Reviews for A.S. Episode 2: Do u care about Sociality?
Ray Aura chapter 1 . 4/25/2000
I don't get it. Even harder to follow than 1.
ben verene chapter 1 . 4/11/2000
um i didn't read this story... its just that this head leet trainer reviewed my story and didn't give a ing emial address so i have no other way to reply.

What the is up your ass leet? As a matter of fact i did write those ing stories when i was in 5th and 6th grade! Why the don't you believe me? That's actually a compliment to me, cuz you're acknowledging that they seem to be good for my age level.

I just put 5th and 6th up there just to forewarn people that the stories were a little juvenile. Did you not think that the stories were? Perhaps the ones that you read were less juvenile... the ones from 6th grade were not so juvenile but and one or two of the 5th grade ones i respect as a story... and actually enjoy and the others aren't all that juvenile...

but anyway do you have a ing problem with me warning the people what kind of story they're reading?

And then you said i copied the original story from the digimon stories? what the is that all about the are you saying you little piece of ? (i know all that will be censored by fanfic but i don't give a flying rat's ass mother cockmaster piece of malignant )

first of all, i have no idea what a ing digimon piece of rats ass is! And i have never gone into that section! all of my stories are 100 percent completely ing original ! I do not copy any of my off of other stories! ANd if you think i do then burn in hell and get ed up the ass by a donkey!

Maybe you'er referring to the time that i listed one of my stories under digimon because i mis-clicked on the category, and you just misused your words! If you are alledging that i did that just so that people would read my story then you! i would not want anybody to read my story when they are tricked into it... because i want people to like my story not read something they don't wanna! ! that was a mistake and i wish i didn't ing make it! And digimon? why the would i pick ing digimon when i didn't even know what the it was?

FUCK YOU head!

And if you hate people that copy things, then represent motha a! I hate plagurists and all that too! But if you're calling me somebody that copies then you are one little punkass mother ing cocksucking ! SHow me one ing story that you think i copied! I do not copy stuff ! The only thing I ever copy is homework! I am proud of my originality, whether or not you call me strange i take strange as a ing compliment! I am proud of my original work and i do not ing copy you piece of !

If you thought that the mamma things were gay, then that's okay. You have a right to not like my story. I, too, thought that I used it too much and don't think that simply confusing people about whether its the name mamma or the mamma isn't all that funny either... and i actually said in the beginning of the story that i thought it was too cliche and was dismayed that my friends liked it so much more than my other stories. So i am actually happy that you see that fault in it... but you you little punkass if you are alledging that i copy stuff! Aight?
LT TRAINR chapter 1 . 4/11/2000
Yo, daddy-o. It's all in fun. There will be people in your life occasionally who don't like your work, and it's inevitable.