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veggiegrl chapter 57 . 2/17/2003
Hey, i loved this chapter, although i'm a lil confused on the whole thing but it was great. on another note, i'm glad ur friend is okie, trust me if that happened to my best friend, writing would be on the bottom of my list too! so i won't worry a/b getting the chapter up after so long. although i was waiting everyday, cuz ur book rocks! lol, much love, bye
sapofbks2008 chapter 57 . 2/17/2003
I loved the chapter. I can't wait for more to come. I like how she reacted. It looks fine to me. Her boyfriend just left anf now she has to deal with this.
kodiak bear chapter 57 . 2/17/2003
Yeah! Finally, the answer! That was kinda what I had in mind about why they broke up. good job.

I'm glad your friends okay. I'll be praying for you and her.


Kodiak Bear
brittney chapter 57 . 2/17/2003
hey! i was right! i'm so happy! great chappy! can't wait till' the next one!
Mirri Night chapter 24 . 2/12/2003
britt chapter 56 . 2/11/2003
i'm dying here! please update!
Laurie-the-Duck chapter 56 . 2/7/2003
u mean it's going to be over? finished? done? but, but but...U CANT! *sobs uncontrolably* well, update soon, I at least want to read the happy ending, and I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHY JORDAN BROKE UP WITH HER!
SimplyAriel41 chapter 56 . 2/6/2003
Seriously, this is one of the best stories i have read. it kept me up til 2 one morning reading.

seriously, i thought the reason Jordan broke up with her is cuz he was gay, but you said he's not, so i'm glad i'm not the only one who thought so... haha, anyway.. i'm dying for the next chapter. Please hurry!
JellybeanSweetheart chapter 56 . 2/5/2003
When are you gonna review again? You're taking to long! I think you've forgotten all about us little people...*sniffs* you don't love us anymore!
IMBDirises chapter 56 . 2/5/2003
Hehe...I really like this story! I can't wait for more!
SimplyAriel41 chapter 1 . 2/4/2003
i read the first chapter and fell in love.. i cant wait to finish reading this!
broken-butterfly08 chapter 56 . 2/2/2003
i LOVE it! post the next chappie asap! :) it wasn't very nice to leave a cliffhanger.. *grin* :) love t! peace out! ~popstar2be
DEELETE MEE chapter 55 . 1/28/2003
hey again!

they cut off the last part of my review! *gasp* evil ! *growls*


wat i was saying just so i can bother u again!


anyways... after krissy's bday party... my bday came up in november (two months ago)

and u see... heh heh

well we were eating at a restaurant and one of my many friends: chelle asked him a question... "do you like anyone?" and he answered "do i have to say who?" of course everyone is saying YES! lolz... and at the time i'm feeling

yes! if i know he likes someone else then i can finally get over him and i'll try to set him up with whoever they are... even if they are my enemy... i literally let out a sigh of relief...

but then i glanced up at him as he said it... he pointed at me and said "again."

my heart LITERALLY stopped a moment... i felt like throwing up... you probably know how it might feel i mean... i thought he HATED me... well not really... cuz he could hardly be really mad at anyone... except the jocks that always pick on our group... we're like the Outcasts at our school...

but anyways... yea.. i was trying to deny it... because krissy was sitting next to me... i was whispering to her like "he was pointing at you right?" she shook her head and was laughing at me... i looked at eleanor who sat next to logan... i had a feeling she liked him... i had been trying to persuade her that she did too like a few days before my birthday party... and now then we both learn that he likes me... we both NEVER ever expected it... it really took us by surprise...

later on that day... chelle asked him ANOTHER question... "how far would you go with a girl?" i think i was amused at the question because it took him by surprise... i think... but then he answered "like who?" chelle answered "like your crush." i was surprised because i mean... everyone knew by then who he liked... even though it wasn't apparent...

i stared down at my food because i mean... yea...

instead of answering he says "she's sitting right there you know."

everyone burst out laughing at that... i was amused because hey you never know what a guy is thinking.. okay... perverted thoughts escaping mind...

but anyways... if u have any advice for me PLEASE PLEASE tell me! *sigh*

i have such a horrible luck at love... well not really... but its life...

sorry i hope i'm not bothering u! if u wanna make fun of a more detailed (how could it be even more detailed than THIS?) view... go to ~i_luv_yellow_shirts

anyways.. PLEASE continue on with your story! u have me all in suspense! and i CANNOT wait until the next chapter!
coolcourt chapter 56 . 1/27/2003
I love your story! I have been reading it all day long. I just found it today. I cannot believe that you didn't say what he broke up with her for. You are sooo mean! LOL. Please write more soon. I will be checking back every day.
DEELETE MEE chapter 56 . 1/27/2003
grrr! ur so mean! u left me at the WORST cliffiehanger! *sigh*

i absolutely LOVE your story! i've been reading it for the last few days! i'm sorry i haven't reviewed every single chapter, but i don't that would matter because you have SO many reviews! but i just have to say i LOVE your story! i got it off of a profile whenever i was looking through favorite stories. i just happened to come across it...

