Poetry Running Through Your Veins

By Carter Tachikawa

(Another romantic poem by me. Go figure.)

Your story...
I flip through your life in between that hardbound, leather cover
Sturdy pages inked with simple words
Words fools will comprehend
Imagery and symbolism the scholars will be impressed by
Conflicts that shock the average human being
Tenderness to make the romantics weep or squeal

To me, you are a fantasy
Dragons and knights fighting atop a mountain
Flames breathing down as the battle ensues beside a cave
While the lonely, frightened maiden sits in the blackness
Waits for the one who'll sweep her away like a broom
Take her from her dark chamber to the hills below
The sun-kissed hills far from where her nightmares existed

And sometimes, you are a romance
Love dripping from those words scribbled on the paper
Where the lovers will rest in each others arms
Eternity is real. Loving forever is real.
Your heart does the speaking then, like soft petals
Ripped from roses and pressed on your pages
I know then what you feel is bliss
I know you are happy

But sometimes, you shut those covers before I'm through
As if you don't wish to spoil the ending
Or whenever I come to the climax, bam!
You shut yourself.
The dust flies around and I cough as it covers me
When I ask why, you say you wish for me not to go down
Your arduous, broken path alone
Monster are around the bend, robbers in the shadows
It's best I never know more

Problem is, I want to know more
For I understand you
I understand the poetry running through your veins
Complex stanzas, dancing images, musical rhymes
I understand the scenes playing inside your soul
Dramatic and powerful, the actors inside you play their parts well
I understand the stories...all the stories
Hidden in the golden eyes with green flecks
Most of all, I understand you

Let me finish your story to as far as it's been written
I know it's incomplete but it's wonderful
Do not worry of the evil, I have faced it before too
I felt the dragon's flames in my face and I have been burned
I have broken bones as I slipped across wet surfaces
But I have your simple words for inspiration
I have your hardbound, leather cover for strength
I have your pages should I ever feel fear
I have your story and I am willing to finish it
I am going to finish, to solve the mystery that is your life
You are an enigma and I love enigmas

(In short, I love the great novel known as you)

***Can you tell I'm in a happy, romantic mood? I have no idea where this all came from. Ah well. That's me***