for the same thing happened to them. That was cool.

This story was simply fascinating and heartbreaking and I am very glad that i read it. Thank you for writing it.
Philip chapter 1 . 4/11/2000
This is one of the best original stories by a not well-known author. This story is hilarious and still brought me close to tears at the end. I simply adored the three characters Alutaps, Charlie, and Ben. Everyone who reads this will love. It is a must read. This is as good as Harry Potter. I give it 4 stars out of 4 stars.
Chef Chino chapter 1 . 4/11/2000
Hey, I'm Chef Chino. If you live in Milwaukee you might get my show Cooking with Chef Chino. Anyway... i saw this a while back... this whole spatula thing caught my site because being that I'm a chef I work with spatulas.

Anyway... I thought that you were some kind of freak and I like freaky stories so I decided to check this out. I wasn't one bit disapoointed.

This story was very freaky and extremely funny, yet it still had a very hard cutting point. I could get your message about how nothing matters to humans except money, and other themes of the sort. While reading the story I was too busy laughing to notice this theme, but when I finished it it hit me.

And I got the thing in the end about how CHarlie's refusing to sell out brought his own downfall from the spatula business and economical world, and then his biting dogs finisehd him off... shows how in the society we live in we have to sell out... very sad and very true.

This story was very sad near the end, especially because it was so happy at the beginning. And yet throughout the story it was very funny, and it had a very good point. Good work