Reviews for Rainbow Moon!
JesJesChan chapter 3 . 6/13/2002
im guessing by pure coincedence but i too made up sailor rainbow ppl like 4 yrs ago when i first started watching sailor moon x.x but ur story if way better so hurry up and finish it! x.x ::squeels for the bishonen ken:: hehehehe
Sakibou chapter 3 . 6/5/2002
Great story! Get the next chapter up ASAP!

I think the main character is... Satu! I have no clue why!
Andy N. Vlad chapter 2 . 3/28/2002
Hey. Good story. It's...COLORFUL! :0 hehe. Well I'm glad your "best bud" recommended it. Your writing style is different and you can describe things very well. I found something wrong, though...TOO MANY DAMN BIG WORDS! Just kidding. Hehe. Keep up the good work...or else! j/k I'm eating a KitKat. *hugs & kisses* late's

Nick chapter 1 . 3/16/2002
Your Stinky!

...Nick _
Kris-kun chapter 2 . 3/15/2002
I think your story's really good so far! It's pretty funny stuff! So... yeah! _
Erica chapter 2 . 3/15/2002
eheheh! i like this story! its tenchi-ish, but its good all the same! :)
DragonSinger chapter 2 . 3/14/2002
Thats a good story! I hoep you finish writing it! ill keep taps on it and if u like Harry Potter u gotta read: The Greatest scandal of hogwarts history by AgiVega. its good. keep up teh AWESOME work!
sheena rotten chapter 2 . 3/14/2002
awesome story so far. KEEP WRITING! i'm definitely keeping tabs on this one... good writing style, BUT KEEP WRITING!
WyteFireLady chapter 1 . 3/12/2002
CONTINUE! I love your's very interesting and you could really go with it somewhere...Please keep going...I BEG OF YOU!