Disclaimer: I wrote this for school a few years back. I kind of got the idea from a book I read by Caroline B. Coony. It may seem like the same thing but it is not. It gets better, I assure you.

Chapter One

Driver's Ed has always been most highschooler's favorite class. The teacher, Mr. Lee, never remembered anybody's name, so that meant whenever he called out the names of the people who's turn it was to drive, all anyone had to do, to get out of driving, was switch name tags.

Marcy Maloan never wanted to take her turn. She had a bad experience with cars. Five minutes after she started the car the tire burst, the car swerved, and hit a fire hydrant. After that, Marcy never took her turn again. So it wasn't unusual, when Mr. Lee called out her name, everyone in the class went to get her nametag. But, Marcy did what she always did; she gave it to Lauren Adams.

Lauren was in love with Chandler Steel. In fact so was every other girl in Mayville High. Chandler was tall, dark, handsome, and always is partnered to drive with Marcy.

Marcy knew how much it meant to Lauren to be in the same car as Chandler so, Marcy always gave her nametag to her.

Lauren's best friend, Rachel, just happened to be Chandler's twin sister. They were inseparable, she and Lauren.

Rachel's birthday sleepover was that weekend. Everyone was coming, including Lauren.

"Come on Lauren, my party is in two days and you still haven't gotten my present!" Rachel said looking out the rearview mirror.

"How do you know? I could have got it after school yesterday." Lauren brought her hands up to tuck her hair behind her ears. In doing so her hand brushed Chandlers leg sending a tingling sensation down her spine.

"You couldn't have, cause when you get home you call me and we talk till dinner, and after that I call you back until you go for a shower and-"

"Rach, I think she gets it." He said turning towards Lauren, "How do you put up with her all the time?"

"It's a gift" she replied coldly.

Rachel suddenly hit the brakes and sent Lauren tumbling on top of Chandler.

"Marcy, you're next" It took her a while to realize that she was Marcy. All she could think of was the feeling of being in Chandler's lap.

* * * * *

As Lauren got off my lap and into the drivers seat, I couldn't help but miss the sensation.

I have had a thing for Lauren since the 7th grade. She was beautiful, with shoulder length blonde hair, clear green eyes, and a waist that would fit perfectly in my arms. When she walked in a room, time would stop. And when she smiled, her whole face glowed. Her hair shined like gold, and looked so silky that I wanted to reach out and touch it.

Now Rachel was sitting by me, chatting away as usual. If someone we didn't know saw us together, they wouldn't have known we were related.

I was tall, with a dark mop of brown hair, and deep Persian blue eyes. Rachel was petit, with shoulder length curly dirty blonde hair, and crisp hazel eyes. The main reason for us looking so different would probably be because my mom was born in Japan and my dad was born in Texas.

Rachel's birthday sleepover was coming up, and I had to say I was looking forward to it. Eleven beautiful girls clad only in their pajamas in my house, what was not to look forward to. I didn't know this party was going to change my life forever.

* * * * *

"Oh come on Caitlin! Admit it you like Jake!" A bouncy Russian girl with her hair piled up in a bun on the top of her head started accusingly.

A girl with short brown hair, streaked red, looked at the girl shocked. Her brown eyes opened so wide it wasn't hard to see the black rims under them. "Eww! Katie you have to be kidding me! I only date people of the opposite sex."

The whole room burst out laughing, except Mandy. Mandy was your typical most popular girl in school; head cheerleader, long blonde hair, blue eyes, and had the figure of a supermodel.

"Then why did you date him in the 7th grade?"

Caitlin threw Mandy a look that meant 'Don't go there'. "The same reason why you were making out with him last semester." she spat back.

"At least I got that far!" I knew this was going to get out of control. Mandy and Caitlin have hated each other since the 2nd grade. It was picture day and right before her turn, Caitlin puked in Mandy's lap. Since then the catfights just kept coming and coming.

"Bite me Barbie!" Caitlin and Mandy both stood up. Just then Chandler, Sean, and Jason walked in. Sean and Jason were like Chandler's posse; every time you would see Chandler you would see them, except for Driver's Ed. Sean had a big build, with red hair, and hazel eyes, and Jason also had a large build, with sandy hair, and blue eyes. Everyone knew Jason had a crush on Rachel, that is everyone but Rachel.

"Ladies" Chandler said in a teasing voice, "what are we up to here? He sat down on the edge of Rachel's bed. Mandy followed him there, hopped in his lap and slinked her arms around Chandler's neck. Caitlin looked disgusted and left the room.

"We were just going to play spin the bottle," she purred, "wanna play?" she asked suggestively.

Lauren was watching them from under her eyelashes. How dare Mandy! The nerve of her flirting with Chandler like he's her's. 'He probably will be in a couple of days. You don't get the nickname 'Always lands her man Mandy' for nothing'.

"Oh my god Mandy, think! There are only three guys here. Most likely, girls will be smooching girls. Besides, we were playing Truth or Dare!" Katie exclaimed.

A series of "yeahs" came from around the room.

"Yeah, and Katie asked me to tell the truth whether I liked Jake or not. So its my turn." Caitlin said walking in. She put a package in the front pocket of her bag.

"What's that?" Sam asked, although we all knew what it was.

Last year Caitlin's mom died of cancer. Caitlin took it hard. She wouldn't eat, sleep, go to school, or anything for that matter.

Then she started hanging out with some weird characters. They started her on ecstasy, saying it would stop the pain, and obviously it did cause she kept using it more and more. After several months she came back to us. When she was on a binge she was a totally different person. We always thought if we just left her alone it would go away, but the truth was we were afraid of her.

"Um. ok," Rachel said nervously, "let's start."

"Truth or Dare." she started, "Lauren."

Now I was stuck, when Caitlin was high she didn't know what she was saying or doing. If I picked 'Truth' then she might ask me if I liked Chandler, but I had no idea what she would dare me to do. 'Truth' would be the best thing to go with. So what if Chandler found out?

"D-Dare." I stuttered out. Everyone froze while Caitlin was pondering a dare.

After a few minutes she finally said, "I dare you and Chandler to go sign stealing with me."

I turned to look at Chandler. His face was downcast. Their eyes met in a silent mutual agreement.


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