i usually don't read original fics, but this sounded so good i couldn't stop reading it! *glares* u meanie! u got me into ur story so bad... lolz... i'm a read-a-holic... *sweatdrop*

whenever i was reading u would say how weak or uneventful the chapter is! *sticks tongue out* you have GOT to be KIDDING! your writing is SO much better than mine! you have to publish this! this is THAT good! i've read stories that are good and interesting and really popular... but this is a really big rival to many books that i've read that are published!

i love how your story comes along so nicely and everything... lydia's life sounds a LOT like mine...

heh heh...

except for the eating disorder part... i actually do ... other... stuff... but that's no biggie bcuz i'm just depressed right now... not much into action... just thinking... i think TOO much...

but my life's like this:

i liked this guy, logan, last year in the 7th grade (i'm in 8th; i'm 13 and i think... *sweatdrop* i sound mature for my age... but i'm really young at heart! ) but anyways... i've liked him since Feb 28 2002... (funny how i remember this stuff)

and he found out that i liked him too... i also found out that one of my best friends: krissy liked him as well...

me and her had this really HUGE obsession over him... i mean we even had a codename: "yellow shirts" because of how he would wear yellow shirts... *sweatdrop*

logan's really cute too... dirty blonde hair... amber-gold eyes... he's really tall and really sweet and funny... he's also very brotherly to his younger sisters too its so cute!

and the entire obsession has gone on for SOOO long... lolz.. it seemed like forever although it was just Feb 28-May 6 2002... and everything... but in late april it wasn't more of an obsession because i had hold of his phone number in march... then we started "talking" more... less "flirting" if u could call it that...

i got to know him more as a friend and i'm surprised because he KNEW i liked him... but treated me as a friend even though we HARDLY knew each other at all whenever i first liked him... i mean... i knew who he was... but i never really TALKED to him...

but then i heard from one of my friends that he was decided who to ask out... at the same time i'm thinking... obviously there's no competition... he's gonna pick krissy... bcuz she's the cute blonde... i'm the filipina-gurl yup... just bcuz we share the same likes and everything doesn't mean he's gonna pick me right?

but on may 6... he asked me out.. i had said "sure" and made a fool of myself at the same time... no details (i evil! but not as evil as u are cuz u left me at a cliffie!)

but anyways... we had been going out until july 25... when i broke up with him... and i don't KNOW WHY! (aww... man! i'm like jordan now... *pout* bad jordan for breaking up with lydia!)

i later realized (like in october but didn't tell anyone) that i still liked him whenever i went out with him... i know it probably isn't that "i love you we'll be married right when we get out of college and it's fate... we're meant to be together love" but it is deep (like lydia & jordan's relationship)... i have to admit... it really is... err... was...

but anyways... then in october i found out that krissy liked logan again... i urged her to ask him out because at that time i was thinking... why? i still liked him.. but i knew it was just WRONG because i mean... i "broke" his heart... why should i put him through that hell again?

so she asked him out... first in a note... he wouldn't answer to that... at first i was worried... but i was happy because... i mean... hello! if he was going out w/ someone.. he was off limits and i couldn't like him anymore... totally off-limits there...

he told her that he wouldn't take anyone asking him out in a note, phone, or have a messenger person... lolz...

so we were (me and my "groupies") were all standing in the hall after school (we're now in the 8th grade) and she asks him out... i was happy that she did that... but i mean... i was standing next to her and he was standing across from me... i was a little nervous... cuz i think i was sort of staring at him and awaiting his answer... i'm not sure... but i'm pretty sure he caught my glance cuz i face my locker and continued to pack my stuff...

he said no though... i was sad... because i knew she liked him alot... but she told me that she knew he was gonna say no...

then i found out my other friend: eleanor... liked him too... then she decided a few days later that she didn't... but i still think she did cuz i think she knew something i didn't know

at krissy's 14th bday party... we were playing "spin the bottle" heh heh... i had come into the middle of the game... krissy had kissed logan already a few times... lolz... i didn't mind... really i didn't! i think its really funny though how logan's first kiss was krissy... although... krissy's already kissed sum1 else... hehe...

i had almost gotten kissed by my friend brian... luckily logan had stuck up for me and said that it landed on shannon the girl sitting next to me... i had thanked him a million times in my mind that my first kiss wasn't brian... and i was internally happy that the bottle hadn't landed on me... yet...

but then whenever my friend's YOUNGER brother landed on me... it was decided that he was gonna kiss my cheek... so i was fine with that.. but then i had to spin the bottle...

i was like... WHAT? the only two guys there that i could possibly kiss on the lips was logan and brian... secretly i knew i was wishing for logan... but i couldnt' say that!

and how ironic. because it landed on him. i sorta missed cuz i jumped up last second. .!
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