Chapter One


Hard nerves looked like it was in its nature , even tough it wanted to hit the friggen piece of metal until it fell down.


It felt like everything was totally heating up , even tough it was cold.



6:55.Lights start to fade into the morning's light.


The highway that lead into the city.


From behind , the motor of the other mototrcycle was heard roaring furiously , trying to catch up.

Slowing down would only mean everything was lost. And the money.Slowing....


Suddenly , as they both entered in the high traffic part of the city , the other guy came closer and closer and pushed the Kawasaki's driver with his hand.
The red Kawasaki lost its balance for a couple of seconds and gazed furiously at the other motorcyclist that drove a blue Honda and showed him the finger as he slickly entered on other street , leaving the other confused.

7:00. half an hour to hit the end line.

Out of nowhere the electric-blue honda appeared and cut his face ,getting the first in line.

The only thing to do is push it harder.

Can it go ?

It's old , what if something happens?

Fuck it !

97 .........

C'mon !


Damn you !


Come on baby ! You can do it.......okay..slowly.........


Yeah !

" WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" He screamed and passed the Honda full speed.

Everything went faster and faster , like a living breathing rollercoaster full speed ahead trough the town .Got out and made a fast turn heading towards the tunnel and entered it.

Lights flashing , and trough theme , in the right side , distingushing trough the columns that sustained the tunnel , the Honda was speeding in line with him.


As he approached the tunnel's end , he saw the cars in line.They both had to stop. He had to stop.

Didn't he ?


As the Honda exited , it slowed down .
The Kawasaki went full speed ahead , and , as the other was still in front , he turned fast , making the tires burn , entered on a small street, a shortcut , and , suddenly , as the street finished , he noticed the other driver speeding besides with the cars.

One chance.

Exited the street not even looking in the left side and got on the one way street. And it wasn't the right way.

The left side didn't had so many cars so it was the chance to get ahead so got back to getting 100 and up.
The motorcycle was practically screaming underneath him , the oldest Kawasaki he ever knew.

The Honda driver showed him a fist , as an answer he speeded it up , leaving the Honda behind . He looked back . The Hoda was lost between all the cars. As he turned , in front of him , coming out of a street was a white truck .He didn't had time to move at the speed he was coming . And he didn't had the time to slow down either.


Move !


Come on !


I'm gonna die !

He pushed his leg far from the protection bar and bended the motorcycle on a side.10cm from the ground.



Down !

The protection bar scratched the cold asphalt , sparks coming out of the silvery iron as it was speeding on the ground , underneath the truck and finally out.
He tried desperately to put it back up , but the speed way up. The world was seen from a diffrent angle , the wheels of the cars ready to smash his head in a second , or even hit the motorcycle.

Stop !

He felt like he went a whole mile scratching the street trough the cars like that , his world went round and round a couple of times , and when he dared to open his eyes , the first thing he saw was the bridge , and next to the bridge a wall full with grafitti.
A wall.

He rose his left foot between the motor and the protection bar and , in a matter of seconds , scratching his boots on the asphalt , he put his leg next to the other on the right side and he grabbed the motorcycle's horns tighter.
The impact was devastating, he felt like something pushing him backwards and he found himself off the motorcycle , facing the red Kawasaki destroyed in the wall.

The black helmet was almost broken , but his head felt alright , the legs too , but the right hand.....
He gazed at it. He must of put his hand on the asphalt while speeding down , because the black glove had a part of the palm missing , and his hand was full of blood.

Trough the chaos he heard the police sirens.

Looked around. No way to escape. The cars were honking as he laid in the middle of the street , covered in dust .


With his helmet on he suddenly rose and started running on the bridge . If the police caught him he was screwed.

Heart starting to beat faster and faster.

Crossed the bridge and headed towards a street .


But he couldn't stop now.



He fell next to a dumpster , lying his back on the brick wall of a building.

And got his helmet off.


HE was in fact , a SHE .

Short brown hair and four earrings in one ear. The black eye liner was dripping off because of the sweat .
Her heart finally started beating normal.
She gazed the the helmet. It was ruined. So was her motorcycle. And all this for nothing. no one will give her money for hitting a wall with 100km/h. Maybe she should of had a camera and got some good money out of it for those adrenaline fanatics that like to have this kind of videos in their collection.

She rose and started walking trough the small streets . She reached for the other bridge , and , when no one was around she threw the helmet in it. Fingerprints were the worse thing when you did illegal stuff.

The police was somewhere behind. She hurried to go down the subway , so she won't be seen , tough , her dusted and in some places , ripped clothes drew attention , she couldn't do anything , just head back home as fast as she could.

She looked into the tunnel. Some lights were spotted. Good , she couldn't wait to get home fast.
Suddenly , she felt someone very close to her.A man's voice whispered in her ear.

" Don't move."

She didn't.

" The police men are coming.Breathe.Be calm."

She breathed a couple of times and waited, as people were walking and talking.Noise.She spotted some blue uniforms in the stairway.She didn't moved. She waited.
Some teenager's group blocked the policemen.

"Run." the man whispered.

In the same second she speeded up the stairs , to get out of the subway, 4 stairs,7 stairs, the heart was speeding too.

She exited , and she hurried to somewhere , she didn't knew either where she was going either.
Suddenly , a silver Peugeot cut her path , stopping incredibily close to her , just a few centimeters and the car would crush her.

The car stopped and the window opened.