Reviews for The Crossing
Izod chapter 1 . 3/11/2002
There's some good laughs in there I don't know why it made me laugh but lately when I've seen a good play on words or a close play on words I've just bussted our laughing. I liked; it was nice. I'm a bit at a lose to identify the form you used if ther was any in paticular. At first it strikes me as just being impovesational free-verse but when I took a closer look it seemed that you would rhyme the last word of two lines seperated by a line about every other line but there was one or two spots that I wasn't quite sure. So I think it was eather improv. free-verse of formal free-verse. Please let me know cuz these little things can drive me nuts! Good poem I like it. You've made me smile durring a tuff time. Your a good friend even when your over 1000 miles away(is it that far? maybe?)! Thanx! May Tranquility find you my friend.