The death of an angel, high up above,
The fall of a hero, weakness of love,
The salvation of a sinner, test of Fate,
The redemption of a criminal, coincidence of hate.

Truth is truth, nothing but lies,
Lies are lies, nothing but bribes,
Bribes are bribes, nothing but pleas,
Pleas are pleas, nothing but grief.

Justice and inequity, all the same,
Light and dark, only different names.
Life and death, different stages,
Substance and void, only cages.

Everything is nothing, truth is lies,
Heaven is Hell, everyone fries,
Winners and losers, all the same,
The poor and the rich play the same game.

Opposites attract because they are the same,
Everything different have the same name,
Words abound, ideas rise,
All the same thing, under a different disguise.

Heaven's made of aether, so's everything else,
Atoms and molecules are the same as cells,
Nothing's different, everything's the same,
The opposite's also true, what's its name?

Alike and different, same yet not,
Worlds like this are never caught.
Only one thing to call this lot,
We live in a paradox.