"Where is he?!" a pale woman with long dark green hair that swayed from side to side as she paced in front of the Golden Dragon Inn.

"Rae, will you please sit down! You are making me nervous!" a darkly tanned male with black hair stated as he sat in the dirt cross-legged.

"Yes Miss Rae, calm down," a small feline looking female faery said as she fluttered in front of Rae's face, her golden eyes looking into the angry emerald orbs.

Rae sighed in slight defeat, but her eyes still ablaze, "Fine! I will do as you ask, but it isn't my fault I am so uneasy! That moron could be getting imprisoned for all we know!" she exclaimed, as she sat on the ground heavily, causing a small dust cloud.

The felinic butterfly winged faery coughed through the dirt quietly.

"Ah, sorry Ai-ona" Rae said sheepishly.

Ai-ona nodded, "It 'tis alright. But you shouldn't call Master Luda such names! He has guided us thus far without a hindrance!" she proclaimed in defense for the absent man.

"Who have you been traveling with Ai?!" Rae yelled, eyes wide.

"You, Master Luda, and Master Kuro, of course…" she stated poking Rae on the nose with her mini-pointer finger.

Kuro laughed at this, as the faery didn't pick up Rae's brand of sarcasm.

The green haired woman sighed shaking her head, "Of course Ai"

"That's right!" the faery female squeaked, crossing her arms with a nod.

Kuro laughed again, the females of his current escapade were hilarious!

Rae turned her head to say something to the raven-haired man, but was interrupted.

"My comrades!" a slurred call came from the shadow hanging in front of the Inn.

All three turned their heads, the larger two putting hands to their sword hilts, eyes scanning to see who addressed them as such.

A tall figure stepped into the light provided by the lanterns of the Inn, arms held out as if to embrace someone. The man had long hair held in a high ponytail that was a deep dark red, reaching to his slim waist. Lightly tanned skin that was barely visible through the layers of clothes and bit of armor he wore was toned with muscle.

"Master Luda!" Ai-ona squeaked, flying to the man quickly, seating herself on his shoulder and hugging his face happily, her deep blue hair almost standing on end with her obvious delight.

"Ai" he yawned patting her little head.

Two shorter figures stood behind him, still hidden in the shadows, hoping to stay unnoticed.

Kuro and Rae stood, walking to their traveling companion.

"Where have you been LudaMakrass Janneva Bacron the III of Skeria?!" the emerald haired female demanded loudly, bringing him down to her level, which was at least a foot down.

"Nice to see you again too, Rae" Luda said dryly.

"Finally made it back eh, 'krass?" Kuro smirked, his eyes having a faint glint.

"Of course. Shoulda been with me!" he winked at the darker man.

Rae tugged on a handful of loose hair, "LudaMakrass, how do you expect us to help you, if you disappear like this every town we stop in!" she yelled, eyes ablaze yet again.

Luda yelped, before freeing himself from the woman's iron grip, "I don't know! Now can I go to sleep? We've plenty to do tomorrow!" He stated the last with authority.

Rae stepped out of his way, knowing now even a thousand pummelings would set the man straight.

"Thank-you" he said with slight smugness, before walking toward the Inn door.

Kuro quickly grabbed the woman before she attacked their leader, and beat him to a bloody mess.

"Let me go!" she snarled at the taller man.

The two figures stepped from the shadows, following after Luda.

Both were dark skinned, about a caramel or chocolate tone, with black and red hair that fell against their backs. One was male, about Kuro's height (which was 6'0") and the other female, who stood around 5'4" or 5'5". They looked identical except for the obvious faces, as their heights and one being male, the other a female. They matching dark cerulean eyes showed completely different emotions, the male's calm while the female's showed her unease, as they followed the Man.

The two wore light gauze outfits. The boy only with pants, his dark muscled chest showing against the pale slightly dirty cream colored pants. The girl wore the same material, but she had a light sleeveless dress that fir her developed curves a bit and fell to just below her knees. Both stood barefoot, shackles around their hands and black steel collars around their necks.

