Reviews for Confusion
Freija the Squeaky Coconut chapter 1 . 11/13/2002
Kaila...I know that the review system may not be the best way to tell you something serious...but oh well. I know that this is a REALLY tough situation, but you need to let him know you're really not ready. Hiding your feelings won't help in the long run. If he really cares about you, and I think he does, he would choose you over his hormones. No matter how strong his sex drive is, if he knew it was making you this miserable he would reconsider. Of course, that's not what he wants to hear, so he might be oblivious to subtle hints. You can't pretend it's ok if it's not, though; you have to at least give him a chance to understand what this is doing to you. If he knows exactly how upsetting it is and he still chooses his needs over yours, then he doesn't deserve you. Yes, this is the ongoing saga since the beginning of time between younger girls and older boys, but you are really only 13 (I mean, *16* is young) and truly I'd be completely shocked if you were mentally and physically ready for sex.

You can't hurt yourself to stay in a relationship. Telling Brad that it's too early for you to have sex doesn't have to be the end of your relationship. If it is, then he is immature and selfish. I know the old line that guys have needs too, and they DO, but compare your pain with the relatively minor frustration of being horny. If he cares about you he will realize that you're not asking him to wait FOREVER, just until it can be enjoyable for you too, and that the consequences of convincing you into it too early are very harmful (negative attitude about sex in the long run, emotional turmoil, physical pain).

You just can't pretend it's ok because you're afraid you'll lose him. I understand that when you love someone that much, you try to do anything to keep them, but if he feels the same way about you then he will wait. Would you do something for your own pleasure that would hurt him this much? He probably has no idea how upsetting this is to you, so give him a chance to do the right thing. Tell him. I know he cares about you, Kaila, and I do too. Love ya.