Reviews for Betraying the Rainbow
JoyfullyStruggling chapter 1 . 8/17/2003
I really really realy liked this one
Damaged chapter 1 . 3/27/2003
*big smile* Reminds me of when something like that happened to me awhile ago.
peachykeen chapter 1 . 12/27/2002
I have no idea about the title, so, um, no.

1st stanza: I see someone being disected, and the disector playing with the person's intestines - probably not right, but it's what I see

2nd stanza: I really like the imagry here, REALLY like it

3rd stanza: ooo la la, more imagry, I like the connections

4th stanza: eek! is this a Rumplestiltskin reference? I think it is!

5th stanza: I'm really confused. I feel like the dirt across the lower lip symbolizes lies and hate being said, but I have no explanation for the superglue - NONE

6th stanza: wow! I like this part - it's very deep. Nice points being made

7th stanza: I like this part too, but I don't understand the relevance

overall: Confusion and imagry reign. Tres bien! This isn't one of my faves, but it's still good.
Amaris chapter 1 . 6/8/2002
Nice poem. I like this part: "on the lonely corner of mud and tears, a line of dirt streaked across my lower lip." the word "superglue" seems a bit abrupt. over all a good poem. i like it. i have no idea what your title means though either...hehe _
Penumbra chapter 1 . 6/2/2002
Wow, intense. I think the "rainbow" refers to the faithfulness the narrator presents and how she/he was "betrayed" because they were never appreciated for what they've done or was hurt/killed for all they've done for the person...yuck, this sounds all mixed up; I dunno what I'm saying. Still, this poem is great! You have a lot of talent.
A.J.Peart chapter 1 . 5/31/2002
Before I get into the indepth analysis of the poem, what say you that I address your question at the bottom of the page? The title, "Betraying the Rainbow," doesn't really seem to fit the poem... at first glance that is. Like a lot of poems (Emily Dickenson excluded, for one) there is a certain ounce of interpretation that has to go into it, since the title doesn't reflect a visible aspect of the poem.

For me, I have this strange sort of admiration from rainbows. For one thing, I've writen a few that use them as a metaphor for an unnamed female character. I do it a lot, and for good reason. However, more to your poem, the rainbow has to be the "narrator."

See, a rainbow is kind of mysterious and vague, appearing whenever it so pleases and always has the alluring sense of yearning, as though to draw people towards it. It is for these reasons and probably a few more that make me feel that rainbows are the most beautiful of nature's creations, above all else in the world. I mean, they're so simple in nature and yet they look so out of place in the world. They seem to kind of appear and disappear at will, always with the rain, and they're like a magnet to our gaze. They're colourful and wondrous, and yet melencholy in their "feel," their emotional connection to life, I suppose you could say. There's a lot to a rainbow, if you put your mind to it.

I remember this one time back in the fall when I was simply standing there in the dark in the outdoor common area of my residence, and I was standing at the base of this tree just staring up at it. I was standing there for about 20 minutes or so in prefect silence, changing my gaze every now and then, but always staring at the dark looming silhuette of the tree. Finally someone asked me what I was doing, as if it was really all that strange, and I said that I was admiring the tree for what it is and not what we assume it to be.

What I meant was that we become acustomed to seeing trees and people and walls and clouds and whatever else, that we just kind of ignore them without ignoring them, make sense? We know they're there, we acknowledge that fact, but we don't pay attention to what they look like or to their very existance. So you see, even a rainbow, despite its lolling affect on a person's stare, seems to more often cause us to either stare without thinking, or just address it as what it is instead of really taking notice to the fact that it is nature at its best that is being gandered at, gawked at in some innane sort of way.

This, it seems to me, is very much like the character in the poem. It seems like we're betraying nature by ignoring the very essence of its existance, by not seeing a tree as a living, breathing life, or as simply a beautiful aspect of this world. Life is full of these things, like rainbows, insects, even the wind. So, in this respect, the "narrator" becomes nature itself, and the person to whom the poem is directed is the person ignoring nature, betraying the rainbow.

That's just one interpretation, I suppose.

Taking that into count, I'm going to dive into the poem itself, applying this whole nature theme. Hard to believe all that up there is just for three little words that act as a sort of prequil to the poem... but that's just me getting carried away again.

