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Aki1 chapter 15 . 6/7/2003
Yipe, I know this review is late but school has been literally sucking up all my time. Anyway...wonderful chapter, with subtle debt on the puppets. (I like that word. Puppet. Puppet. Pup-pet...) o CLiffhanger-ish, in a way...


P.S: I want a Triston plushie now~ (whining) o
Bouncing Everywhere chapter 20 . 6/7/2003
Knot and Knut! Funny names, but they're adorable _~

Kimi is funny, to confuse July like that.

Jan and June are also funny. LOL! Don't converse with the enemy!

I really liked the last sentence o. It seems more like symbolism in a way! You better hurry up with the next update this time! This one was 3 weeks late!
The One Still Called El Diablo chapter 1 . 6/6/2003
sorry, late reviewer, i know. but that did not stop me from enjoying this fic! good characterization with Kimi Ritsuko! PS-R/R my fic please!
Moonflow chapter 19 . 6/6/2003
(for chapter 20). craap... woah, I had no idea it would take up so much space... I think I was just rambling... lol, sorry!
camouflagecamel chapter 20 . 6/6/2003
Another really reaalyy late review from me. -_-;; I suck.

Everything is starting to fall together now. Some of the Tatsu (Jan and June) actually seem pretty nice. Makes ya' wonder...Head north until you find IT! Remember the Alamo! Er..yeah. Forget that last part. Will Kimi and Dayneth find each other before the countdown ends? Will Dayneth ever recover from temporary short-term memory loss? (Or is it long term...hmm...

Quote Time:

A ray of sunlight pushed through the clouds and illuminated the misshapen house she was leaving behind.

I love that one! It sounds so...poetic. _

End Quote Time.

Yay! I promise to review the next chapter as soon as it comes out! As always, I'm luving it!

Rhetorics chapter 20 . 6/6/2003
YOU UPDATED! I’m hyperventilating. The hard work finally paid off. Yea, now thank me for bugging u to update... sits there and waits. Yea yea, I know, you’re gonna thank me, you don’th ave to do it NOW, you can do it later, but u know... I know how ur little mind works... (actually not really but play along k)

Well you know, when I read the first paragraph of the story, the first thing I noticed was... your writing style is A LOT like mine... or actually, should I say, my writing style is A LOT like yours. _ I mean how u described Joel and his insight, I would’ve written it exactly like that... especially the whole “Too many questions surrounded this girl that he wanted to know; that he NEEDED to know.” I DO THAT! I do that a lot... I guess I never noticed it in your writing... well you know, your fic and mel’s are basically the only one I read... so u know, I guess my writing style kinda steals from yall’s (jk jk)

“People in Notor loved to cook, and they loved their food fresh, so it wasn't uncommon for crowds to be in the market around all times of the day.” That’s even MORE like what I would write. _ my style is too adapted to urs... I have to get my own style lol.

Well, the whole Mirako thing, smile it’s all good... lol, the atmosphere is just so... nostalgic... I’m listening to all these music box songs lol (Kanon’s just FULL of them). I’m searching for mp3s to use for my music box story, (u know the humor one).

Hmm... Knot and Knut... I think I like them. As long as they’re not corrupted little kids (the ones that arent’ corrupted don’t exist in this world... like I said before lol). If they stay like that, I’ll like them. Omg, u know what would be a good shocker for the story, if they were VILLIANS _ _ ok, I’m getting too into this. The angst... u know...

And also... about the train part... u might want to specify where they’re going... cuz people tend to forget (I forgot, sorry!) since you don’t... well, update... that often... u know, just provide a little recap so people’ll go “Ohh yea, that’s what happened” And everytime I see Ritsuko, I think of the creepy blonde lady from Evangelion, BUT that’s totally out of your control, so there really isn’t anything u can do about that lol.

