Beautiful Mess

By Carter Tachikawa

Clear pearls of teardrops streaming down my face
Reflecting the moments we left our mark
Confused, twirled up in a beautiful mess
Ripping through a sheet of silence and dark

We talked of traveling the wide ocean
Dreamt of building utopia from air
Believed in fairy tales and happy ends
But of disaster, we were unaware

Down came the knife, stabbing into our lives
A hurricane of injustice slipped by
The rainstorms and thunder rolled in with pain
Laughing as baby flowers wither and die

We were sheltered though strong winds mocked us
Invisible, feeling the sting of flames
Snapping against our backs like whips, we howled
Screaming as the sky was cut, leaving stains

Smoke cleared, backs broken, eyes welled up with fear
Seeing the horror waltz out the back door
Utopia is bleeding but has not died
We'll make it large and stronger than before

Leading me to the fields untouched by hatred
Where you say we'll rest before we start
You fall asleep with promises of hope
Yes, I see why and how I lost my heart

Head pressed on cool blades of grass, I lie down
Witnessing the scarlet skies turning blue
Drown in sleep, knowing I want nothing more
But to spend the rest of my life with you

(Ah, I hate meter sometimes! That's why I do more free verse. Oh well, read and review this weird poem)