Moon Lover Dreaming


We entered into the club it smelled of sweat, sex and booz, not the nicest club on this side of town, but perfect for a werewolf searching for a mate or just a stupid horny teenager. Clay went off to the right while I went to the left and the tow others we'd brought, Gen and Raul. Raul being our pack leader and Gen being his second in command if not a little more.

I set out towards the bar sitting down and ordering a drink, as I opened my sensitive nose for the scent of unrecognized werewolf. I almost immediately got a whiff of it and turned trying to scent it without being obvious. I couldn't be sure where he was in all the flashing lights and scents mixing and blurring my normally sharp senses. Suddenly I felt him, off to the side near the edge of the bar, I looked over nonchalantly in that direction and found myself staring into predatory eyes that were looking at me like fresh meat. I decided if I could lure him somewhere a little more discreet with some of the boys on my tail, we could scare him out of our territory and convince him not to comeback.

I searched for them and saw Clay across the room still searching, I remained sitting there trying to catch his eye when the werewolf sat down on the barstool next to me and ordered a drink like a perfect gentlemen, if it weren't for his eyes and my own knowledge he might seem like an average guy. I was disconcerting, to say the least.

"So, How are you tonight?" He says and I've stopped looking to catch Clay's eye and just hope he notices.

"I'm alright. And you?" I try to reply nonchalantly though I'm not sure how it sounded. I'm not one to get scared but his eyes looked they belonged on a rabid jackal, with a wicked smile coated in blood on his face, even though his eyes looked a perfectly human grey blue.

"Oh, I'm fine. Particularly good since I saw you sitting here by yourself."

"Oh, well sorry to disappoint but I'm taken." Which I knew was an absolute lie but all I really wanted to do was to get out of there without looking like I was running for the hills.

He leaned over mouth posed over her ear to whisper something when he took in a deep breath of her hair and neck before saying in a quiet voice that still carried so much threat, "You certainly don't smell taken little wolf girl."

I couldn't help practically knocking over my stool as I stepped off it away from him. He laughed and it was deep, rumbling and cruel filled with a sick enjoyment of my fear. I turned and barely kept from running into the crowd over to where Clay was standing. When I reached him he looked over a question in his eyes as I stuffed down the fear that I'm sure still shown slightly in my own.

"What's up?" He asks.

"I found our guy. He's over there on the bars..." I didn't finish because he was already gone, "Figures." I muttered trying to keep the fearful strain from my voice at not knowing where he was.

"Well he was there, he hit on me and now he's gone but I can describe him to you when we get back to the house."

* * * * * *

We got back to the house a little while later and I described him to Gen, the only even remotely artistic person in our clan, who was making a sketch of him for reference. Once finished I went to bed and dreamed of a bloody jackal who stared at me with predatory eyes and laughed with dagger teeth coated dripping with spit and blood.