And omg... I wanted to find out what “dubious” meant, so I pressed D, and the freakin add zapper (from something I didn’t even download) killed it! ~_~. Lol, nice juicy vocabulary word you have there. I need more vocabulary in my story. And also, (I’m full of criticism today, what’s wrong with me), the “"I'll tell Dayneth you said hi."” Part kinda sounds like Nakari said that. At first when I read it, I was all “ _ SHOCKER!” but... no. So yea, I might suggest that you clarify that. U don’t want people going like “HOW DOES NAKARI KNOW DAYNETH? GASP!”

“A tall, thin woman waited at the train station as it came into view in the distance.” That reminds me of Yana... * gets all nostalgic *. YANA! Mirako’s the best... Living Yana’s dreams through Mirako... I AM expecting a lot from her... Yana’s so cool... she’s so... _ ok, I won’t get into her now. And where is Dayneth by the way. (lol, more criticism, sorry!), u should bring Dayneth back soon. Plus, you get more drama, plus, you get kimi and dayneth moments which make the ending seem more sweeter, plus, let’s face it, it’ll be fun! (lol, the last “plus” sounded kinda sarcastic...)

And by the way, good description to Allineare. The scenery seems very calm... stupid industry, I agree, industry should be ridded of... yes, the computer is a curse, it destroyed my life lol, yet it’s addictive... -_-. I wanna live there... lol, and I like the girl with the hat _, she seems very interesting. Wait... OMG, IT’S JULY, ok I don’t like her... actually no, I like her, she seems quite funny. AH, that hat... that was so good, the description, ok I”ll shut up... I tend to ramble on about trivial things like these... like what I’m doing right now!

And also, good description of the Take region. It reminds me of Ragnarok... aww, I miss that damn game... (it DID go to hell... it’s damned). And yea, (more criticism, sorry. Maybe it’s just cuz it’s so long).

“I nodded as I grabbed my few belongings before exiting the cabin. "It's not a long walk, so it won't take long. It's kinda nice, too-"” I don’t really look at Kimi as an optimistic character... lol, that seemed more like something Nakari would say though, but yea.

And OH YEA, did you know that Triston is a French name that means child of sadness? Like you know, Indian, means like you’re from India, and Indonesian, you’re from Indonesia right? Well Triste (it’s a French word) means sadness and sorrow, so if you’re a Tristan... u know lol, so to speak. Triston’s just another way to say Tristan, but yea, I just thought I might share that with you. It REALLY fits his character _ I don’t’ think you were aware of that, but u know, other people will be like “woah, she’s good with the names.” Lol, sad for whoever’s name is Tristan... (literally, it IS sad...)

“I still didn't know who carried me to the hospital, but... that was where I met Master Yosha when I recovered consciousness.” GASP (Microsoft word automatically gets rid of the asterisks -_-. So it’s like I’m GASP... STARES IN AWE! -_-.) Well yea, I’m a foreshadowing detective now that we have to find 3 from our book every week -_-. Well.. points (remember..), FORESHADOWING!

You know... I think I’m rambling on now... my review is really long... and I’m not even in the second half of the fic yet... I should start reading more and reviewing less... (why did I even put this in the review...?)

Hm... Kimi has an idea... I sense.. a BATTLE! Lol, you have to be extra cautious about this now... Ehem HIM lol. I guess the battles’ll get better * takes out the notes*.

“July shot her a glare. YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO CONVERSE WITH THE ENEMY!” omg, that’s so funny. I remember in Ragnarok, Vincent sat down and started talking to some random guy because he said hi, and he was healing, and I sent him a private message and was like “DON’T CONVERSE WITH THE ENEMY!” as a joke u know... but yea, it was funny.

Omg... Kimi’s good at playing with their minds. It seems like she’s just stalling for time to get the other two (wow, you REALLY planned it out... even though u said u didn’t, u did...). And June and Jan fell for it... how STUPID can you get... Why are they so STUPID... it annoys me... no jk, I have a higher tolerance for stupidity...

