Life is a lot like Music

By Crystal

Life is a lot like music:
Sometimes it's in harmony,
Sometimes it's out of key.
On days that I feel sharp,
Life goes really well.
On others, I fall flat
And nothing goes my way.
I try not to sweat the minor details
Or focus on major differences
Between myself and others.
Although I enjoy being part of a duet or trio
(Sometimes even a concerto.)
It's often good to just be solo
So I can be silent and have a rest.
Life is a lot like music,
And I'm the composer
Of my very own symphony.
They say practice makes perfect,
But if nobody's perfect, why practise?

Author's Notes: I was really annoyed with music one day and I kinda needed a topic to write for a poem... So here I am. Hope you like it, you might not, and I don't blame you. I'm horrible at poems. Thanks for reading anyhow.