Reviews for Wink
JoyfullyStruggling chapter 1 . 4/21/2003
oo nice, I liked the feel of it
Amber Moon chapter 1 . 4/17/2002
i really like that

and there's not wrong with m'deah

"I'm as pure as the snow-tire-slush"
erisedilla chapter 1 . 4/2/2002
very kewl... different segments, but they fit together... deepness, so much funness! great job!


P.S. don't drown yourself please, I like your poetry!
Xaviera Xylira chapter 1 . 4/1/2002
wow. so. i go on vacation and I come back to find that one of my favorite reviewers (notice i said ONE OF, in case anyone else who reviews my stuff reads this...) leaves me a wonderful review and one that means a lot to me considering that "One of those days" is one of the poems that is closer to me than some. so then i come to read more poems from ONE OF my favorite reviewers.

and BAM. i'm thunderstruck because here is ONE OF my favorite reviewers, saying that they feel "inadequate" (which, by the way, is SO not true, because i have read much more poems from you than i've reviewed for) because of something i wrote while they have a zillion poems here that seem to me so much deeper and more meaningful than anything i could dare to attempt to write. Your poetry, to me, seems to be shrouded in a rather dark mist of mystery, one that you'd have to read between the lines and see the symbolism to understand. and you know what? I LOVE that. Especially in this poem, because to me I did get the sense of a young love gone awry and faded, or perhaps ended by a tragedy. But i'm probably wrong. I usually am. That's why I don't review poems that often, because I hate trying to explain what a poem means to me, because i'm afraid the author didn't mean for the poem to be interpreted the way i see it, or sometimes when a poem sounds so lovely, i really don't understand it at all. I've read some poems from a.j. peart, who is a wonderful poet, and i'm quite impressed with his poetry, but i've never reviewed, partly because I'm extremely lazy and far too busy for my own good, but then there's times when I just don't really know what to say. I feel that if I review I need an explanation for why I'm reviewing and what the poem means to me, and there are times when my mind just can't process the words. so... yeah... that's my excuse. Did I mention i was sorry that i haven't reviewed? ~Xavi
Glass November chapter 1 . 3/29/2002
A) Fantastical

B) *Definitely* do not drown yourself! All of us poetry reader people would miss ya!

Hm. I think I see how it was pieced together, and I think that adds to the feel of the poem. The flow is unusual, but yes, I think that works really well for the meaning of the poem. It sounds almost regretful, but somehow not. Very descriptive, huh?

Muy bien!
Obake-chan chapter 1 . 3/23/2002
Nojojojo(Please read that part in Spanish, and that was a mess up.) Yes, red does mean a lot of things, huh? I take it as school color, heh. Me liiiikes. Ummm...but why is the title "Wink?" It's probably because of my low English standards, that I don't understand. Eeeeee... Well, I finally got the time to review! Twadida~~mittens!
Dana R. Luder chapter 1 . 3/18/2002
Hey - (thanks for the review) - I like your work! The description of red especially got to me, for some reason - but don't ask why. The way the poem is arranged is nicely done too - again, don't ask -
BO chapter 1 . 3/17/2002
...It is a great job...I have to think about how to write a good review to the wink for you.

so...I have decided to plan it tonight in my dream...EG, I really like your style of poem.

the writer who worte them seems over your age.

I don't know whether you have something you don't want to tell anybody, something you couldn't tell anybody. Everybody has their own secret. Also, me too. once, I cut myself, because I am so upset for my study, family and all the troubles around me when I saw the blood got out of my finger, I smile without any joy. I didn't feel any pain..because my heart is painer than it...

Thus, I wish you happy every second...


ps..DON'T tell your mom and my mom...hehe
Impressionist chapter 1 . 3/16/2002
I like the format. your transitions are perfect.

It's a tragedy that one can't quite explain, but so many of us have gone through. It makes me want to scream. I'm going through so much right now, and this poem puts my thoughts into words. very well done.
the Queen of Jupiter chapter 1 . 3/16/2002
Excellent! Love the way you described the two different views of the color red. Wonderful poem. Keep writing :)
A.J.Peart chapter 1 . 3/15/2002
I really like the flow to this peom. (that ever happen to you? I type too fast sometimes, I guess. I almost always spell poem as "peom" and it bugs me.) The images are great, however, now I'm gonna have to read it again...I got pulled away by some friends just before the last stanza, so there's been about an hour between the start and the finish...

I actually, now maybe I'm misreading it, but I think that it's actually just about a couples relationship; not the end of one, not the start, just the relationship alone. It seems like you're bringing it from the perspective of one who sees the world with a sort of pesimistic outlook; "to me, it was a symbol, bloody, immortal, piercing." That's a rather morbid, and somewhat negative way of looking at the colour of the mittens.

Then, you talk about how the second individual sees the colour, and it becomes an image of beauty - a rather optimistic concept, I do believe. The end, though seeming rather down and sorrowish (can't describe it any better than that...just means that it comes off as seeming bad), it's actually like an extention of the beauty image. The first 4 lines of the last stanza paint the image in a sort of pesimistic picture and then the last line, "the patterns that shadows make," this image is one that, to me at least, is one of beauty. Shadows are like the art of nature beyond life itself.

Therefore, you create one image and then juxtapose another to create a parallel to the relationship itself. In other words, the world of the narrator is basically enshrouded in this pesimistic outlook, so that's the only way he/she can see the world; then there's the other who sees the oposite and thus creates this sort of aspect of him/her that the "pesimist" loves the most. It's like a poem taking one quality in a couple and bouncing them off each other, since I think one of the things that people tend to love most about the person their with are the things that make that person better than you, or something. They're the kind of things that make you want to be with them because when you're with him/her the world becomes a better place and there are no wrongs to be found in life...sorry, I'm in a strange mood right now and feeling somewhat poetic.

Anyway, I think the poem is actually more of a love poem expressing that which one person loves most about their partner...I know that's just saying the same stuff that I've already said, but I figure that this has already turned into something of an essay, so I might as well conclude it as such...sorry 'bout writing you an essay about your poem, but I couldn't help it. I got carried away.

P.S. A little self-promotion never hurt anyone, besides, it saved me the trouble of having to look for myself, which, despite the trouble I have to go to in order to do so (it's no trouble, I'm just lazy), I would have done anyway.

Anywho, I've rambled quite enough I think; the little scroll bar thingy has gotten rather small, much like the one for my "authored stories" page...G's, another friend distracted me mid review, delaying it for another half an hour! Maybe I should keep my door closed..hmmm...

Great poem, even though I analyzed the hell out of it. It just means there was a lot of interpretting to do because there was a lot to it. I'm gonna upload some more poems now though, so I'd best be off.
mikegao chapter 1 . 3/15/2002
what can i say? its an interesting poem... but the seperate stanzas don't match each other. make sure you keep the feeling the same throughout... the clashing and the pieces of shadows or something don't match... make it more subdued to portray the feelings you want to.
Aoi Beru chapter 1 . 3/15/2002
Oooo... I like this one.

It has a strong emotion towards love, and a ironic twist to it as well. Your words are beautiful in this poem, and reaches deep down in the feelings that are split in a relationship. You should write more poems like this Em-chan... this one's touching
Amaris chapter 1 . 3/15/2002
I think your poems are getting a lot better. I've noticed a lot of improvement. Anyway I like the comparison of the two's point of view on death. Hehe and the mittens...was that inspired by your oven mitts? Keep up the good work.