Geez... they’re pretty stupid to discuss their plan right in front of Kimi’s face... They’re not a bright bunch are they... lol, April was the only smart one, but she died... so now it looks like they’re gonna fall apart... lol, disoriented group.

And good job on the character development with Kimi. Judging by the way she battles (I can tell u really looked into this), she’s a really spontaneous person... and, like she said before, she really doesn’t have a plan... she just does whatever comes to her mind.

And by the way, have u ever tried using HTML for ur chapters...? cuz I still don’t know how u center stuff -_-. Ugh, frustrating.

Gasp messy brown hair and blue eyes... is it.. DAYNETH? Woaahh, IT’S A SHOCKER! Wait... but he doesn’t have brown hair... aww, his name is Rei... WOAH, why am I not surprised that Evangelion just pops out in my head again... in like three sentences, there’s Rei, and then there’s Ritsuko...

* sigh* OK, I’m finally done reading... woah, this review’s kinda big... but hey, I’m the first one to review, so it’s not like I’m going to overshadow anyone. Well, I'm glad you udated like you promised, I'm really sorry for not reading it last night... I was going to but i had interruptions. ANd WOW, that chapter was really long... it took me 2 hours to read it. I think I need to go take a speed reading class because I"m reading slower everytime I read a new chapter... u have to update quicker so I can advance in my speed reading skills lol. Well, good job, keep updating (Yea right... after Hong Kong -_-).
Aki1 chapter 14 . 5/30/2003
Oh, the plot thickens! (gushes) I love this story! Sadly though, my mom's asking me to get off the Net so she can make a long-distance call (cries) Guess I'll leave the last five reviews (five more chaps to go, right?) for tomorrow or something...

Anyway...*great* chapter! I personally love all the twists, and how everything is all falling into place. Poor Dayneth...poor Triston...I still like them both o should think about publishing this. o

Aki1 chapter 13 . 5/30/2003
Know something, I really like the opening poems or whatever you call them. o Cheerios on another marvelous chapter!


P.S: The plushie... T.T
Aki1 chapter 12 . 5/30/2003
"Didn't you sleep?"

"Puppets don't sleep."

Oh, that was a good one. o Anyway...great chapter, and the way the flashback blends with the ending. You're a really good writer!


P.S: 7 more chaps to go! I might actually finish this before school starts! Yee haw!

P.P.S: Now, about that Triston plushie...
Aki1 chapter 11 . 5/30/2003
Aww, poor Triston! (hugs him comfortingly) Although he is trying to deny that he cares for Nakari, isn't he? (even a teensy-weensy bit?) Anyway...good chapter! You should consider getting this published, woo hoo!


P.S: Eiyo, I uploaded chapter 11 of miasma if you're interested o;;
Aki1 chapter 10 . 5/30/2003
Once again, great chapter. The flashbacks add a nice touch to the overall mood. Kudos!

Aki1 chapter 9 . 5/30/2003
Wonderful chapter, though a tinge sad. -“Life isn’t meant to be a fantasy for everyone.”-I absolutely loved that line. The handcuffs are off, huh? Great, great, great chapter!

Destin chapter 19 . 5/30/2003
O my god ! I read it all ! But I want to read more ! If I don't I'll go insane ! PLease write more ! Please !

This is such a good story !

O and if you can , can you please read one of my stories ? It would mean alot to me .

Please update soon!

-Destin Scar
Aki1 chapter 8 . 5/29/2003
...ehh? Oh, um the review! o Right... I'm glad Dayneth's back and though some parts were a little confusing it all made sense in the end (sort of) Oh, who's this pseudo-Joel...? o.0? lol! Guess I'll find out! (giggles and clicks 'Submit Review')

Aki1 chapter 7 . 5/29/2003
Aww, Triston's past was so sad. But that "this-is-the-closet"-"...oh" part was funny, lol! Two thumbs up!

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