Chapter Two

All four travelers sat in one of the smaller dining halls of the Golden Dragon, looking to the two newest additions.

"Well…." Luda started, looking around him.

Rae sighed, "I still can't believe you brought them here, Dolt of a drunk" she muttered, holding her head in her hands.

"Quiet Rae" Luda muttered back.

"Ma-" Rae began.

"Do they even speak English?" Kuro asked, quickly keeping another argument from starting.

Ai-ona turned her head to the confused looking man, "Well, do they Master Luda?"

The blood haired man blinked, looking confused, "Uhm…."

"Gods in the Heavens, Bacron! Do you know anything of them other than their names?" Kuro yelled, a bit annoyed.

Luda smiled sheepishly, a hand behind his head, "Ummm…."

"Dolt of a drunk" Rae muttered, behind a hand.

Luda turned to face her, "Shut your mouth woman!"

Rae waved a hand at him, not caring what their 'leader' said.

"Well, shouldn't you ask?" Kuro asked, irritation evident.

Elear watched the others, the Men and faerie, as she leaned her dark head on her brother's shoulder. What they were talking about didn't concern her. It was the Master's business.

"Why don't you ask, you speak Elvish. And they may not understand English" Luda said, trying to retain some dignity.

"They understood your orders, so they obviously can understand it. Plus they still think you're their master. So ask oh great one."

"Fine. Hodoer" Luda called across the room to the lazing twins.

The boy shot up, standing straight, eyes alert and looking dead at Luda, "Uma heru en amin"

Elear easily caught herself as her pillow moved. Her eyes turned toward Luda. Why had the Master called Hodoer? Was he in trouble for letting her lean on his shoulder? Is that what he and his companions had been discussing? She thought, heart catching in her throat, speeding wildly.

Luda blinked, he really had no idea what the boy had just said, he was completely clueless when it came to Elven. "Um… okay. You understand English that's obvious. But, can you speak it? If you can, answer me in it."

Hodoer gave a slight nod to himself, scrunching up his brow, opening and closing his mouth, trying to find the correct phrasing. He'd learned to speak English at his first Master's home, when he was a child. But, he'd never really used the foreign tongue, as the only being he really talked to was Elear, and they both were much better with Elvish.

"Y-yes my lord?" he stated shakily, his rich smooth voice rolling the words beautifully. He looked to the Men before him, hoping he'd said it correctly, as in his last home if he'd done something improperly, there was always a beating.

Luda grinned then clapped, "Wonderful! How about your sister, she speak it also?" he asked the still nervous Elf, even though he was oblivious.

"Yes, m-my lord" he said a bit easier, but still quaky.

"Alright, then!" He cheered, standing up, putting his palms on the tabletop leaning forward, grin still in place. "We should practice a bit. So your words don't shake so much when they leave your throat" he said thoughtfully.

The Elven boy nodded, guessing that was the reaction his master sought.

"Okay! Come over here then. Both of ya!" he said, voice full of authority again as he motioned by he and his companions.

He pair moved quickly, but extremely graceful and made not a sound (as they were elves). They stood against the wall near the four, but far enough away as to give them their room, to show respect, and also to be out of slapping range.

Luda ignored this fact, since he was now as cheery as could be, "Elear" he called to the female.

She quickly stood straight, her deep blue eyes on the man, "Uma heru en amin" she said quickly.

Luda waved his hand and shook his head, "No, no, no! No more of that, please speak English when I talk to you. I can't understand a world of Elvish, and I don't think Kuro wants to be deemed translator." He said a bit nervously, hoping not to say anything to offend the Elves.

Elear nodded, Her master wanted English when she spoke. She would speak English. As the Master pleased.

"Yes, my lord?" she asked, only a slight falter, but otherwise clear as a bell. Her voice was rich in tone, not deep, yet not high either. But lovely within itself.

Luda smiled again, "We're going to practice your English quickly, before we go out, alright?"

"As it pleases you my lord" she said lightly, bowing.

Luda sighed, "No bowing"

Elear and Hodoer looked at him funny, Why wouldn't he want to be bowed to, he was the master… Maybe he was modest? Humble? Yes, that had to be it! The master was nervous of them bowing to him!

They nodded and spoke in unison, "As you wish my lord" they said quickly, giving a quick bow of the head, as if to signify the last.

Luda shook his head, he would have to set them straight of the calling him 'lord' no one called him 'lord' unless they didn't know him. And, these two knew him. They'd stayed with his companions all night. They had to have spoken of him! Especially Rae! She was always ranting on his behavior!

