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acccountnolongerinuse chapter 23 . 9/5/2004
Wow! Real good:) I like July! Update soon!
etherealangel chapter 23 . 7/3/2004
i'm abt to read this chapter and i have refused that u killed tristan! he is just unconscious, okay? okay!
ok. so u said he died! but even tho u did mention that he died. he will come back rite?
see even Dayneth thought "Tristan could haven't died. It was impossible" See! I go with Dayneth.
Hey Roben isn't dead yet after all! ) the scene with the swimming is so cute! Roben is such a little devil!
*( the scene with Nakari finding Triston deeply [nearly permanently] unconscious [i refused to see him as dead] is so sad..
yeah Nakari! u tell it to the little boy! Triston isn't dead!
OMG! *HE* [u kno who i am talking abt!] LIVES! I told u so, Steph! and earlier u were sayin he died! HA!
actually i do find the plot kind of complicated but then i always believed everything that u wud explain everything at the end [which u mentioned that u wud in this chapter] and that i will reread it again and be like "oh..i totally understand this connection " and so and so! it'd be great if u can have a map of all the places involved in the northern dawns and the blue moon! u kno u shud turn this into an anime or an RPG game! cuz u got all that action there and it'll be cool to see it done in color with characters moving on teh tv screen and everything!
etherealangel chapter 22 . 7/3/2004
SOrry for not reading your updates for the past year! thankfully you had a recap there since i have developed such a bad memory!
i love this line "A man and his tool are two different things, with two different intentions. But both can only be united with the same intention."!
oh holy crap! you just stabbed triston! why the heck did you do that! murderess! was teh ripple of pain nakari felt-was that the pain triston was experiencing? ahh u killed off roben! he was the good twin! [as u can see, i am reviewing this as i read!]
and i loved the part where u reflected upon our memories "The things we remember... the things we don't remember..."
i haven't read a good action/adventure/fantasy story in so long! You havethis way of writing that makes me feel like i'm actually *IN* Nakari and Triston world. And it's life-like [tho it's a fantasy story] because it has this bittersweet tone to it with bits of humor in it to lighten it up.
Sorry if my review is sort of confusing! But keep up the good work! onto the next chapter now b4 my dad comes back and yells at me for staying up late!
LiCkInG-my-WoUnDs chapter 1 . 5/22/2004
This is an intriguing story so far. I liked it how in the ending, you made that boy catch the dagger and ended it. Well, you have some minor typos and one part where it makes it seem that this is in 1st person: '"Unharmed." I added.' But other than that, I think your story is good so far and Nakari is a nice name.
Allmyfavoritenamesweretaken chapter 23 . 2/25/2004
Hello, it's me again...I felt like I really should elaborate on what I said before, so consider this my "official" review...haha.
First of all, I'd like to say that your major characters are very fleshed out and believable. It also reminds me of how actual anime and manga focus on background to reveal their motivations, strengths, and weaknesses (which are equally important- after all, nobody's perfect). The character interactions and relationships are strong- and still going- I find the villains and their mindsets to be just as interesting.
Also, I really appreciate the fluidity of the story itself. I can tell you are putting a lot of effort into planning it and making it unpredictable and exciting, which is why I think many people enjoy reading it. That brings me to mention that I really appreciate the massive amount of detail. I do think, though, that this could also be one of the reasons why you have trouble continuing it. There are so many mysteries and plot lines that I would understand if you feel intimidated to explain them, which is why I would guess you originally wanted to make it a trilogy.
Personally, like I said in my email, I don't think you really NEED to explain everything. The ending wouldn't necessarily have to answer all of the questions, which would give readers something to think about while you move onto new projects (which I'm all for). Since you're probably itching to start new fics and you seem like you've been working on this for a REALLY long time already, I think you might be better off not writing a whole third book if it takes too much time and energy, or if you just don't feel like it.
Of course, you are welcome to make your own conclusions because I am just another lowly reviewer after all. Best of luck and keep on writing!
-Alex Rowe
Alex Rowe chapter 23 . 2/24/2004
This story is GREAT! I'd go a lot deeper into why I think so, but unfortunately I'm having kind of a busy day...but you are a highly talented writer and I look forward to reading your future fics!
liz chapter 23 . 1/31/2004
*stares* i haven't read this story in a LONG time ... and i'm very ultraly amazed at your writing once again *snif snif* it's so beautiful... even though i'm a writer, i'm really at lost for words TT-TT..
especially the part where nakari goes to some life between death world to bring triston back.. that was just awesome.. all the imagery and the feelings are fitted in REALLY well!
and :) i wasn't that sad when triston died cause I KNEW he was gonna come back- (me have psychic powers -)- -;; not really.. but main characters usually (Hopefully *cough cough*) con't die until the last episode or so forth-
and can't believe it's be half a year since i last talked to you .. sigh..times's just rushing by and i really can't find myself stopping... just shows you that i'm getting old ne - - ;;.. anyway, i'll explain all in your e-mail which i'll get start RIGHT NOW- and as alway,
*HUGGLES GLOMPS HUGGLES* good luck in bringing out the next wonderfully written chap~!
foxdance chapter 1 . 1/10/2004
hiya! I finally read the first chappie! (though when I'll actually finish it is a, you know, busy days)
Anyway, I can definitely see a similar style with ND. I read it, like, years ago, but yeah, I remember. I can confidently say your style has become more sophisticated I appreciate your eye for detail. The descriptions, brief and not overly embellished, simply accomplishes the job of painting the picture in the reader's mind. The events and descriptions also give subtle yet concrete hints regarding the culture of this society you created. I find it boring when writers just go off giving a history book account of the customs, infrastructure, etc.
LOL. YOu know, I just find it weird that I'm writing this review for you while talking to you and Mint on IM about SUSHI and live octupuses _
Katsumi-chan chapter 23 . 11/13/2003
Mwahahahahaha! I'm back! I haven't been to or in months! But, right now I'm at school and really bored so I decided to read this chapter!It was great! Triston's alive after all? But where exactly is Nakari? How many more chapter do you plan on making? I'll be sure to keep up with them!
Aki1 chapter 23 . 11/3/2003
Oh, wow...that was so deep, so...sad...(sniffs) That scene where Nakari was crying over Triston was so touching (ahh, you're turning me into a mush freak!)

