Reviews for Jake
Stephanie chapter 1 . 6/4/2002
I really like this one. Gives a good attention grabber, good plot, mystery, thriller, edge of the seat kind of thing. The only thing that needs work is the grammar. LOL. Definately continue on this one.
Sorrowful Sparrow chapter 2 . 5/30/2002
You never cease to amaze me with the inner workings of your mind. The intricate detail in which he tortured and his victim screamed in utter agony and forboding pain. Exquisite to the imagination, makes one think and revel in this chapter. The release and how the murderers like him were astonished as to how the victim screamed.

The emotions from the killer, were awesome. I am in mere awe. For I could see everything. A witness to the gruesome killing yet enjoy it as well. Jake being imaginative and exotic in the way of his killings and torture to his victim was well worded. The way he said everything seemed to fit him. Truly the best I've read on here. But the killer attracting the reader. Although not sure if that is truly the end (I hope NOT!) I will await the next part with impatience as to who the mystery man was. One much like Jake as it stated.

Keep writing. Never stop. .~
Sorrowful Sparrow chapter 1 . 5/30/2002
*Claps her hands* My Jaspin you have truly created a killer. One of a kind. His words the very things he thought, something every human being thinks each night. Your twisted and distorted that. I could see everything happening in my mind's eyes. The terror in his victim's eyes. The way he just merely toyed with his prey. The perfect killer, smooth, intelligent and cunning. I am in envy of your way with words.

*chuckles* I can't believe this story wired me, almost like every being had these twisted horrific thoughts. But true his way of saying it just brought a jolt and shiver down my spine.

I applaud you dear friend. Mistress of the Twisted and Divine.
Kerochan chapter 1 . 5/16/2002
Hey stephanie! That was some weird

story! I mean that was a good story.

Weird but goog yah now what i mean?

Enen though you're writing is weird keep up the good work!