A/N: After a long time's drought I'll finally offer my ff.net-balcony plant another drop of water (hopefully more than just one drop!)…

This is once again "only" a translation of the original poem that is written in German. A poem that goes far beyond my love for this season – and that is very personal in a way, compared to my other works here on fanfiction.net. Even if it doesn't seem so at first glance. That's why thorough reading is certainly not a waste of time here! ;-)


Written in October 2002


autumn you have come

and you bring along

two pairs of roaming crows

in solitary blue-grey flight.

You bring along

damp smelling mist

in the pale veil of the chilly sun.

Also you bring

bold droplets with the hostile wind,

violating the weeping trees   

that stand schizophrenic  

in their golden glory's dark despair.

I feel

the inert things' murmuring shift,

and the rasping axles grind so forth.

I feel

the invisible stirring of smooth waters

underneath the still lakes' deceitful peace.

And also I feel

- the snake whispered it in my ear last night -

the sweat-shivering of the new,


slough my skin I must,

for the past is withered

and only a fresh age will let me thrive.´

Roll then, little snake,

on the big stage of whirling leaves,

where autumn's tempests rage.

What else, autumn, might you bring?