Chapter 3 Three hours later, Tim was in his room, on a computer, checking line 4877 of 60 billion of computer code. p "Why did this have to happen." Tim Thought, as he looked at the screen, "There is too much code to go through by manual inspection like this." He glanced over at his backup disk, which he had pulled out of the safe.p He glanced up at Tom, "Should We?" He askedp "Absolutely NOT!" Tom replied, "We can't afford it."p "Okay, if you say so." Tim said, "I guess I'll keep this up." p "You'll get it done." Tom said, "how many computer people do we have onboard, they can't be that good." p "Time is the problem, at this rate I'll get through the first half of the code about when we leave earth." p "That is a problem, Maybe you could get some help, Lieutenant Molotiv isn't busy right now." p "Okay maybe I will get her help, though it is against regulations." p "Who cares about regulations, 'rules are meant to be broken' right." Tom saidp "That's what got us in trouble last time." Tim repliedp "True, But I'll take the blame if Command hears about it." p "Okay" p The comm. panel buzzed. Tom reached over to hit the button. "What?"p "This is Engineers mate 2nd class Pollart sir, I wanted to report that the cloaking shield has failed, and so have the engines." p "Not good, what is our current position?" Tom said. p "2 billion miles from earth, Sir." The voice came back over the comm. p "Okay, our chances of being found here are slim, so we'll sit tight until repairs are complete, hopefully not too long. Tom Out." He shut off the comm. panel. "Well, Tim you have your time, do you still want help?" p "Sure." p "I'll send her down soon, see you later." He left. p