f a i r y b o y s

a fish called sid joint

Chapter 5

|an| Hi guys. 'Tis the end! This is the last chapter! But I'll be posting a new original fic very soon, so keep your eyes open for it. It'll either be in the original or romance section. I hope you've liked Syd and John as much as I have. And yeah, they were inspired by Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten, who I believe was one of the greatest partnerships ever.

For Chris Contrary (my muse) and Wingless, for reviewing -three- of my fics in one night! Thank you, you rock! Hell, you all do! Man, I'll miss this fic. Over all, for Paper Lanterns, because she dedicated a chap of her -amazing- fic Percolating Peet's to me. And also because her penname is my favorite song of all time :]


|I'm no good, you're not better, wouldn't we be perfect together? -The Bouncing Souls|

"You're beautiful, Syd," John commented to his friend as they waited, once again, on a nearly empty subway car. Syd playfully chucked him in the head, then grabbed his friend's hand and stuck in the pocket of his leather jacket, along with his own hand.

"Shut up, will you? -You're- beautiful. In more ways then one, at that," Syd replied. John just sighed, placed his head on Syd's shoulder and chewed on his lip.

"You look like a puppy when you do that, John," Syd chortled, seizing John iin a tight hug. John broke away and looked at Syd with a question in his eyes.

"Syd?" he asked.

He nodded in response.

"Am I a contradiction? I mean, I say my favorite thing in the world is music, but I'm deaf; I say I like your voice, but I can't -hear- it, not really..."

Syd smiled and looked up at the loudspeaker as the conductor announced the next stop. He turned to look at John. "Hey, maybe I'm a contradiction, too. I like your ears but they don't work. I'm a Fairy Boy, but I don't have real wings."

John gave him a funny look and gave his shoulder a playful push. "Those don't count," John smiled, and then continued. "You like my ears? You're kidding."

"I'm serious. I think they're cute."

"They're -ears- Syd. Broken ones at that."

"Like I give a shit they're broken. You don't need them anyway. I like them. I like you." His concentration broke as the train jerked to a stop at the next stop. He watched the last few passengers file off the train, leaving them alone.

It wasn't so much of a feeling as it was an understanding that flowed between the two as the train sped up again. The lights on the subway walls outside flickered past endlessly. Things ended a lot like they began. Two boys, two fairy boys, searching each other on the red line at night. Except this time, they were more together then they had ever been.

And as the train pulled into their stop and the conductor came on the loudspeaker, John felt Syd's lips kiss his ears, and a hand in his own hand spell out: "I love you, skinny puppy".