A/n: This was written for the literary fair/my LA class. I don't know why I wrote it. Spur of the moment, I guess. The rhyming gets screwed up, and it shows that it took me a very short time to write it. Hehe. This is also kinda dedicated to ma new friend Eowyn because she was the inspiration! And Genny, because I say so. lol. REVIEW!

Disclaimer: I don't own—Wait, I DO own it! AWESOME, dude! Heh.

Bob, The Fish

Once there was a fish,

This fish's name was Bob.

Bob the fish had a wish,

He wished he had a job.

So one day,

Our friend the fish,

Made his way,

To become rich!

He applied for a career,

"No way! You're not a mammal!"

They turned him down with a sneer,

Which made Bob feel like a camel.

Then Bob went to the zoo,

A strange man followed him,

He shouted, "HEY YOU!"

Bob saw that his name tag said, "Jim."

Then Jim asked Bob,

"Do you want to be in a habitat?"

Bob thought about this,

"I say yes to that!"

So Bob had found a job he could do,

He was on display,

In the local zoo,

With another fish named Clay.

Bob loves his new home,

And has made many friends,

Since this poem is over,

I will say THE END!