Reviews for Daily Routine
EloquentlyFabulous chapter 1 . 9/18/2010
I'm popping my "FictionPress reviewing" cherry on this. Be honored.

This piece... wow. I don't know why I'm not crying. This is such a harrowing portrayal of homophobia- one that hits so close to home. What the boy is feeling, going through, is something that is just all to common in the world today. I'd like to say what part of this jumped out at me the most, but I'd be copy/pasting this entire vignette right back to you.

Even after the physical part of the incident was no longer visible, the affects of it still were felt and remained. He wanted it to stop- just to go a moment without feeling and experiencing what he was. He can't go to anyone, because he feels so alone, like no one will ever be able to feel what he's feeling. Or know what he's feeling. It's like it's so accepted in society, that there's no use trying to live another day with it. What keeps him from taking the pills, is knowing that he has survived another day- going one day at a time. However, he does not know what tomorrow will bring. It could be painless or worse than the branding of today. He walks alone, and to him, there is no one. His suicide is one that has been considered many times. Leaving this place that has only judgement and hatred, and one that marks him as less of a person- less of a man. His sexuality is something that he wishes can be fixed, repaired. It's like, in his mind, he's broken- damaged. Less of a person because of who he loves. I don't see a happy ending in this. I see an end that was pushed off for another day.

Great piece. *Ten!*
lacking motivation chapter 1 . 8/5/2002
damn, i've been sucked in

it hurts when people hurt you physicly and mentally when the break your self confidence and beat you

i never thought those thoughts

but i have never had that i suvived yesterday and i'll survive today

~*lost soul
A Blake chapter 1 . 8/2/2002
awww poor guy!
Sprite Stalker chapter 1 . 8/1/2002
*shivers* Ooooh... mesa like.

-Sprite Stalker