Reviews for The Window
Thomas Paxton chapter 1 . 12/2/2005
I used to drive a rusty old Dodge Shadow. I loved that car.

I'm not sure if the disorder you have here is schizophrenia or Multiple personality disorder, they're two different animals as far as I know. Under each definition it works though.

A wonderful, enjoyable read that comes in a complete circle. Brilliant description turns a conversation into a well portrayed story.

And the ending was all too enjoyable.

Overall excellently done, and very well written.
Sita Fuoco chapter 1 . 9/29/2005
That was purely genius, in my opinion. Vague in a way. The man has very messed up personalities. I must say the sadistic-like one is my favorite. I think I'm going to read this again tomorrow, because It is definately something I'd like to read more closely. so expect an anonymous review sometime tomorrow or the next day.

Kudos on this. It's very great.

a-rod chapter 1 . 8/5/2005
Wow!That was an amazing story, that is all I can say. You never really said how old Ramza or he man named Rmaza really is? What caused him to go on his mad rage? Was it his fathers death. was he drinking or what? How did he get his red eye that you said he got? Overall this is an awesome story especially with the two parts of a whole in Ramza. Very unique. I had one more question, How did he destroy 3 blocks of the city? Was it a result of arsonry. This story was a very good character based story, I'm sure you're family would have loved it. Awesome story.
JDWrites chapter 1 . 7/17/2005
Ahuh...okay this story was absolutely amazing, I think this was one of those stories you only find once in a blue moon you know? I was just so perfect, like something yuo'd get a perfect score for in school...wait, it's summer I shouldn't mention the word school. Anyways, this was totally, completely, AMAZING, it was like I was there with them as all of this happened, and the bold and italics sort of set the tones that you read with in your mind...does anybody know what I'm talking about? Well, even if I've lost everybody I still have my characters. I could really connect with this poor boy, completely changed due to the complications involving his family, it's just so perfect, all of it was just right so that he would be disturbed later on.

You know who scared me? The doctor. Normal? I suppose next to talking to himself and pacing constantly, humming could be considered normal, but he just scared me, like...well, I'm really not sure how to explain I won't, you wrote it, you get the idea. *cough*...Um, I also can't believe you only have 1 other review on this at this time, that's just insane, I love this story how could no other's be attracted to this as I was? I dunno, I'll have to quit rambling soon though I'm probably boring you to death!

Wonderful story, you're a great writer and all of EVERYONE must love it, especially your teachers! I loved this, feel free to email me if you want another friend...(I'm bored...haha).

Much Love, Gaki Toki
Shintoshi chapter 1 . 7/4/2005
Wow, that's one warped story; I like it (because of the character drama).There are just a few things I don't understand:-How old is Ramza?-What's the story behind his red eye?-How is it that he became the ultimate killer? Because he was able to overtake his feeble, drunk, and mentally exhausted mother?-Was the case of destroying three city blocks of a downtown city the result of the arsonry?-How does "sitting in the corner, humming to himself, a sinister tone in every single note" constitute normal?-Why does he call himself Klif and Fenix?Those questions aside, it's a very interesting, and a very dark, character-based story. I can see why you made it into A Tiding of Ravens.