Voyage of the Crusraider
Important Characters:
Federation of Galatarn (FofG):
~ Grand Admiral Molotiv-Space Navy Commander
~ Officer Thomas Decker-Crusraider Commander
~ Captain Tim Williams-Crusraider 2nd in command/engineering commander
~ Lieutenant Antor Molotiv-Crusraider 3rd in command/Communications Commander
Neptarnian Council of Planets (NCP):
~ Grand Chotof Solorn Vatoct-Emperor of Neptarn
~ Donorc Caret Boloc-Commander of the Cusader
Important Planets:
Important Ships:
The Crusraider-Galatarn
The HTO-Galatarn
The Cusader-Neptarn
The Black Hole-Earth
The Lightning-Earth
Voyage of the Crusraider
Chapter 1
"Officer Decker" Captain Tim Williams called across the lounge. "Yes, what is it?" he replied. Thomas Decker was the Federations newest, but already considered the best, Officer.
"Sir, the crew is ready."
"Where are they"
"They're waiting in the briefing room"
"Let's see them."
"Yes sir."
As they headed toward the ships briefing room they began to talk like the old friends that they were. "So are you still with me?" Tom asked
"Yep, That's why you were promoted after that last mission, but I wasn't. This is your ship, not mine, If I get promoted, I'll go to another ship. I want to stay with the Crusraider." He answered.
"You refused a promotion?!"
"Yeah I did."
The conversation ended when they reached the briefing room. As they entered they saw about 10 people sitting around the room talking. Tom cleared his throat and the whole room snapped to attention, belatedly. They both laughed and returned the salute.
"At ease" Tom said. They all sat down and waited for the speech to begin. Tim stood to the side and waited also. "Don't tell me we're working with a skeleton crew."
"No," Tim laughed "these are just the heads of the departments."
"OK, My fellow Galatarns and crew, You have been chosen to serve on the most decorated ship in the Galatarn Fleet. I will be the Commander of the ship, with Tim here as my 2nd in command. For those of you who didn't read the information you were sent, You will be serving on the ship Crusraider for the Federation. The Crusraider is a Battle Star class starship. You will be serving the Galatarn Navy as an ally to the other planets in the Federation. Any Questions? No. Good. Dismissed"
"Good job" said Tim after the small conversations had resumed. " A little short, but that is customary. Ah, there is someone I want you to meet. Lieutenant Molotiv." He called. She walked over. "Yes"
"This is Lieutenant Antor Molotiv, Communications expert." Tim said to Tom
"Ah, Hello."
"Hello sir." She replied
"How many years have you served as Communications Officer?"
"This is my first post as a officer, however I have been working in communications for five years."
"Good, Have you ever served on a Battle Class Cruiser before?"
"No Sir, I haven't, But I hope to learn quickly."
"Very well then."
"Thank you Lieutenant" Tim said
"Yes sir"
"Well I have to go, need to check on the engines. I'll meet you on the bridge for preflight." Tim said after she had left.
"Wait a minute, What do you mean, preflight."
"You haven't heard? We leave at 1400 hours."
"But that's two hours!"
"Yeah, I know. I hate these short notices but there are some security leaks. They use short notice so nobody can get any messages off before we leave; also, we have sealed orders in our cabin containing our destination. Only we will know where we're going."
"Well see you in an hour for preflight."
"See ya." I have tons of work to do in an hour thought Tim.
Later at 1345 hours Tim and Tom were just finishing the preflight on the bridge. "All the crew is boarded and we are ready for takeoff." Tim reported. They were on duty and were thus back to old formalities.
"Okay" Tom activated the communications unit, "Control, Crusraider is ready for takeoff and rendezvous with the fleet," he said into it.
"Crusraider, you are clear for takeoff from bay 327 and rendezvous with your fleet," the voice said out of it, "and good luck."
After they rendezvoused with the fleet they went to their shared cabin and looked at their orders. "Looks like were going to attack Earth." Tim said after reading the orders.
"What!" Tom yelled, "they can't send us there again!" Tom was thinking about their last mission when they were attacking earth and crash landed losing all their crew and had to fly the damaged ship home with just the two of them.