"Plucking my insides"

- the action of plucking is most often, I think, applied to the act of plucking a flower or said flower's petals. Either way, it's killing the flower.

"paperdoll existance"

- paper comes from trees, and is also dead. So, much like the flower, the tree has been "plucked" to make the paper that became the paperdoll...maybe.

"2-D world"

- suggests an idea of a two sided coin, where there is only what we perceive in this world and everything else. It's the everything else that we don't pay attention too. Now that I think of it, I rarely ever pay attention to the faces of the coins in my pocket. It's just usually the size of the coin, or the colour that tells me what it is.

"molecule of oxygen"

- oxygen being a very important aspect of pretty much all forms of life in the world. It's the product of plants and the fuel for the animals. It's intregal in every aspect of it's usage. Therefore, being squeezed for what's left of it, suggests that it's being drained from a plant, like a tree, which has already been established as the "narrator."

"starving for humanity / to come and resue me"

- waiting for people to pay attention, to stop ignoring the world outside their own.


- a puppet is something that has no control over itself, metaphorically and literally.


- children are innocent. They don't know better a lot of the time, and their easily confused by what they think is right and what really is right. They can be led astray easier than a dog teased with a dog cookie (you wanted a cookie, well, it's not one you want, but I managed to include a cookie in the review. I don't expect you to take it though). In this case, the children are humanity, or, more to the point, the "narrator's" little friend who seems to have caused a bit of irritation.

The act of pulling out ones teeth is much like the idea of disarming them, leaving them defenceless. "I couldn't bite them that way" as you put it. Now, if you think about it, mankind is virtually torturing the Earth, or at least has been, and blindly doing so to the point of nearly killing the world. Global warming gave us a very mild winter just last year, so taht it only started snowing shortly before christmas instead of in November like usual.

"spun straw into gold"

- do I detect a little Rumplestiltskin here? Rumplestiltskin, as far as I can recall, was using the princess or whomever she was (bad memory from heat and time), to spin straw into gold for him, and gave her three chances to guess his name. Something like that. And it seems to me that he had kidnapped her baby and wouldn't give it back unless she guessed right. But I could be wrong. It has been a while. Anyway, it plays on the whole idea of slave labour by bringing in an allusion. Quite well used, I might add... unless my whole interpretation is entirely farfetched and "whoey."

"made me cold"

- easiest way to make someone cold is to either stick them in a freezer or just simply kill them. I've already suggested the "plucked flower" idea, so that's almost a given idea then. Of course, if you leave someone in a freezer long enough, I guess they kind of die, so they're almost the same...but that's beside the point!

"mud and tears"

- mud is generally the result of rain. Rain is often thought of as the tears of the Earth, that Mother Earth is crying or something. You get the idea. Also, in the rain aspect, where do rainbows come from again? Just a thought.

"line of dirt...superglue"

- this took me a bit to figure out into some sensical aspect of my whole argument. What I found was that, well, where does dirt often build up so that it's in the shape of a line? Most often, I would think, in the crack between two things beside each other, like loose floor boards, or tiles that have lost their grout. Or, perhapse two things held together by...superglue. So it's like the lip of the narrator is made up of two parts glued together to form society, and then walked all over blindly so to gather the dirt in the crevice between the two pieces. How's THAT for interpretation!

"Please explain...cruel smile?"

- I decided to lump this all together since it's basically all one focused idea. "The smallest of souls." The smaller it is, often, the easier it is to ignore. Like an ant. If an ant is just crawling along the surface of the sidewalk, even if it is part of a whole colony burrowing out from between the cracks (there's the crack idea again), it's easy to ignore them. A leaf is just a leaf. The only time I might pay attentio to one is if it falls behind me and makes a startling noise when it hits the ground (in autumn at least). So "the execution of harmony" is like the death of nature and it only seems to have an effect of the smaller souls, being like the bottom of the food chain, and therefore what we think of as nature generally: plants, insects, and wildlife. However, then there's the idea, much of a childish idea sort of, where killing a bug is almost thrilling. A lot of kids like burning ants with magnafying glasses, or lumberjacks who cut down trees without regret enough to stay their hand. Not many people show a cruel smile when they do these things, but it's more of a feeling. It's like a rush in a way, I don't know. Maybe I'm just pullin' things out from too far in left field.

