I look at you all and what do I see,
Masks of colour and incredible beauty.
It's disheartening to find the world so lost-
What people do to seem normal, at any cost.
Instead of believing 'to thine own self be true,'
People listen to what others tell them to do.

You say one thing when you mean another,
In half-truths and lies and shadows you hover.
This unhealthiness breeds only dischord,
But facing yourselves is something you can't afford.
Rather than see the truth and the lies overcome,
You live the lies and the truth is shunned.

If something appears whole on the outside,
But the inside has long since rotted and died,
Can you really proclaim its glory to all
When you know it's as hollow as any doll?
And then still say how wonderful it is,
Though you know it's not, live ignorant in bliss.

The delicate shells you all strive to build
Doesn't matter if there's a void to be filled.
I entreat you all, please stop your harmful fa├žade
Live how you want to live, no matter how odd.
The truth may be ugly, and yourself be less bright,
But the glory of a mask won't let you sleep at night.