The Experiment.


A/N: I would like to shout out to Pandemonium for such an amazing story, hence giving me the vicarious courage to post this!

Year 12 health Ed. There comes a point in every girls life when she realises that it has all been in vain, and yes, just when you think that things have hit rock bottom and cannot possibly get any worse, you metaphorically fall on your ass in front of the general population of a not so forgiving high-school a.k.a- you majorly fuck things up. Let me rephrase that, because you see that is the current point of this slightly twisted series of sequential events.

But I guess you would like to know what has led up to this current point which I now will measure as the bar for any future events of the shitty persuasion that happen to come my way.

Where was I? Oh yes, Year 12 Health.. The scene for the introduction of this little tale, and don't by any means think that any bitterness on my part is irrational or even 'time of the month' induced, although thanks to that class I am now well aware of the functions of my own body, not that I needed to know all that crap.. But hey, if I can digest food at twice the rate a snake can, then more power to me.

So, here we are at the climax of a rather amusing tale, to everyone else apart from myself that is, and I have no doubt that should I ever come face to face with a situation like the one I have faced in the last few weeks, I will be more than adequately prepared for it on account of the fact that I seem to have lived them already in the very short space of four weeks.

It's funny isn't it, how the world that you live in, that you occupy, where everything is safe and familiar, can change so quickly, and even if the changes stop, they still will have occurred. Similar to how if you throw a stone into a river, The river will ripple and be disturbed by the stone entering the water, Although the water eventually dies down, and the rippling fades, the stone is still there, It will always be. just under the surface of what is above.

You have no idea how stupid I feel, letting something as insignificant as a project change my entire life, a health project.. I had thought that the class was going to be easy, boy was I wrong. On the other hand, I could make a bundle selling the story line to days of our lives or something similar, headlines.. I can see it now, the jock and the jerk. the controversial project!

You see, If I hadn't decided that I needed a sixth subject for year 12, and chosen Health, then bastard wouldn't be the most common word in my vocabulary.

Anyway, It's time to go back, and retell the events that led to my present state of distress, so lights. cameras..rewind four weeks.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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