"Well maybe they decided we know the planet better than anyone else." Tim thought aloud.
"Yeah, maybe, but I still don't like it."
"Me neither"
"How long till we get there?"
"10 hours"
"Ok, we'll brief the fighter pilots an hour before we arrive."
"OK, that sounds good."
The conversation was interrupted by Lieutenant Molotiv's voice over the comm unit. "Shields Up! All fighter pilots to your ships, launch as soon as you are ready, Captain to the bridge!!"
Tim walked over to the comm unit as Tom headed to the bridge, "What's the problem Lieutenant?"
"We bumped into an Earth fleet, just a second, It's the Lightning!"
"Okay calm down. Earth isn't as technologically advanced as us and has smaller fleets. I'm on my way up."
"Yes Sir."
As Tim headed for a lift he tried to figure out what the Lightning and it's fleet were doing so far from their home planet. He knew the other earth fleet, The Black Hole, Was at Neptarn fighting the HTO, so that would leave Earth undefended. Unless, he thought, they made a new fleet! That could be bad. Even though they were technologically pitiful, almost backwards, they still could put up a good fight. And three fleets was as many as Galatarn has. His train of thought ended when he reached the bridge. The lift doors opened and he saw what looked like chaos at first glance but he soon saw what was going on. The ship had taken a couple hits before they got the shields up and there was some damage to the starboard engine. "Sir, enemy fighters launching!" a voice said from the crew pit.
"What! Earthlings never used fighters!" Tom said.
"Sir, Bioscan shows they are piloted by Neptarnians!"
"Where did Neptarnian fighters come from!"
"Sir, I have another fleet on my scope!"
There was a short pause. "It's the Cusader sir.
"Could this get any worse"
"I think so sir, another enemy fleet on my scope, It's the Black Hole!"
"Time till first wave is in range?"
"5 minutes sir."
"We are so dead, Tim, you have the ship, I'm going out in a fighter"
"Are you sure sir, you could be in danger?" Tim said but he was thinking YES!
"Yes, I know, that is why I'm going."
"Yes, Sir." Tim said.
As soon as Tom left Tim took command, and he knew what he was doing. "30 degrees roll right and decrease engines to 30 percent, we want to save energy for the weapons, All weapons target Cusader, she is our biggest threat. Molotiv, how many ships are in our fleet."
"132 sir"
"And starfighters?"
"The enemy?"
"216 ships, 350 starfighters"
"Okay, open a channel to the rest of the fleet for me."
"Yes sir, you have a line."
"All ships, This is captain Tim Williams, Were in for a fight here so I want all fighters launched and out protecting the fleet, "he then turned to Molotiv, "I want a list of all our ships up on console now!"
When it came up he scanned it and gave more orders, "Blizzard, Magnificent, and Topper, Attack the Lightning, see if we can break out and escape toward earth."
"Sir," a now familiar voice said," I have 2 no 3 new fleets on my scope, and their friendly!"
"It's the HTO, and Septarn 1st and 2nd fleets!
"Excellent, Send them a message telling them the situation, NOW!"
"Yes Sir sending now"
"Sir, we lost the Blizzard."
"Sir shield power down to 50 percent"
"Okay, shift all engine power to shields, I want a dead stop. All starfighters attack the Black Hole NOW, while she's undefended!"
In 2 hours it was all over, the Cusader, having taken the most damage, took her fleet and left before an half hour had past, The Black Hole was destroyed by starfighters but the fleet left as soon as it was blown, so no more damage was done to them. Lastly, the Lightning, seeing her comrades flee, tried to run, but her light speed motivator had been damaged, so she sent her fleet away and fought to the last, destroying 2 cruisers before she was put out of action.
As for the friendly fleets, they escaped fairly undamaged, except for Crusraider's fleet, The entire fleet, except Crusraider, had to return to base to be dry-docked, But a message from Base said Crusraider should carry on alone, using stealth instead of force. In fact the HTO had come out to deliver a cloaking device to Crusraider when they stumbled onto the battle. So the cloaking device was installed and the Crusraider continued. Alone.