"Who are they!" Rae and Kuro yelled, mouths agape, wide eyes locked on the pair.

Luda turned around, eyes hanging lazily, "Ah… the twins? Won in a card game, Elear* and Hodoer*… Almost forgot 'bout you 'wo" he said quietly, few of his words not fully pronounced.

The two bowed at the mention of their names.

"What do you mean 'Won in a card game'!" Rae yelled, her anger lighting again.

"Elves…" Kuro murmured as his eyes stopped on the sharply elongated pointed pairs of ears.

"Just that! Won in a card game! Rae get off of me for ONE night! I feel bad enough already! We will discuss this in the morning!" Luda yelled at her, fists clenching at his sides.

"No Luda, we will speak of this here and now!" Rae yelled back at him, eyes darkening as he emotions took control.

People poked their heads out of the Inn windows and main door to see what all the commotion was about.

"And, why, pray-tell my lowly little thief, should I?" Luda growled, his own anger bubbling through his sleepy haze and slight hangover.

Rae's eyes widened, "That, you dirty disgusting swine, was low. Do I rub your past in your face, your father leaving, solely because you existed?" she hissed between clenched teeth, her own fists balling, nails digging into the flesh of her palms, "You, don't even realize how shameful you are! All you care about is your own pleasure and pitiful existence! Not caring about anyone else! Not even these two! Not your own companions Bacron!" she yelled, the words falling from her lips like acid.

Luda's eyes darkened, their past hazy silver, now an enraged black. "How dare you" he hissed, his mouth slowly running dry, "How DARE you speak to me in such a way, you wretch!" his steps were quick and silent as he moved toward her, and lifted his hand to strike her, but stopped himself. He snorted as he looked at her, "Don't forget, you're in debt to me, little girl" he said quietly.

Rae took in a sharp breath, clutching her fists tighter, but not out of anger, "They are slaves" she hissed at him, refusing to have eye contact with him, "You understand? They aren't free! They think they should belong to someone else, other than themselves! And that someone else is you Makrass. These two don't know what it's like to be free, to go walking, just because they feel like it. To sit in the sun and feel its warmth, just because it was a nice day. Don't you get it?" she finished off in a whisper, her eyes examining the ground.

Luda tensed as his fogged mind processed this, he swallowed hard, then looked to the silent twins, "Well, we will change that won't we" he said quietly, taking his sword from its sheath, walking to the pair.

"Master Luda! What are you doing!" Ai-ona shrieked as he raised his sword to Elear.

The female's dark eyes widened in fear, but she didn't move, only silently praying to Corellon Larethian for help.

Her brother quickly stepped in front of her, dark eyes glaring into the slightly taller man's.

Luda smiled at this, lowering his sword, "I wasn't going to hurt her,"

Hodoer continued to glare at the man, refusing to move from in front of his sibling, despite his pounding heart and slight fear. He had to protect her, no matter what, even defying this new master, he had to protect his sister, she was the only thing he had left.

Luda sighed, "I swear I wasn't. Put your hands out, I will show you." He said as kindly as possible.

The Elven boy glared harder, but did as he was told, deciding if something were to happen to him, the Human female or the other man would do something, hopefully to aide him.

Luda raised the sword again, ignoring the squeak that came from Ai-ona, and swung it down onto the chains from the shackles. A small spark came from the contact, but they fell apart.

The redhead nodded in approval, "That is what I was going to do. Kuro, handle Elear's would you?" he said absently, sheathing his sword but pulling a dagger from his boot.

"Um, of course." The darker man said, looking to the still silentt female, "Elear was it?" he said softly.

The female's ears twitched slightly as she turned her head to face him, dark eyes curious.

"Alright, Miss Elear, come here so I can rid you of those chains." He smiled to her, as to keep her from fearing him.

She walked to him obediently then bowed, "Heru en amin" she said quietly.

Kuro sighed as he looked at her, quickly standing her up, "None of that. It is Kuro and only Kuro. Now, arms out." He told her softly, but harsh enough for it to sink in.

She complied without question, a bit confused, but asked nothing.

