Moon Lover Dreaming

I howled into the night sky the full moon and the forest exhilarated me making me want to move faster. I ran everywhere except where my friend's lay they could not know my secret. They could never understand. My clan back home had been sad that I hadn't found a mate. I had searched all over the earth for other werewolves and found no one I loved. Now that I had, I couldn't tell him how I felt because then he would eventually find out what I was. It was horrible being this close to someone I could spend the rest of my life with and I couldn't, unless he was different and could understand and except how I am. Oh god how I wished... I pushed my thoughts aside as I slowed down to take a drink of water from a nearby stream. I quickly changed into a human and then back into my clothes.

After I had fallen asleep, I dreamed of home. I dreamed that I had found my soul mate. He was handsome and kind and a werewolf. The whole clan had excepted him and we were so happy together. We ran through the night toward the Falls of Renewal. Once there we entered a cave behind the waterfall and proceeded to a leaf-padded cave where I would lose my virginity as would he. The only thing was I was never sure who he was every time I tried to see his image would get blurry or he would already be a wolf. I yearned to see his human form but never in my dream did I see his human self. I knew the one I saw would be my soul mate. At the very end though I saw his eyes his deep blue eyes how I yearned to see those eyes for real and know they were mine and to know I was his.

Authors Note: PLEASE REVIEW!!! It was a spur of the moment thing so don't ask. The guy with blue eyes is.........I'm not telling. By the way this may not be a digimon fic. Even though that was my original intension so it may end up under a different category. Kay?