"Alright. I'll ask a few questions and you will answer in English"

Elear nodded, understanding, hoping not to falter.

"Maiden, what be your name?" Luda asked, a slight accent tinting the words.

The woman paused a moment to think of how to phrase it, having not used English all too often. And, when she did, it wasn't very conversational.

"My name is Elear Lightfoot, my lord" she said softly, again praying she wouldn't get in trouble. This time for her surname, it had slipped.

Luda nodded, "Good. Your surname's truly Lightfoot?" he asked curiously, his eyes locked on the two Elves.

"Yes, my lord." They said in unison, bowing again.

"No bowing!" he yelled, eyebrow twitching a bit.

The two froze, waiting for their punishment, having disobeyed him. Hodoer looked to Luda to gauge his anger, ready to take any hurt the Man would inflict on his sister, while she lowered her head and stared to the ground.

Luda stood there, arms crossed over his chest, a bit of a pout on his lips. His eyes were that hazy silver-grey again as he glared half-heartedly at the pair, his eyes flitting to Hodoer. The elf's lips quirked upwards slightly at this sight. He hated to even think such a thing, but his newest master was a bit attractive, in a good way..

The stormy eyed man raised a brow at Hodoer's expression, locking eyes with him. Tying to figure out what he found humorous, but couldn't seem to keep his mind on that goal, it kept drifting to other things involving the Male Elf.

Hodoer quickly lowered his eyes, a slight blush on his face, even though it was hard to see, unless you were watching him.

Elear gave her brother a side-glance, and dared to speak to him, "Mani raika?" she whispered to him, barely opening her mouth.

The boy shook his head, clearing the blush, "N'uma"

She scoffed slightly, knowing, feeling, something was amiss, but just couldn't place it.

"Elear, how many years are you" Luda asked absently, trying to get back on track.

"One hundred fifty, my lord" she said quietly, shifting a bit nervously. When she told her age, she was normally hit, and called a liar; other times it was worse. She shuddered at the memories, trying to shake them.

Luda blinked then laughed, "A joke?" he asked through the laughter, "You can't be that old, and look so young!" he managed.

Elear shrank back, the fears refusing to be pushed back down. He was going to hurt her, just as the others had.

"No, my lord. We-we are Sidhe, Elves, we do not age as Man does. The two of, of, of.. us stopped aging after, twenty years. We would not lie to you my lord" Hodoed explained, seeing as his sister was too afraid to look up let alone speak.

Luda stopped laughing, "Ah, I see. I'd read that somewhere. But, I thought it was just a story." He replied, yet again thoughtful.

"Only the truth my lord"

"Hm, I see. Your English is fine. So we must get to the Market, shan't we?" he asked, face lighting.

Rae looked up from her slight dozing, disrupting the faerie a top her head. "Are we finally to move?" she asked, not anything but a snide question.

"Of course, my Lady Rae" he replied rolling his stone eyes.

"And I haven't aged much over fifty!" she cried standing up and stretching her stiffening limbs.

"You look it" Luda shot back.

"One would think you were married" Kuro muttered as he stood, looking between the two with a sigh.

"How dare you" Rae hissed.

"As if I would bed with such a snake" Luda snorted.

Ai-ona giggled silently, nestled on Rae's head as she glared at Kuro.

The twins looked between them, dark eyes showing confusion, yet interest. They looked to each other.

Strange, Man is. Isn't it? Hodoer's eyes seemed to whisper to her.

If you have only just noticed, you are a bit slow in the head. Hers responded as she smirked slightly.

Always known, unlike you. He grinned to her.

Bugger to you Ianter. She rolled her slightly slanted eyes, turning from her brother to look at their Master, He was attractive in his own sense. Actually one of the nicest looking one she'd had thus far. But the nice looking were usually the cruelest…

"Well, we need to head to the Market, don't you think. Before all those people get there?" Luda aked, ignoring the few insults Rae sent his and Kuro's way.

"Of course 'krass" Kuro said, heading out the door, Rae behind him, still with the faerie on her head.

Luda smiled to the twin pair. How they could be so meek surprised him. How they could serve another so willingly. It disgusted him, that another would enslave an intelligent being. If he could find that dog he'd been playing card with the night before, he would beat him raw.

They came to the door. Luda stepped to the side with a bow, "Ladies first" he said softly, causing Elear to blush as she walked past hesitivily.

