I smiled out into the crowd as I walked on-stage and accepted my High- school diploma. I couldn't believe we had all made it. I could see mum and dad in the front row, and my father had his hand over my mother's rapidly swelling belly. I waved to them, and went to stand beside my classmates.

Seconds later I was joined by Christian, and behind the sea of bodies in front of us, we held hands. I knew that me getting through this year with my sanity intact was very much due to the boy beside me.

I turned to him, and he smiled. I felt my heart flutter the same way it had the first time I had walked into health ed and he had been there.

Christian and I clapped and cheered as Mai Li was called up, and as she walked towards Tyler and accepted her diploma; she did a headstand and flashed her boxers to the crowd. The crowd went wild, and Christian and I burst out laughing.

Mai Li fell in line, to a murmur of encouragement, and she turned and winked at me.

A half hour later, we spilled out of the auditorium and into the twilight. Our little group gathered around and we linked arms.

"We did it guys.. We're free!" I enthused and Christian cheered, Mai Li began a one-woman congo line and Jett just grinned.

"I can't believe that it's actually over" Mai Li exclaimed, and I laughed.

"Yea.. but that's a good thing" I replied with a smile, and she nodded.

"Yeah, but I mean I have so many good memories of us and our school, and well everything!" she continued, and I looked her in the eyes and put my arm around her.

"That's what Uni's for Mai Li.. We're gonna make new good times, new memories" I told her and Christian muttered his agreement.

"To new memories!" I yelled.. and the gang laughed.

"To new memories"



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