Am I doing my best at being a good LDS?

Sometimes it's hard a be a good LDS

With all the rules and restriction

Going over a checklist:

Are my shorts too short?

Does my shirt hang down too low?

Does my clothing look as if I'm putting on a show?

Am I calling this guy too much?

When we hang out, does it seem more like it's a date?

Or when we're together, are we staying out too late?

Am I doing everything I should?

Am I really trying -

Hard enough to be good?

Am I living up to all the covenants I've made?

Have I paid my fast offerings?

Is all my tithing paid?

Am I doing the best I can?

To accomplish

All the goals I've made

Am I living in a way that I won't ashamed of?

Because on my judgment day, I don't want my life to be offensive to the Lord

I want to look him in the eye and tell him "I did my best to keep my word."

Have I read my scriptures today?

And said my daily prayers?

Did I go to church this week?

Did encourage my family to do family home evening?

Did I help my family to prepare?

Am I doing all I can to show them how much I care?

Do I sit at home all the time?

Wondering why life's so unfair?

Or have I noticed how much my trials

Are helping me prepare?

Do I have virtuous thoughts?

Am I keeping my mind clean?

Do I try to stop myself from saying something mean?

Do I value my religion?

And all of my beliefs?

Do I stand for what I believe in?

At all times, and in all things, and in all places?

Will I be prepared for when the Savior comes again?

Will I be afraid?

I hope that on that glorious day, when I see my Savior again, I'll be excited instead of scared. Then I'll be reassured that even though keeping my high standards may have been hard, it's all worth it in the end.