Reviews for And Death...
bluecheesedude chapter 1 . 3/30/2003
you claim that the ending is cheesey,yet i dont think so. There would have been so many other ways that you could have killed this story (i like puns), i think that you chosen ending seems most appropriate for the context of the story. For example you could have ended it with the dyeing person to say:

"now that i know you will wait for me i feel much better and i doubt i shall dye in fact" and then the other person would say:

"oh my love thats good, we should go out and frolic in the flowers" so you see there are lots of cheesey endings that you didnt pick. Oh yes this story is very good, if a bit short, I liked it because it was so random, it was a bit like edger allan poe.
Albedo chapter 1 . 8/4/2002
This was... beautiful! Sad, but beautiful... *wipes a tear* ...very beautiful, yesss..

Hey, I have one question, related to "Pity the Child".. when are you continuing it? I'd like to know the rest of the fic! ;)

Good Sunday for you!