Let me back...
God, what have I done?
Jesus Christ, what was I thinking...
Let me back...Let me go home...
I'm begging anything with the authority to do so; Please let
me become myself again...

She screamed over and over again, hands grabbing desparately at the black before her. Life was too precious now; too much she'd not cared for before, too much she'd seen wrong. Her eyes had become clouded with visions of everything wrong with the world, everything that'd hurt her, and everything that she'd hurt herself. Too much dark history, too much injustice, far too many problems in her mind. But now, everything she'd come to hate with such drive diminished like salt in water. It all seemed like too great of a loss for her to fathom and leave behind. The things she'd lived for gave her pleasure in destroying. Humanity disgusted her the most, and so she killed humanity off, one homo sapien at a time. That was her will to live; to destroy others. To let her anger and sorrow sap the false courage and security people once knew, and to release a little bit of the problems bottled up inside everytime the blood dripped from her pale hands. It may have taken thousands of people for her to patch over some piece of cloudy past, but it would be a trip for her to enjoy. To accomplish by herself, while others rarely knew what was happening. To be independent, free, and as wild as she wanted.

What happened to me?
Have I really been bled to the point I can't even see the beauty in truth?
Is not beauty truth, and truth, beauty?
What happened to the odyssey I was always so eager to accomplish?
Did I kill off any agressive need to live by dwelling in negative things?
Where is Kuroshi Li?
I don't want to have lost her to petty mental tug-of-wars.
I want to bring her back, and apologize to myself for letting this happen...
To grow stronger with each breath, and slowly become the person I've always dreamed of being...

And so she pulled; She yanked and bit at the black smokey walls, growling furiously, swearing under her breath. She wrestled and cursed everything up and down and back again until finally she was involuntarily pulled away by something and sat down hard.
She screams, and the echoes bounce off the walls in barely-visible curved silver lines, always changing shape. They fly around her in circles, forming a translucent orb around her, closing in, now whirling sounds coming from everywhere. She screams louder, longer, and with more force, tears dropping from her eyes, rolling the long distance down her cheek, then falling to the black floors, shattering like a ton of glass. So much noise now; Glass breaking, screaming, the bouncing of echoes, and suddenly the audible noise of her name being called over and over again by some outside thing.
It drove her insane; All this incessant sound that wouldn't go away. Her screaming couldn't be stopped now, and now came a low rumbling from all around her. Things began to crumble from above and break on top of her; perhaps it was a solidified version of the burdens in her life, or at least the life she had surely posessed before. The invisible objects breaking on her increased, and everything seemed to be falling apart.
Everything at once broke apart completely, sending her falling into some eternal abyss of no place she could name. She remained screaming, not seeming to need any breath, glass tears barely lagging behind her as she dropped at a rapid rate. Her heart raced, almost feeling as if it could implode upon itself at any moment, lungs ablaze although her body wouldn't allow her a breath.
And then she hit.

Oh fuck. Oh FUCK.
The pain in my body...everywhere...
Where am I? Who am I?
Oh Jesus GOD in a cereal box, what the hell happened?

The pain seared through her body, seeming to suddenly forget about her spirit drop. Although she hadn't realised she was back in her physical body in the real world, she did feel every inch of herself, piercing pain everywhere and in every last thought, of the very few she had. It was beyond her control, way past what she thought she could handle.
But alas, she was there.
Her final destination; life.