And along came July . Send Triston to the grave again? NEVER~! Over my own tombstone! (adopts Jet Li pose) heh...

(snatches Triston plushie in mid-air) Woo hoo~! Um, what giant Keiku plushie? (tries to hide it but fails miserably coz it's too...gigantic o;;) Er, lemme just have another one chapter of Miasma maybe? o

Overall, great chapter, although you're right...the plot is kind of confusing sometimes o But it's ok, I get most of it...

I'll be looking forward to more. But don't rush yourself...enjoy life. o


azndreamer1788 chapter 23 . 11/2/2003
woW yooh fiNAlly uPDAted aND IT wAS pERty lOng bUT guD, lOlz i'M stiLL wAItiN fOR kImi aND dAYnEth to mEEt aND i'M sURE iTS gonnA bE soon nOW thAT kImi noES where, kEEp uP w/ thE guD woRK!
the red krayon chapter 23 . 11/2/2003
Don't rush yourself! just take your time and write. it'll be a lot better than going back after you've posted it... i've learned... but im too lazy to revise... *sniffles* oh well! that was a really good chapter. for a minute there... i thought tristion died... THAT WOULD'VE BEEN HORRIBLE!

*starts eating the cookies* Yum! *someone comes and steals half of it* HEY! THIEF! GIVE IT BACK!

well ja ne! i gotta catch that cookie monster! hope you update soon!

Apples of Doom aka Hari-chan
the red krayon chapter 22 . 10/27/2003
AAUGGH! IT'S NOT OVER RIGHT? IT BETTER NOT BE! DAYNETH STILL HASN'T COME! NAKARI HASN'T GONE TO SAVE TRISTION! IT'S NOT THE END! *runs around like mad* OH PLEASE UPDATE SOON! PLEASE! okay... so this isn't the last chapter. but that means.. that this story... the eintire thing... is gonna be long! There's alreadya first book, then this is the sencond book, then... there's gonna be a thrid book! *jumps for joy* Yay! You're a really good writer! plez update soon!
the red krayon chapter 21 . 10/27/2003
SWORD FIGHT! GO TRISTION! but hey! what a coinky dink again! Rei is the name of the girl in one of my stories!
the red krayon chapter 20 . 10/27/2003
Yay! I'm almost to the last parts! but no! why does it end? haha... good!
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