Kuro swiftly and easily cut through the chains, before looking to Luda to ask if he do anything else.

He bit his lip to contain his laughter. His companion stood hunched over the squatting elf, dagger in hand, trying to pick the lock of the collar. The look of concentration on his face was the funniest, his brows were scrunched together, his tongue sticking from the corner of his mouth. A picture to behold, since this man was feared in more than a few lands.

Hodoer squatted on the ground patiently, as his new master toiled with the steel collar adorning his neck. Why he was bothering to remove the chains from he and his sister confused him, and even further, why would he take off his collar. He's always had a collar, as far as he could remember and that was since he and Elear were small children… Pushing these thoughts aside he took the time to look at the man that he would be accompanying for the time being. His name was Luda.. or Makrass.. or something of the sort.. He had sharp eyes that changed color with his mood, he'd never seen that before and was fascinated with the man's eyes when he could see them. They were currently a clear gray focused on his neck. He had a lightly tanned skin, his hands were a bit callused, he could tell by the few swipes of the hand he felt while he toyed with the lock. He had much longer hair than Hodoer himself had, most likely sweeping to his knees, if it weren't in that tail at the back of his head…

The dark haired youth surpressed a sigh as his long hair swept against his back as the new master pushed his head farther to the side, to get at the collar better.

After a few more minutes of the annoying pain there was a quiet 'chink' and the collar opened from around his bared neck.

Luda stood, a grin upon his face, "Did it… Elear, I'm sorry, but I'll have to get to yours tomorrow. I'm much too tired to even think of handling a knife."

"Dagger" Ai-ona corrected as she stood on his shoulder.

Elear bowed to him, "Vee lle irma"

Luda turned again, and headed into the Inn, "Alright, now I am going to retire to my bed!" he proclaimed.

Hodoer stood, moving his neck from side to side as he followed after the man, Elear not far behind.

"Makrass" Rae called out to him, as he was about to set foot in the Inn.

"What now Rae?" he asked a tad irked as he whirled, coming to face the stoic Hodoer.

"Where, are they to sleep," she asked slowly.

Luda groaned, "Do I have to think of EVERYTHING?"

"Of course! You are our leader Master Luda!" Ai-ona squeaked happily.

He sighed, fighting the urge to strangle the annoying faery, "Of course…" he said in an exasperated dry tone, "Hodoer, Kuro's. Elear, Rae's. Now I am going to sleep, no more questions! Figure it out yourselves!" he said quickly, turning tail and running into the Inn.

Kuro blinked then yawned, "That was a pleasant good night" he murmured.

Rae smiled, "Well, I am going to sleep as well. See you at dawn then Kuro." She said quietly, walking towards the door, Elear behind her.

"See you at dawn" Kuro said as he followed slowly, hoping he would make it all the way to his chambers for the night.

"Quel esta toror" Elear whispered, before hurrying after Rae.

"Quel kaima" he murmured back as he started up the stairs behind Kuro.

~End Chapter One~


Notes: Ugh 10:04 on Sunday night x.x and I haven't done my monologue! Well alright this is going to be SLASH! So yeah.. I didn't feel like making notes in the beginning, so look for 'em down here! Anyway.. Translations!
Translations (all Elvish):
Elear- Visionary
Hodoer- Wise One
Heru en amin- My Lord (unfamiliar)
Corellon Larethian- Creator of the Elves, the good God 

Quel esta toror- Sleep well brother

Quel kaima- Rest well

The last two may have gotten switched.. But they mean about the same thing x.x I am tired.. okay.. Pronunciations..

Ai-ona- I-o-nu

Rae- Ray

Kuro- Cure-oh

LudaMakrass Janneva Bacron the III of Skeria- Loo-duh-Muh-crass Jan-E-vuh Buh-Kron the III of Sc-eer-e-uh

Elear- El-air (may not be right, but that's how I say it)

Hodoer (not hoe doer )- Oh-dear (say it fast)

Okay.. that is my notes.. R&R.. I'm tired.. must sleep.. x.x