Hodoer watched him closely, even though the Man ruled his life, he would try his best to keep the Man's hands off of his sister. He could still see the mark their previous master left on her skin, the tears she had shed, it was burned into his memory. This Man, wouldn't touch his sister.


The group walked into the already crowding Marketplace, eyes darting cautiously and watching their change purses.

"Why are we here Luda? If you don't like crowded places so much" Kuro asked, side stepping a pack of running children.

"Clothing for the twins of course. They can't travel like that! Get too much attention! Look at all the women staring at Hodoer. And the men practically drooling over poor Elear!" he explained, glaring at anything to his hip and lower.

"I see" Kuro muttered, a bit disappointed.

"Ah! Here we go!" He called as he stopped in front of a partially secluded stand, close to an alley. It had dark, heavy, and light clothing, armor, daggers, boots, and even a few trinkets.

"Aye, that you Lu-krass?" an old croaky voice called from under a pile of cloaks, cloths, and blankets.

Luda nodded, grinning, "Yes, it is me. How has your morning been Me-ko?"

A middle-aged woman's head peaked out of the pile, "Just lovely, until you showed up, troublemaker! Are you even going to buy anything!?" he scowled waving a finger at him, silvery-white hair falling into her eyes.

"Yes, actually I am. And, I am hurt, you call me a troublemaker Me. I though you held me in your heart as I were your child. My heart, it's shattering!" he said melodramatically, tears pricking his eyes.

Me-ko sighed, brushing the hair behind her ears, "Drop your show Lu-krass. It does not work on me, and you know it."

Luda pouted, tears gone, "You know me too well"

Me-ko nodded, "Now, what is it you wish to buy? A new hilt? Armor perhaps? my son had gotten a new lighter, stronger design for battle armor."

Luda waved a hand, "No,no. None of that" he paused to tug the twins forward, "New clothes for these two is what I want. You're the best in this region, so I come to you, my friend" he smiled sweetly.

Me-ko shook her head, then looked to the two, "More like the che- Lu-krass! These are Viola Elven Slaves!" she exclaimed as she spotted the dark tattoos on their forearms. It was a bit of a star, but had crescent moons through it; the mark of the Viola clansmen.

Luda sighed, "I won them last night. Would you clothe them? About the same measurements as Kuro for Hodoer, the boy. A bit taller and more ample for El-"

"Lu-krass!" A drunken man's voice called through the crowd.

"Bacoren, my god give me strength." He murmured before turning around.

Before him stood three men. Two very tall, almost taller than him, and then the one in the middle stood about 5'10" at the most. All three had dark hair with sharp orange streaks through it and bright pale blue eyes.

"Indigo" he addressed the slightly intoxicated man in the middle.

Indigo grinned, stepping forward, "Lu-krass! My friend! How have you been enjoying my lost treasures!" he called, circling him and the twins who were close, "Have fun with this little wench yet?" he asked, grabbing onto Elear's chin, jerking her to face him, his own eyes on Luda's face before back on hers. He stroked her face absently, "Very sweet isn't she? True prize, true prize! Lovely in the chambers as well" he grinned, nails digging into the girl's cheeks as he kissed her harshly. As he pulled away he turned his head back to Luda slowly, "But you'd alre-" he was cut off as Luda's fist came in contact with his jaw, throwing him into a nearby wall.

"How dare you speak of a lady as such you dirty, filthy dog!" he snarled, his eyes that enraged black, yet again.

One of Indigo's 'henchmen' hurried to help him up.

The dark haired man, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, as if never seeing it before, then broke into laughter, "Lady! Lady? You call that little wretch of a whore a Lady? What kingdom do you come from Lu-krass?! Are your ladies called whores and your whores ladies?!" he laughed loudly, drawing attention to the little gathering.

Elear shrank back quickly, remembering the horrible sound of Indigo's laughter. She's heard it when she cried, begged for mercy and when she was caused pain. That sound was the worst thing in the world to her.

Luda balled his fists at his sides, restraining himself, knowing he'd do more damage than good if he went after the smaller man, "They are both free. They are more respectable than you. They are gods compared to you. Disgusting filthy foul pig!" he yelled.

Indigo continued to laugh, tears forming in the corners of his eyes, "More respectable? Gods? You are too funny Lu-krass!" he said as he wiped the tears from his eyes, stepping toward Elear again.

