The smell of death hung heavy in the air. There was no way to escape it though you run to the end of your limit. In your eyes there is a wall that you can never surmount until you too are called to leave. When death calls to those you love you see a flash of light that takes their soul and leaves you blind. No longer too know or see that person ever again. There will forever be a deep longing in your heart where that person once was; an empty space looking to be filled. In your mind you picture over and over again the face of that loved one. The images never let you forget not matter how much you want it. It stays with you like a nightmare that will never stop. The tears will fall, the prayer will be said, but the blackness will never lift until the time you are joined again. However, death does not have to be the end. To see it as a comfort and the final extension of full spirituality is a comfort to many. They see it as a way to be with the greater power. Death can be seen as the completion of life and that it is the next step to a greater thing. To know that those you love are to be at a better plane with warmth that fills you and eases the pain though the longing and wishing for them to return remains.