Fairy Boys

By a fish called sid


"I'm sorry about earlier, Syd," Johnny said from the floor of his friend's room. He picked at the black shag carpeting as Syd's English bulldog, Dicky, plopped down next to him.

"Don't worry about it," Syd replied from his bed, where he lay smoking a cigarette. He rolled over until he was on his side, looking down at Johnny. "It's not your fault, hun."

"Yeah, it is. If I hadn't made them angry, they wouldn't have done it..." Syd cut him off.

"Forget about it. So those Band sheep wrote "fairy boy" all over my locker. Sharpie comes off. And it's not like it isn't true." He leaned off the bed to give Dicky a scratch on the head. John just sighed and looked around the room he'd seen a million times, Syd's room. The dark purple-blue walls, posters of The Queers, Team Dresch, Pansy Division and his other favorite 'Queercore Punk Rock' bands all over, the sheets with clouds on them, his cartoon art covering his bulletin board. Syd's room reflected him well-a rebellious, slightly effeminate kid with a sarcastic sense of humor. Syd himself looked a lot like his namesake, Sid Vicious, if not for his pink highlighted hair. He gave off a dangerous and sexy vibe-although he wasn't the former, he -was- the later. Johnny then remember something and hopped on Syd's bed with him.

"I got you a present!" He said, bouncing, and jumping on his friend. Syd giggled in that way of his and swatting him off.

"Wottsit?" He asked, eyes dancing. John pulled a bag from The Big Party off the ground and handed it to him. Syd pulled out a pair of kid's mesh pixie wings, the kind girls wear with their fairy princess costumes. He grinned and jumped of the bed. "You are the best friend ever! You knew I wanted a pair!"

"Only appropriate for my fairy-boy, huh?" John said, pulling his knees to his chest. He watched Syd strip his shirt off and pull the wings' strap on over his shoulders, and then pose in his full-length mirror. He was grinned like a maniac.

"I feel so pretty Johnny."

"You are pretty," John said quietly. He would never be as good looking as Syd was. His brownish-red hair was nothing special, and though his eyes were a nice shade of blue and his smile lit up a room, no one seemed to notice.

"I am?!" Sid asked, grinning at the mirror, hands dancing up and down his chest. He hopped up and down a couple times, then pulled them off carefully and attacked his dog. John watched them wrestle, and then laughed as Dicky started humping Syd's leg. He whined and tried to push the dog off.

"Jeez, even your dog gets more action then me, Syd."

Syd managed to push Dicky off of him, and then attacked Johnny, pulling him to the floor and wrestling him until he managed to come out on top, sitting on his chest. "As usual, I'm on top," he said with a laugh. A curious look spread across his face. "Its funny, innit? We're the school's Queer Crusaders and neither of us has even kissed a guy. Although to everyone else, we're man-whores."

"Yeah, it makes me feel dumb," Johnny replied, pushing Syd off him so he could roll to the floor beside him.


"Grab my backpack, would you, John? It's nearly five, we gotta run if we're gonna catch the train to the Rainbow Youth Group," Syd said, pulling his shirt and leather jacket back on.

Fifteen minutes later, the two were on the red line to Boston, in a train car all to themselves. For some reason, the subway in Boston was never busy during normal rush hours, but packed at odd hours of the afternoon.

"Woooh, a car all for us. I feel like we're in a soap opera, running off to have an illicit love affair. 'Oh, Johnny, no one must ever know!'"

"Don't you worry your pretty little head, Syd. This is our secret!" Johnny played back.

"Oh I nearly forgot," Syd said, digging through his backpack. "I made you a tape of the newest Pansy Division. Truly gorgeous." He handed a Memorex to John, who smiled. "And I downloaded those pictures of Brian Molko for you." He pulled out a pack of papers.

"Gimme!!" Johnny, squealed, grabbing them, his eyes hungrily scanning the pictures. Syd sneered and looked away. He didn't know why he did it-he liked to make Johnny happy, but it annoyed him to John drooling over someone he'd never meet. But, hey, -anything- to make Johnny happy, right? Right.

"Brian's beautiful...the boyfriend I'll never have..." he sighed, and Syd sighed in return and rolled his eyes.

"Oh shut up, you're such a drama diva. You could have any guy you wanted."

"Liar, liar, lie!"

"I do not. If you put your mind to it, you could, and you know it. You use your beauty like a fucking weapon. Name one person you know you couldn't have, just one."

"You," John said immediately. Syd didn't say anything, just stretched his legs out on the seats next to him and laid his head in John's lap. Then he spoke, looking in front of him.

"You shouldn't jump to conclusions, John."

"Look at me when you talk to me." Syd turned his head up so Jphn could see him.

"Sorry...sometimes I forget about your ears, man." He then repeated what he'd said before to Johnny, so he could read Syd's lips. John was silent, looking at Syd's head in his lap. Three seconds later, John was stretched out on the train's seats, too, but on top of Syd this time. They didn't pay any heed when the train came to an emergency halt and the lights went out in the car. Their hands moved inside shirts, exploring, until the lights came back on and the train lurched to a start again.