Hodoer stepped in front of her, blocking Indigo's way, fists balled at his sides his dark hair hanging into his eyes, "Il ai neva"

Indigo laughed, continuing his movement toward the girl, ignoring Hodoer's words, "Move, boy."

Hodoer clenched his fists tighter, lifted his arm, pulled back, and slammed his fist into the shorter man's nose, "I said stay away!" he yelled, lifting his head to show glaring dark blue eyes.

The brown haired man stumbled back holding his nose, howling in pain as blood dripped through his fingers, " 'OW DAW 'OU!" he screamed, tear-ridden eyes glaring demonically.

Hodoer glared back with a small smile, as if to say 'I dare'. He had wanted to hurt that man for so long, but knew not to since he had owned him.

Indigo's henchmen moved up to help him, but the smaller man only jumped away pointing to Hodoer, "GWET 'IM!"

The two nodded, and charged at the Elven youth both ready to defend their brother's honor.

Hodoer watched the men at him, so clumsy, he smirked. He grabbed two daggers from the stand and rushed the men. In less than a second he stood behind them, hands at his sides, holding the two now bloody blades.

The men collapsed, eyes pinpricks as they held their stomachs, gurgling in pain and shock.

Hodoer advanced toward Indigo, his eyes showing he'd been to set on 'Kill'. He raised the daggers up before him, eyes semi-crossed as he walked closer.

Luda saw what was about to be done, and quickly grabbed the boy. A stupid move since Hodoer had a weapon, but it prevented him from killing, "Hodoer, stop"

The Elven youth fought feverishly, as the two arms came under his armpits to hold him back. He yelled, ranting in Elvish, trying to finish what his enraged mind willed him to do.

Indigo inched away sideways, trying to retreat from these happenings. Maybe to find a guard to put the insane Elf down.

Hodoer stopped yelling and fighting, only to pant and almost fall to his knees

Luda let him go, only to turn him around to face him, "What, was that?" he demanded, piercing gray eyes locked on the exhausted looking elf.

Hodoer shook his head, dark eyes locked on the gray. He shook his head again, dropping the bloody daggers. He looked toward the two men on the ground, what had he done?

Luda watched him, anger dissolving as he saw the pained, troubled look form on the boy's face, tearing him up inside. He opened and closed his mouth, trying to find words of comfort, but no words came.

Kuro and Rae squatted at the men's sides, checking for life signs.

"He's still alive, but barely" Rae called, standing.

"This one too" Kuro stood as well.

Elear still stood in the corner, eyes a bit wide as she stared at them all. How could her brother do such a thing? Even to protect her. He was going to be strung up, just like that man that's tried to kill his wife a month past. She curled her arms around herself, shaking her head, he wouldn't be strung up. They wouldn't do that to him.

Kuro caught sight of the girl, "Elear? Are you alright?" he asked, stepping towards her.

She shook, closing her eyes. Nothing was going to happen to Hodoer. Nothing at all.

Kuro stood only a few feet in front of her, "Elear?" he called. Trying to pull her back to this world.

Hodoer looked up and around Luda, dark eyes on his sister, and Kuro not very far away. He was quickly blocking his sister from the dark haired man, glare in his eyes again.

Kuro blinked then held up his hands as he backed away, "I was only seeing if she were all right, no harm"

The Elf nodded, glare gone as he let himself collapse to the ground. Too tired to stand any longer.

Elear quickly pulled herself back together as she hovered over her brother, trying to see what she could do.

Luda leaned over to Rae, "Why was he so defensive? He seems so calm, about everything"

"The only thing that he loves was threatened. Without her, he's probably empty, she is the other half of his soul" she replied, eyes looking up to the sky.

"And him being so tired? Elves are supposed to be able to go for days without rest, aren't they?"

Rae nodded, "They can. But, maybe he's exhausted because he's never really fought like that before. And he took energy to analyze his opponents moves and all that? I really don't know the answer…"

"Who's to pay for all this!" Me-ko yelled, having reappeared, arms holding the pairs of clothes.

Luda sighed, that woman. Geez, "I-"

"And what happened here?! Those two better not be dead!"

"NO they aren't dead. I am paying. And we will be on our way!" Luda called as he dropped some coin, grabbed the clothes and ran.

Me-ko sighed, the young ones of today.


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Il ai neva: (literal) no any near (my translation) Don't come any closer

Ianter: old one

N'uma: (literal) No (My translation) Nothing

Mani Raika: What is wrong

Me-ko: me-co (like in coat)


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