"turn my back on the rain"

- rain, sadness, nature's tears. Maybe this is like the narrator giving up on his/her own appreciation for life to become more fitting for the one to who the poem is to. I mean, if you can't change someone, change yourself...right?

"still you don't know my name"

- it's a two sided coin. I guess you just can't jump from one side to the other. I mean, if the face on the one side decided it would be better off with the eagle (I guess it is on your quarters), than the coin would look stupid, and it really wouldn't be a coin anymore. Not legal tender at least.

All in all, I find that the poem is sort of about the way that society is towards nature, and that "a rose by any other name is still a rose." Something has to change, but neither side of the coin seems to be able to in any real effect. Something like that, I suppose.

I think I'm done now, since I feel like I can't say any more without being redundant or being wrong. So I'll call it quits here.
Phoenix Debonaire chapter 1 . 5/31/2002
I read it as a poetic tribute to versus the matter of incomplete logical error and blame of? Ah, but we neglectify the issueization of mortal error *again* in centralized matters of importance opposed to etc!

The poem, hmm, I give it 43 spinny stars, making it 43 out of 2. With a divergance of morality, we find that your poem has an interesting tilty to the left grammar naunce. Inside of your expression there is a deep desire to hang-glide, crashing messily atop a used car lot.

Betrayal, rainbow, mmhm...hmm...betrayal could mean that you like peanut butter cookies, although I read it as chocolate cookies. Rainbow is clearly a term for your hatred of small animals, especiallynot
the Queen of Jupiter chapter 1 . 5/30/2002
If I were to link the title and the poem together in a word: conformity. Breaking of. Okay, that was 3. :) It's like you're exasperated/irritated/annoyed/frustrated with society and you're trying to break free of it.

That's just my interpretation, though...:) Keep writing!
miss meaningeverythingtome chapter 1 . 5/29/2002
...*passes out due to talent displayed on screen and lack of ability to come up with a suitable response*
Obake-chan chapter 1 . 5/28/2002
Yay for your literary magazine winning! Hahaha.

Umm, title...rainbowcolorful, betrayalgoodbye(shush! It's goodbye for me!). Darkish poem has little color? Mebbe. Light bulb went out, so everything is dark in this room now. Ike...

Heehee, third stanza. Lotsa uses for strings, eh? Leash, control, pull out... ya. And there's the Rumplestiltskin thingy.
Mike chapter 1 . 5/28/2002
Betraying the Rainbow? Personally it seems more like betrayed by the rainbow. However, it does seem like a very... sad poem, not so much morbid as some other poems, more of a reflective sadness. :-)? I like it.
SylviJove chapter 1 . 5/28/2002
Good! Society SUCKS. You should write something about how evil war is. And how we should think twice before taking on the world in a war on terrorism. It scares me... all this killing. It's ridiculous. Wars don't have to be fought. Why have so many countries... why have "national security". Why would it hurt so much for other people to KNOW stuff. isn't it GOOD that everyone's enlightened? Americans are so self-centered. And that includes me. I'm an American too. OKAY ENOUGH OF MY LITTLE TIRADE. I'll save that stuff for my blog.

Okay now... time to REVIEW. Hehe I can't really interpret the title. I'll never understand how I got that whachamacallit on the literary GSE. It was all interpretation, that goshdarned test.

Hmm explain to me later about this "smallest of the souls". I jad thougt that I had gotten it... but then you stick "But" afterward. Oh well anyway... I'm not a good interpreter on some stuff. Usually I'll raise my hand in English and then say something and the teacher will say "that's nice sylvia. Um anyone have the RIGHT answer?" I mean it's all interpretation... so there ARE no right answers, right? I guess he meant what hte author tried to do. Okok. I've talked too much. NICE POEM!




susu chapter 1 . 5/28/2002
wow...i like this one! It doesn't really sound like "betrayal" because it sounds like she was ignored and handled cruelly...and that she was never loved before then. Anyways, good job! -
Reincarnated Yoda chapter 1 . 5/28/2002
The title is one that no one can describe with words. yet, it has a hidden meaning that we all understand. I absolutly LOVE the title. it is one of the best i've ever heard of. I also love the poem. it is a sad poem and those r the type i like. I only write sad ones cause i'm usually only sad. Again love the poem.
Twilight Suzuka chapter 1 . 5/28/2002
wow that was great! i wish i could write poetry like woah!
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